Chapter 172 Reunion

I walked that way at a gait that was still respectable.

“Miss Mimosa, it’s been so long.”

“It’s nice to see you, Miss Iris.”

Even between intimate friends, one needed to remember one’s manners.

…In such an official public event, I had to talk different to Mimosa than I would in private.

“Nice to meet you, Miss Iris.”

The man standing next to Mimosa spoke up.

It wasn’t clear if he had naturally curly hair. Either way, his dark hair rolled into curls. His pupils were long and thin, and there was a beauty mark beneath his eye.

Although his rudeness made me frown for a very short moment, I suppressed it quickly and smiled at him instead.

The moment he started speaking to me, Mimosa’s face went entirely blank.

…Not only so, even her eyes lost their luster.

Glancing at Mimosa, I felt unease in my chest.

I had never seen her make that kind of expression before.

“Nice to meet you…I’m sorry, you are…?”

“Ah, did Mimosa never tell you? I’m Dan Luberia, the oldest son of Count Luberia’s long-standing, honored family. I’m Mimosa’s fiance.”

He said this with quite the dramatic flourish.

During an official event like this, if you wanted to talk to someone above your own station you should wait for them to finish their conversations first…so someone of a count’s family barging into my conversation…

Everyone here was really a long-standing, honored family, honestly…

There were a lot of parts to his introduction that I could roll my eyes at. But all of that was thrown behind my head because of his last line.

Mimosa’s fiance? Him?! That’s all I wanted to say.

Although I didn’t want to comment on other people’s fiances, this really exceeded my expectations. Plus, the first impression he made was less than favorable.

“Ah…I see. You might have heard already, but I am Iris Lana Armenia. I studied alongside Mimosa. It’s a pleasure.”

“No, it’s my pleasure.”

“Miss Iris, I’m sorry, but I have to excuse myself to greet others, so I’ll have to end our conversation here…”

As if interrupting Dan in the middle of his stream of thoughts, Mimosa spoke up.

“Ah…yes. Sorry for stopping you.”

After I said this, she immediately turned around and left.

Dan made a face and shrugged, btu immediately walked up to her and accompanied her forward.

If this was the first public appearance after a marriage proposal, then the two did need to greet all parties at the event. But Mimosa spoke almost too suddenly.

It was almost like she didn’t want Dan to speak to me.

Thinking of this, I couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

Of course. It wasn’t that surprising when you thought about it.

Mimosa and Dan were the ones with an engagement. No matter how close I was with Mimosa, I couldn’t keep talking to Dan.

It wouldn’t be a good look to outsiders. More importantly, Mimosa would feel uncomfortable.

So although she was acting a bit odd today, it was nothing that I couldn’t accept.

Of course she would be nervous when attending an official event for the first time with her fiance.

Although that had already become quite a dark stain in my own history, when I became Prince Edward’s fiance I was incredibly nervous to enter the social sphere for the first time. Watching him chat with other women made me surprisingly uncomfortable.

To Mimosa, her current priority was probably getting to know Dan through one on one interaction…after coming to this conclusion, I stared deep into the hall.

Just as I was thinking about Mimosa, the flowing music stopped suddenly. From the depths of the hall, the royals stepped forth.



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