Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter 192

Nightless City

There was an uproar in another territory, and this land of Almeria has been affected as well.

People have been endlessly trying to move into this territory.


I wanted to try to take a look at the scene once, so I against everyone’s advice, I went to the border check station.


…I was at a loss for words.


“Please, let us into the Duke of Almeria’s territory!”


“Please, I beg of you. … I have come all the way here by foot without tasting anything but water.”


“Please help, even if it is only the children. If you can take these children under your protection, whatever happens to me won’t matter.”


“Stay in the line!”


Loud cries were overflowing here and there.

Despite their tattered aspect, everyone was frantically crying out as hard as they could.


I desperately endured the urge to cover my ears.


From that day on, I probably have hardly slept.

Every time I tried to sleep, the cries of the people who wished to enter the territory of Almeria echoed inside my ears.


Every time, I turn to those documents.


… Don’t run away. Don’t be defeated. Don’t give up. That’s what they tell me.

I skip all instructions in order to accept as many immigrants as possible while minimizing disruption to the territory.


Furthermore, I also had matters to attend to with the Azuta Conglomerate.

Although there was no damage to the staff due to the disaster, the place simply could not be opened for business during the confusion.


Helplessly, all stores in other territories that handled provisions had to close temporarily.

It hurts. … But it cannot be helped.


Even though we say we are on holidays, the livelihood of the people who are working is to be guaranteed to a minimum, and they were responding in kind.


Recently, it appears that this hall has begun to be referred to as… “Nightless City”.

The officers have also continued to work willingly despite the current state of affairs.


I wonder, how long have you been unable to return home?

When he asked one of the officers, he laughed.

“Come now… I’m not counting days. The last time I went back, I was scolded by my wife. Since Lady Iris is going through difficult times, you do not have to worry about us. She told us ‘I will protect you’. I was told to go to bed, and then quickly return to work.”


The nearby officers who heard us also laughed, and replied “Same here”, “The same happened at my place”, and so on.


Hearing their words, I felt deep gratitude towards the officers’ families, who have never seen my face.

At the same time, I brightened up.


Since when had I been covering up my eyelids with makeup, I wonder?

I could no longer remember.

However, it doesn’t matter.


… Don’t run away from reality. Don’t lose to yourself. Don’t throw away your duties.

Surrounded by documents, I murmured that as I held my bewildered head.


Everyone follows me and believes in me.

As the country suffers, the ones who suffer the most are its people.


I cannot forgive… that unreasonable reality.

Each of these documents, each of these instructions, these peoples’ lives…  these people had entrusted their last hopes to the Duke of Almeria, as they wait outside.


So there is no time to rest.



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