Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter – Chapter 169 – The Scene in the Maid’s Room


‘Dida, we have to do better.’

Although I heard Ryle whispering beside me, I just didn’t have the energy to reply.

In the end, I never won against Madame. It’s better to say that every time I fought, she got a little stronger.

That tension was even above the fight with master.

But thanks to this, I had learnt and gained so much as well.

For the first time, I actually learned how strong Madame was.

Well, I already knew that she was strong.

Although she never showed me her limits, I had always told myself that I would surpass her one day. At least, I used to carry this thought all the time.

However, during today’s battle, I learnt that all I was having all along was a fantasy.

I had goosebumps all over my body from seeing the way she fought.

I noticed that she was smiling from the bottom of her heart, yet her eyes were incredibly calm.

She also had top-tier swordsmanship.

I felt that before me shot up an even taller wall than Master.

Even so, I had no intention to give up.

After I fought with Madam, I am now bruised all over. I have not been exhausted like this for a long time.

Ryle, who’s next to me, was the same. But it seemed that he has retained some physical strength.



‘Why don’t we fight each other more in the future? ‘

In the end, I found the way to end up with a draw with Madame.

But I managed to do that only after the numerous trials with Ryle.

I am still very weak.

I am employed in the house, and my self-esteem tells me that I cannot be even weaker than someone I’m supposed to protect.

‘What a coincidence. I was going to say the same thing.’

‘Really? Well, you have to win, Ryle.’

‘Yes, of course.’

When we arrived home, we both took a deep breath.

‘By the way, do you know why the woman happened to be there?’

I suddenly thought of the woman I saw at the Palace.

‘Who knows? However, I didn’t expect that she would want to seduce us. And we’re the guards of Lord Iris.’

We were talking as usual.

Although we weren’t finished talking, after we arrived at the Duke’s house, we naturally walked towards the servant-only lounge.

‘Who’s going to make the tea? Let’s play a game and decide?’

‘I made it last time, didn’t I?’

‘That was the time before last!’

‘By the way, you said that we’re going to play a game to decide who’s the winner. But here we are, in front of the lounge.’

‘Yes. We can make use of anything for this purpose, except swords.’

We talked casually while opening the door of the lounge.

‘Oh…so you both are back already.’

Tanya was sitting there and drinking her tea.

‘Hey, Tanya! It’s good that you’re here. Why don’t you make some tea for us?’

‘If you’re fine with herbal tea, the pot is over there. Serve yourselves.’


After I complained, I was stared by Tania.
And I always found it difficult to not obey her after she stared at me.
I just had to brew a cup of tea for myself then.
And although it sounded like some work, all I had to do was to pour the tea into my cup.
On the way, I also poured Ryle a cup of tea.
After he thanked me, he went back to his chair.

“So what do you think of the Palace?”

“It’s just a waste of my time.”

“Well, your reaction is normal. In the end, it’s all about them trying to persuade you, right ? “


“The knights’ order never changes…”

“However, we’ve had a new leader of the knights’ order today.”

I joined in the conversation between Ryle and Tanya.

I was leaning against the stove, and enjoying my cup of tea.

“The new leader of the knights’ team, do you mean Duke Sultar Melzel?”

“You know about him?”

“I did some research about him, and it seemed to me that he only registered himself in the knights’ order. So even though he’s the newest knights’ leader, he doesn’t seem to have his guard up at all.”

“He registered in the knights’ order…how could such a guy become their leader?”

She smiled helplessly after seeing how shocked I was.

“It’s because of the intervention of Queen Ellia. There seems to be much opposition within the knights’ order. But it may be also because of this, he’s trying to succeed as early as possible.”

After hearing what she said, Ryle looked very bitter.

“Never mind that, we’ve met Yuri.”


After hearing what Ryle said, Tanya was stunned. And she seldom got stunned.

“That woman is trying to convince us. Really…what is she thinking?”


Tania seemed as if she was breathing out a long sigh from her lungs.

Then, she stood up.

“I am going to let Mistress know about the contact with her.”


“Yes, please.”

After we handed her the responsibility at the same time, Tania nodded and left the room.

And it’s time for us to finish our tea and head to the next room.

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