Chapter 148 Inside Story Part 4


But that vow was broken immediately.


My mother died.


It was far too late when I got the medicine from Divan.


What shocked me was that I didn’t cry.


Most of my thoughts centered around how tragic all of this was.


My poor, pitiful mother.


When you’ve lost, all that remains is a lowly death.


I would never become what my mother was.


Although everything that had driven her out had already collapsed…


As a substitute, I would complete my mother’s original mission.


I didn’t have any attachments to this country, so I didn’t care what it became.


This would be the proof that I had surpassed her.


“As you said, after the main wife passed away the baron led me into his family. In some sense he wasn’t a bad instructor. Even though the whole thing was hilarious, made me want to laugh out loud.”


The children of nobility gathered together, living together.


Using this as an excuse, I grew close with nobility, practicing society before I could enter it.


Although that was a significant reason, it was also a place for the children without engagements yet to meet.


In other words, we studied a certain level of manners before entering the academy


On the surface we seemed to have entered school for our studies…how shallow.


In some sense, lineage was also used as a pawn, even in what looked like easy social interactions.


Although I had thought about making good connections with more notable families…to me who had just entered the ranks of nobility from the world of peasants, it wasn’t as easy as that.


Well…despite that, I turned that on its head and used it, and ended up achieving my goals easily enough.


What I had learned from Divan was more useful than what I learned from the baron.


“…Something like that, it is whatever it is. Well, Divan, it’s your turn to shine, isn’t it? You’ll amuse me, right?”


“Of course.”


Divan responded with a smile.


Seeing his smile, I smiled too.


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