“By the way, high-risk, high-reward information versus low risk and low reward information, which would you choose?”


“Tell me both in detail.”


“Both, huh…So you’re planning to hear both out and then decide which to investigate. Not a bad approach to take.”


He was talking to me like he was my senior. I didn’t understand why he was acting this way.


“What are you saying? Of course I’m going to investigate both.”


Hearing what I said, Milo’s eyes widened for a moment…then he burst into laughter.


“So that’s how it is, after all. You should really join my side. Isn’t greed the secret to growth? All right, since you’ve got the guts to ask, I’ll tell you both.”


I ushered the smiling Milo on with just an expression.


“Hm, before that, do I need to explain anything about the House of Reuben*?”


I didn’t confirm or deny anything when he asked me this question.


Facing him, I felt like…even if I asked one more question, he’d be able to obtain some other type of information from me.


“You’re wearing your heart on your sleeve. I can read from your expression that you’ve investigated them before.”


The way he said that with a lighthearted smile made me nervous on the inside.


…Of course, there was also the possibility that he was just playing with me, and that all of it was a lie.


“What? I was kidding. When you were poking around behind her, I confirmed from the trails of your investigation what exactly you were looking into. So of course I know that you’ve done your research on the Reubens. The hint I’m about to give you wouldn’t mean anything if you didn’t already know about this. Ah…I just wanted to tease you since your expression hadn’t changed at all. Your face is completely dead! Don’t be like this!”


I threw a small dart at Milo.


He ducked past it as it swept right past him…and grabbed it in his hand, throwing it to the side.


“…Haven’t you considered the possibility that it’s poisoned?”


“I’m resistant to most poisons. Plus, you’re smart and wouldn’t gamble with your life here. You weren’t even using your full strength to throw that dart.”


Hearing what Milo said, I smiled in exasperation.


He was right that I hadn’t mustered up my full strength to attack him.


I knew that he would be able to dodge it easily…I just wanted to confirm his actual strength with my own eyes.


What I didn’t expect was that he would be able to catch it mid-air.


“Let’s put the small talk aside and start with the dangerous information. First, investigate Divan’s trail again. Most importantly, confirm that he knows the recent movements of his conglomerate, the Aira Conglomerate (not the same as Azura). With all that information in hand, you’ll be able to find a certain baron who, for some reason, is not in the capital even during social season.”


I nodded without a word.


“And then there’s the simple information. Go and look into her family, especially on the side of the principal wife. That woman’s guard is surprisingly low, so you’ll be able to obtain that information without too much effort.”


“…I understand. That’s enough.”


I lowered the weapons in my hand. Milo laughed.


“I’m glad that you’re a reasonable girl. I wasn’t planning on having a pointless squabble here either.”


“Yes. By the way, is your master currently within this country?”


Milo’s smile widened. But there was no mirth in his eyes.


In fact, there was a sharp light to them that was frightening.


“…You don’t need to know that.”


“I would appreciate if you could give me some hints about your side as well…but it doesn’t matter. I have no further business with you. Farewell.”


“Well, then, I’ll take my leave as well.”


Both of us kicked off against the ground. This was to prevent having our backs face the other person, so we could retreat with each other in our field of vision.


And then, after a bit of distance…we walked in our separate directions.


I returned to the busy main street.


In that moment, the tension in my body disappeared.


The first prince had quite a strong pawn, I thought to myself.


This was only a guess on my part.


But judging from Milo’s words and actions, this seemed like the most likely possibility.


All the information that he gave me might be fake, or a tactic from the enemy side to confuse us.


Even so, what he said was still worth investigating.


He mentioned Divan and the Aira Conglomerate by name…these were key words that I had found in connection with Yuri while investigating her.


My investigations shouldn’t just stop at observing her movements. Looking into someone who moved in the shadows once more had its own value as well.


More importantly, Milo hadn’t even attacked her once. (Unclear who the narrative is referring to here, they likely mean verbal attacks against Yuri.)


When I became aware of his presence he still had time to retreat. But instead he showed himself.


His actions made it seem like he had showed up there just to talk to me.


That being said, all of this was still guesswork.


Although I was still uneasy, I decided to investigate Divan.

*This family was mentioned in Chapter 50. It’s the family that recommended Yuri’s mother to enter the palace.



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