Chapter 177 Regret


The dance ended in an ambiguous state. I boarded the shaky carriage and we were on our way back to the mansion.


Bern sat beside me, gazing out of the window.


“Sister, how are you feeling?”


He seemed to have noticed my wandering gaze.


“…I’m still a little dizzy. Probably because I need to relax more. I’ll rest when I get back to the mansion.”


“That would be best.”


As if trying to escape from Bern’s concerned words and gaze, I looked away.


Silence set into the carriage once more. The only sound we could hear was the clucking of the horse’s hooves.




I was the one who broke the silence.


“Why did you like Yuri?”


Hearing my question, Bern blinked his eyes, as if shocked.


“I…saw a dream.”


He recovered quickly and said this with a bitter smile.


“A dream, huh.”


“Yes. I was enraptured by a sweet dream, and sank into it slowly.”


“Is that so…”


Dream, huh. Describing her as a dream was perhaps more accurate than he intended.


“When do you wake up from a dream like that?”


“When you feel like you must wake up.”


Would Dan hope for that day to come? No one really knew.


But all I could do was hope for it.


Without even realizing it, we had arrived home.


After a brief greeting, I returned to my room and lay down.


Like I was trying to suppress the trembling of my body, I lay face down and buried my face in the covers.


What occupied my heart was nothing but pure rage.


I was too powerless.


In the time that I had been away from the capital, Yuri had become more and more powerful.


Although I didn’t know whether other people’s intentions, no one dared offend her.


She attracted others, pulling them to her side.


And this was the result. I couldn’t even help my own friend.


The only thing I could do was blurt out the fact that her husband had been seduced by Yuri.


It frustrated me. It made me feel helpless.


Raising my fists, I smashed it down against the pillow. There was a dull sound.


I repeated the motion again and again, trying to vent my emotions.


I was frustrated. I was in pain.


Even while lying in bed, my heart was stirred up by intense emotions. I couldn’t fall asleep at all.


…No matter how much I resisted, the sun still rose the second day. Dawn arrived upon us.


I welcomed the new morning, still sleepless.


Taking a deep breath, I changed my clothes. After breakfast, I arrived at my desk and started to handle work once more.


Urgent incidents, reports, corresponding policies, and more. There was much work to be done.


Especially now that I was still lingering in the capital, there was a limited amount of time that I can allot to my work. I could only do my best in the time I had.


Even so, my brain wasn’t functioning properly due to lack of sleep.


No, it was because I couldn’t forget how I felt yesterday.


“Excuse me.”


With a knock on the door, Tanya entered the room.


“Tanya, I have something to ask you…”


I had puzzled over this for very long. Should I ask Tanya to investigate Mimosa’s fiance?


Father had warned me against getting involved with Yuri, and Mimosa herself had asked for nothing of the kind.


But if I didn’t find out for myself, I would regret it forever.


I didn’t want to regret things when something went wrong.


I would find out first. What happened next was something that I’d worry about when I came to it. That was the conclusion I reached.


It was my egotism. Because of this egotism, I had gotten Tanya involved as well.


If we investigated Yuri, Tanya might be in danger as well.


I warned Tanya again and again about the danger herein.


But when she heard my wish, all she did was smile and respond: “Yes, ma’am.”



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