Chapter 178 Tanya’s Adventures Part 1


After receiving milady’s orders, I immediately started to act.


She had asked me to be especially careful when it came to anything to do with Yuri, but I was already experienced with moving through dangerous territories, so I never felt that afraid.


…Of course, I reminded myself not to be too careless.


I managed to gather information about Miss Mimosa’s engagement quite quickly.


It’s not to say that the Langley family hadn’t done their homework in terms of suppressing information, but there were still holes in their defense.


The issue was information about Yuri.


It was difficult to collect anything on her. Everything about had been painstakingly erased, so all that was available was sanitized information.


Behind her innocent, cute appearance, there was quite an intimidating side to her.


These were the thoughts that ran through my head as I walked from the busy streets into an abandoned alleyway.


I prepared my hidden weapons, confirming the aura that I had felt.


When I was gathering information on Yuri, I kept sensing that aura.


I relaxed my body for a moment. Then in the next moment, I poured all my energy into the necessary muscles, reaching my peak speed.


The aura seemed surprised to see that I had disappeared from his view, but didn’t act.


I pointed my hidden weapon, a thin blade longer than a needle, toward him.


“Ah…stop, stop, I come in peace.”


He seemed quite powerful too. He had gotten a good read on my aggressive aura and met my gaze, raising his hands to prove his point.


I didn’t put down my weapon. But I still stopped moving, instead starting to observe him.


My opponent was a man who was as short as a child. He wore a normal civilian’s clothes.


Other than his slightly slanted eyes, there was nothing about him that was significant.


He could easily mix into a crowd, maybe even be mistaken for a child and ignored.


“What impressive growth.”


Although I had a weapon in my hands, he didn’t seem to panic at all, instead speaking with equal parts admiration and distraction.


“If you want me to tell you anything, you should probably spare me. My name is Milo. Ah, by the way, that’s a fake name, but it’s a way to start a conversation. Nice to meet you.”


He introduced himself in a flippant tone.


Did he have no sense of danger, or was this not enough to constitute danger to him…probably the latter, I sighed to myself.


“Why follow me?”


“You keep trailing around my target. You stopped investigation, so why start again?”


“…None of your business.”


“It’s totally my business. If you keep moving around like this and cause the people in this area to go on guard then that would be quite irritating…what do you want?”

“What do you mean?”


“Isn’t this an exchange? I’m investigating everything about her, and have reported to my own master. Right now, I’m supervising her. If anything happens, then I have to report it and respond to the situation. In other words, you wandering around here is a huge bother to me…Perhaps you don’t have any direct business with her, but you just want to know her experiences and goals. Am I right?”


I didn’t confirm or deny his assumptions.


But he ignored my silence and kept talking.


“If it’s just an investigation, there’s no need to just wander around near her. So I’ll give you some hints.”


“Not information, but…hints, huh?”


“Well, it doesn’t matter if I give you information directly. But would you even believe me?”


He was right.


“What do you get from giving me hints?”


“Huh? Didn’t I just say? As long as you stop wandering around near her, I’ll be happy.”


“I really don’t believe that that’s all you want.”


Raising my weapon, I approached him again.


Milo chuckled, a bit exasperated.


“Come on, come on. I’m telling the truth. It’s just that…I really do want to cheer your master on.”




“My…shall I say, my master, is very concerned about your master. For some reason our target is quite antagonistic toward your master, and she has acted correspondingly. Although the greatest victim is this nation, I suppose that’s to be expected…Anyways, perhaps I should say that the reason within is this country itself. But your master is quite different from all the rest. My target attacked your master first, and will seek your master out to that end. In the end, your master will suffer the greatest damage.”


He was hinting that he knew who my master was. I felt myself become even more alert.


But this man, even with his flippant tone, didn’t slip up once.


Although the motions he was making looked idiotic, they were secret signals of his strength.


…If this turned into a battle, I would have to prepare for it to end in a bloodbath.


“So my master, who worries about your master, concerns me. Your side isn’t going to join the enemy anyways, so there’s no harm done in giving you some hints. So this is quite a donation for a good cause! Mm, well, what happens next isn’t completely unrelated to your master.”


…Under these circumstances, I only had a 50% or less chance of winning against him.


My conclusion was that taking what I could back home was the best option.


“Well then, please give me the hints.”

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