Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter – Chapter 171 – Magic


It’s a glamorous palace.


I was apparently in such an attractive environment, yet my heart was sinking.

I even had a feeling that I was going to be tortured and punished here.


If I needed to explain why, that’s probably because this place looked similar to a base camp of enemies.

People who lived here would be those like Queen Ellia and Marquis Maelia, nobles who cared no one except themselves.


Berne accompanied me to walk into the hall.

On our way, many people were staring at us.

I tried to put up with these strange glances and utter a smile. At least, I required myself to do so.


“Princess Iris, you have waited for quite some time.”


“And I haven’t seen you for quite some time, Earl Sagittaria.’


So, I had to start with someone the closest…I sighed, while I thought of saying something unimportant.


As the Finance Minister, he was still an active one working at the front line, but he did seem a lot older than before.


Was it just because of time or that he’s too tired?


If it’s for the latter, then, did he merely get himself occupied for the sake of the throne, or just for financial matters?


I went on with my thoughts; then I got scared by my own imagination.


“How’s the health condition of Duke Armelia?”


“I am sorry to let you worry. And I thank you on behalf of my father…my father is still recovering, but he can manage. Thanks to my mother’s care, he still feels quite comfortable. I almost think that he looks much better than he used to be.”


“Oh…then it’s excellent.”


“I would rather say that Earl Sagittaria does not seem to look well. Have you been very occupied lately?”


“Well…yes, you might say so. Actually, I am planning to rest for some time.”


“Then, it’s really…”


Although I was trying hard not to let my face reveal my hesitation, I did feel overwhelmed, honestly.


There was only one word in my mind – impossible.


Earl Sagittaria was the finance minister. Like father, he was occupied with political affairs. It was impossible for him to return to the territory without an extended vacation.


However, during the times when there was a fierce competition for the throne, and everyone was struggling for their power, is it really a good timing for his long vacation? Wouldn’t it mean giving up the game altogether?


I still think that the kind of future depicted by the First Prince would be the best.


And he clearly knew that, since he had the status and power as the First Prince, he would lose so much if he were to give up.


Or, was it because of the activities of Marquis Maelia, Earl Sagittaria had to take a pause? I felt that this would be the most probable cause.


“Was it because of the fall of father?”


I actually wanted to ask – was it because of the fall of father, which had made him walk on eggshells? I tried to ask indirectly while paying attention to my surrounding environment.


Earl Sagittaria started to notice what I really intended to ask.


“The answer is yes, and no at the same time. In the hustle and bustle of the city, the people around me and I are quite tired. It’s essential for me to return to the territory to let my body rest, so that when the right time comes, I can make use of my power again. Oh, even at my age, I still cannot give up on my dreams.”


From what he told me, I figured out that he was not going to leave the First Prince.


“Oh, I see. By the way, if you choose to be absent at this time, the financial officers will have a hard time, won’t they? Many people are starting to complain about the inflation.”


“You do know everything about the Imperial City. But, you know, even if I want to do something to change the situation, the changes won’t happen naturally. For this, I am pretty helpless too. The merchants do have a sharp eye on things lately.”


“Don’t they? And that makes me worry too.”


Our gazes met each other, and we smiled.


But I certainly knew that there wasn’t any meaning to smile in our eyes. We perfectly understood that there was something hidden under our eyes.


People told me that your eyes express better than your words.


“Then, I think I am going to leave first. People will get jealous if I occupy a beautiful flower for too long.”


After Earl Sagittaria finished, he left.

I’ve heard all kinds of news, and that made me satisfied for quite some time.

I turned my gaze to the venue and checked everything. Suddenly, I saw a familiar figure.


…that was Mimosa.

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