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Chapter 200 Conference 3


“Who are you…”


Prince Edward asked in complete shock.


“You’re asking who I am? How outrageous. After all, we share half of our heritage.”




Hearing this, Queen Ellia and Marquis Maelia stood up.


“My name is Alfred. Alfred Dean Tasmeria. I am the true successor to this nation!”


His voice rang out like thunder.


Even though it wasn’t a shout, it echoed through every corner of the room. As if inspired, those who heard him quivered, longing to understand his impossible charisma.


“…Huh, do you have proof that you’re Prince Alfred?”


Marquis Maelia shouted anxiously.


“Shut up! This is the true Prince Alfred! How dare you doubt royalty…you are the one who has committed the sin of disrespect. Do you understand that?”


The person behind Dean shouted out, scolding him into silence.


Unbelievably enough, the person standing there was Ludy.


…I could no longer tell what was what anymore.


“I’ve heard quite a few interesting discussions here. ‘Other than Prince Edward, no one other than me is more suited to be king?’ That’s quite wrong. The next king will be me, the first prince. That’s one of the most sacred laws in the nation, one that no one may violate. Yet all of you scheme to seize the throne? I should arrest you all on charges of treason!”


“W-what? Where is the proof of that?”

“You need proof? This meeting itself is proof. Hey, Priest Ralph. As someone who’s not a noble, you can tell me honestly. Is everything they’ve said up to this point just my imagination?”


“No, I heard the same words that you did.”


According to custom, the Church of Daryl’s representative had been summoned. Although the new pope hadn’t been decided yet, Priest Ralph was the one who had all the symbolic power at the moment, so he represented the Church of Daryl.


In that role, the fact that he was affirming Dean’s words was significant.


Although my affair with the church had caused Church Daryl’s power to weaken significantly, the church still had deep roots in people’s lives…after the whole incident, the church chased out many negligent priests and recovered its original teachings. It was praised as the final resort and final defense of the people, and built up the people’s faith in it once more. In its current form, the church had expressed unwavering support for Dean.


No observant person could ignore that fact.


“Indeed. They don’t even confirm my death before hurriedly executing their plan.”


“…Your mother is only from a baron’s family. Do you really think everyone would follow you?”


Queen Ellia shrieked in response to Dean.


Her face was filled with rage, her eyes with hatred.


In my view, her beautiful, delicately made-up face seemed to be peeling away.


“I understand your sentiments. But saying that in front of a crowd filled with those with the station of baron and below…If you wish to remain here, this discussion cannot continue. Please leave the room.”


Hearing what Dean said, the guards started to move.


“Ah…! Don’t be so insolent! Let me go!”


Although they resisted, the guards did their duty.


Ignoring their protests completely, they dragged them out.


“Grandfather! Mother!”


Prince Edward shouted as if to keep them in the room, but they were already long gone.


“How dare you…!”


As if to prevent Prince Edward from even making a move, the rest of the guards surrounded him and Yuri.


Yuri began to tremble in fear.


Trying to dissect this confusing scenario, I opened my mouth.


“…I think that there’s something to what Queen Ellia is saying. She never said that Prince Edward was the king. Even if you became king, what would change? At the moment, Prince Alfred at least doesn’t seem like he will abandon us. That’s why I am interested in hearing your ideas for our current predicaments.”


I issued these words toward Dean. For a moment, his expression was frozen…but soon enough he burst into a hearty laugh.


It was a face, an expression that I liked. That was the thought that dominated my heart.


“Abandoning, huh…well, it turns out I have more to worry about in the way of being abandoned by all of you. All of you who were agreeing with that hogwash about arresting these two and absorbing their territory, I hope you reconsider your stance. Even after providing sixty percent of the resources for aid, Duke Armenia’s territory still maintains a higher quality of life than other territories in the same situation. It has more resources and wealth than any other family could hope to compare to. If you can’t find other sources for material resources to replenish what you have stored at home, the moment Duke Armenia’s family abandons you you’ll lose half of what you had. Even those of you who don’t need emergency support, if anything were to happen to the merchants’ guild based in Duke Armenia’s territory, the economy would be in a complete slump. Their only reason to continue working in this country is that there’s still a profit to turn…if they started to count nothing but losses, they can easily transfer their attention overseas, since Duke Armenia’s territory has plenty of ports and is active in trade. Right now it’s simply easier for them to trade within a preexisting system than create completely new markets.”


“B-but…if we arrest these people, take their land, and turn it into national property…”


“That’s why you’re such an idiot. You talk about using military force. General Gazelle is the driving force behind the military. Aside from the obvious connection through marriage to Duke Armenia’s family, the two territories are also physically close. If the two families choose to cooperate, you won’t have any army left to command.”




“Shut up. Even if you turn all that into national property, this country doesn’t have the kind of talent to rule over the Armenias’ territory, and the people will refuse to follow you. All of what exists there only exists thanks to her.”


Every other noble was slackjawed at what he was saying.


“Well…thank you for your excessive praise of my territory. I’ll take this opportunity to ask the question, then. What plans do you have to end the current disaster we’re going through?”


He supported Duke Armenia’s family…so it was my turn to return the favor.


This way I could not only create a chance to meet him alone, but also to protect the relevant policies.


That’s why I posed the question to him in a harsh tone.



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