Chapter 147 Inside Story Part 3


During that time, Mother fell ill.


It was an epidemic.


Although there was medicine that could treat the illness, it was too expensive for us to buy.


Divan had gone back to his original job, and I didn’t have anyone to discuss it with.


Just as I grew more and more lost, Mother’s condition became worse and worse.


In that case…I visited the baron’s home that I had heard about from Divan.


Perhaps they would help me.


Don’t even talk about help, they slammed the door in my face. I didn’t even get to see the baron.


Not only so, to ensure that my exposed mother died for sure, the main wife began to take action.


Although Divan helped us when all seemed lost, I don’t know what things would’ve turned into without him.


He was very angry.


A little thought should be enough to make me understand that even without the relation to the Towair Kingdom, I was still quite the eyesore for the main wife.


“But isn’t the head of the household my father? I thought that he’d help us if he knew what kind of situation we were in!”


Divan warned me as I shouted these words.


Stop dreaming.


He had said that he’d found his true love, without caring that it was his first time meeting her. In the end, he wouldn’t divorce his original wife.


And after she ran away, he never looked for her.


To a noble like him, this was just a game of love.


And when I was born from the result of this game, he didn’t care in the slightest.


I couldn’t argue with him.


In other word, I finally understood things.


The interaction between people is ultimately nothing more than a game of lies and deception.


If you managed to trick the other person, you’ve won.


Isn’t that what Divan had taught me as well?


Infatuation, love, were all byproducts of that line of thought.


If you fall in love, you lose.


If you trust the other person, you lose.


My mother was a loser.


…Ah, well.


Such an easy-to-understand principle.


Well then, I’ll use all the tools in my arsenal and everything that I had to fight.


Fight, and then deceive.


The people who looked down on me on this street, and the people of the baron’s family.


And also Mother, who had put me into this situation in the first place.


Lie, cheat, work up the chain, and then look down at all of them.


I made my vow then.


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