Chapter 168 The Duke’s Wife Sighs, the General Exclaims


My body was feeling sluggish, so I decided to train today.


That day, that time…our master had come home late. I felt uneasy, so I rode my horse to the pathway he would pass when coming home.


When I saw that he had been attacked, my brain seemed to fill with blood. I unleashed my inner rage, slaughtering all of my enemies.


The fact that I made it…I sighed in relief.


But I also felt ashamed at how slow I had become.


I hadn’t been in a real battle for a while. Even when training with my father recently, I felt my own lack of practice.


…I couldn’t forget.


The steadiness of everyday could be interrupted at any time.


If I didn’t protect the people and things I cared about, they would slip through my fingers.


“This was specifically made for you…so that you can use it as you please, I suppose.”


I stared at my sword, that I had accepted with those words.


At the moment, my skills couldn’t match up to the blade itself. My movements weren’t as fast as my thoughts now.




I shouted, raising my head.


The soldiers’ bodies shuddered slightly.


No one walked up to me.


Looking around, there were a lot fewer people standing around who were completely unhurt.


Suddenly, two familiar figures walked into my field of vision.


“Ah, Ryle, Dida. So you’ve come to visit Duke Anderson’s home?”




Dida’s face was fixed in an obvious frown.


What a rude guy.


“What kind of attitude is that to take toward Mistress?”


Ryle’s face also looked quite unpleasant, even as he warned Dida.


“Perfect timing. Dida, Ryle, come and practice with me. Either of you is fine with me.”


“I’ll win against you today!”


Seeing Dida say this, looking like he was happy to be in this arena, I couldn’t help but get more excited and smile as well.

“…Who is that woman?”


“I don’t know. But that looks like quite the situation! She’s almost even with Dida?”


“No, it seems more like she’s suppressing him.”


All the people who had been allowed to participate in the practices at Duke Anderson’s home watched Duke Armenia’s wife…Merry, fight Dida. Their expressions were completely shocked.


Only the more experienced knew about Merry’s identity. Most soldiers didn’t even have the opportunity to view the face of the duke’s wife.


Most of the people here at the moment had already been defeated by Merry.


As a defense against the dignity of men, everyone started cheering for Dida…but how would it really turn out?


Merry was a national hero, after all. Someone who General Gazelle had praised as a fighter with “god-given talent”.


Her power was about even with General Gazelle himself at his peak.


Most of the older soldiers had suffered at her hands before already.


Her intense swordsmanship, movements so swift that they seemed like she could foretell the future…during combat, it always felt like one was being toyed with.


In the past, her stamina and strength were a match for most any man…but now she had regressed somewhat.


Even so, her speed and intuition made up for it, making her as tough as ever in combat.


Although she sighed and lamented that her body was becoming slower, what could she really say about her overall power? The soldiers couldn’t help but think about it.


For anyone who knew her power at her peak, she seemed as strong as a monster.


In the past, she had accepted training designed to improve a man’s stamina without so much as flinching.


“The winner is Merry!”


Cheering started up in the crowd.


It seemed as if Merry had won by a hair’s breadth.


Judging from her pout, Dida had probably hesitated.


But there wasn’t much Dida could do about this from his perspective. Anyone who had doubts or hesitation couldn’t hope to beat Merry.


The only way was to fully embrace the idea of killing her…


“Deputy General, who is that woman?”


Those from the soldiers who couldn’t hide their curiosity any longer ran over and asked me.


Although many of the people who came here and trained didn’t know her identity, they were all too familiar with her presence. Merry came and trained often, after all.


But today she was acting differently.


In the past, she always said that she came here to exercise…although she held a real sword, she wasn’t really fighting seriously.


But right now, she was speeding toward her previous peak abilities, growing at a frightening speed.


No, perhaps the word “growth” was incorrect here.


More accurately, it’s the process of regaining her previous abilities.


Regaining the power and the aura that even the most elite of troops at the frontline feared.


“I understand how you feel. I felt the same way in the past as well.”


I couldn’t help but smile bitterly, expressing the same feelings. But there was no relief in her face. I suppose that people who have confidence in their powers cannot admit it.


Merry was a gentle-looking woman, after all.


No one could imagine that such a beautiful woman had walked on a bloodied path with a sword in hand, to protect what was important to her.


“That person is Duke Anderson’s ultimate weapon, General Gazelle’s first disciple. The best warrior that I know in this world.”


The way she fought made one’s hairs stand on end.


She was the type of fighter who could inspire followers from the depths of their souls.


All of her previous accomplishments had fallen under General Gazelle’s name.


Of course, none of this could be made public.


A duke’s daughter, who should be dwelling within a velvet palace, instead was a soldier strong enough to battle legions.


It wasn’t just the nobles who didn’t know. Even in the upper levels of government, very few knew the truth.


The only ones who knew were the queen dowager, the previous prime minister who had passed away, her current husband, the current family of Duke Anderson, and the private soldiers recruited by the family.


I only knew because of coincidence.


From training, and being in a similar situation.


The queen dowager once favored her?




Anyone who knew her wouldn’t be able to forget her.


The queen dowager was once enamoured with her beauty. After hearing about her accomplishments on the battlefield, she wanted her to marry her own son.


I heard from the general that Merry declared that if anyone were to separate her from her husband, she would leave this country.


This was nothing short of proof that she had the same blood as the general.


“You guys are lucky. I won’t ask you to imitate her, but you should observe her movements.”


I observed as well.


Everyone who was present watched her.



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