Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter 193




Sebas called out to me in a seemingly apologetic manner.

Surely something troublesome has happened.


“This letter has arrived from the capital…“


I read the letter I received from Sebas.

As I was reading, I crumpled the paper with all of my hand’s strength.

After I finished reading it, I tore it to pieces in my irritation.


「What… this is preposterous!」


I shouted in anger.

The nearby maid who was on standby was frightened from my reaction.


“… Oh, I’m sorry. Everything is fine here, you are excused.”


As I say so, the maid hurriedly leaves the room.

After I saw her leave, my head felt somewhat cooler.


“Still, ‘Request for the provision of goods’? And these numbers! On top of that, if I turn down this request, it will be regarded as a rebellion…? What in the world are you trying to do!?”


A summary of the letter would be: ‘You have remaining goods at your place, don’t you? Your country needs them, so quickly hand them over. If you refuse, you will be deemed a rebel and we will send out our troops.”


The letter was written more politely than that, but there wasn’t much difference in the contents.


“We have sent them our goods three times already! At this rate, if we keep sending them away, there won’t be much left for us!”


I raise my voice unintentionally, but Sebas does not blame me for that.

I have already sent the majority of our goods to the capital, leaving behind what was already in our bookkeeping.


That amount is comparable to the production of one small territory.

Those threatening letters kept coming, and I had no choice but to continue to send them goods every time.


That time I got that first letter, I sent a letter to my uncle, Marquis Anderson.


This cannot be anything other than total harassment…!


“It is impossible for our territory to give them more than this. At this rate, our lands will be beset with poverty.”


Sebas, who knew nothing of our bookkeeping, was completely pale.


“Yes. I have no choice but to refuse”


“But, milady…”


“There’s nothing more to send them, it can’t be helped. Even if I did send them something now, the same will happen next time.”


I wrote a letter roughly stating that no more goods will be sent, attached a forged accounting book to it, and handed them to Sebas.


“I have also written letters to Grandfather and Uncle. If anything happens, I wouldn’t want to make enemies with the neighboring territories.”


Sebas nodded, his face being completely tense.


“Then, call the treasurer of the finances department. Let’s increase the budget and increase the purchase of goods from other countries”


“I see. I shall be off then.”


… What kind of reply will I receive? I cannot imagine anything more terrifying.

Thanks to this act of rebellion, Mimosa’s marriage further postponement was our sole relief.

For the time being, I stayed in Father Ralph Simmons house, but the occasion was not one of a family reunion.


While thinking about that, I looked at the Ajuga flower pots placed by the window.

I felt like I bought this a long time ago…


I slapped myself.

This is not the time to be immersed in sentimentality.


Then, I devoted myself to work again.

Then, a few days later… A letter arrived again from the capital earlier than I thought.

Timidly, I open its wax seal.


“… How was it?”


“As usual. ‘Such impertinent talk is good and all, nevertheless, quickly send your goods over…‘ It’s not as if our provisions and money supplies were infinite!”


They had also written there that this was the final notice.

The moment I refuse, they’ll send their troops. I want to shout ‘What a loan shark!’

Apart from that, how nasty!


“… I’m going to the capital. Queen Ellia seems to be holding a nobleman gathering.”


“In a situation like this?”


Sebas’ question was also quite right.

Why, despite the current situation, would the nobles of each house deliberately hold such a meeting?


“Perhaps it is to consolidate Lord Ed’s position. It seems to be a demonstration of power to solidify his position as king.”


“But, milady…“


“I will borrow that spot and talk directly about my situation. At this rate, we will only continue to be exploited. The deadline will come sooner or later, and when that happens I can only see a future where they continue to take everything from us. There will be no going back. … I refuse to accept that future with all of my determination!”


“I see.”


“Only one concern remains. … Sebas. You… can I leave everything here in your care?”


“… Milady, you have already taken measures to some extent. The plan is ready for its execution in case circumstances call for it… With the experience I have accumulated thus far, I should be able to manage. Also, we still have those reliable officers on our side.”




“Go ahead, milady. Go to the battlefield with confidence.”


“… Thank you. I leave this in your care.”


“Certainly. Please take care, and safe travels.”


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