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Chapter 201 Conference 4


“I’ve already made my move. Most of the false currencies have been taken from circulation, with only a vast minority still moving through the market. The nation has promised that we’ll exchange false golden coins for the real deal, free of charge. After spreading the news through our own means, we also manipulated public sentiment by seeding agents through the public.”


“So you’ve already dealt with the issue. How did you do that?”


“…The people who have sold their excess storage to merchants will have to meet those merchants, eventually, right?”


The faces of a few nobles with some self-awareness turned ghastly white.


“We used the previous pope’s collector’s items as bait to lure them into spending the golden coins…If they’d used them for the good of the people at least they’d have some sort of excuse, but using it to satisfy their own greed…I really have no words left to condemn people like that.”


“I see…so that’s how you recycled the coins, at a low loss to the kingdom. The pope’s artifacts are high value and quite worth the buy. Plus, the fact that they have the resources to prepare cash means that much of it must be the golden coins they received a while ago.”


“Yes. After melting all the false golden coins and extracting the impurities, we recycled the gold into real coins. That’s how we did most of the recycling itself. After that, we surveyed all of your actions and took back all the coins that went to other sources as well. Although a small amount of the coins inevitably made it into the market…All of this was only possible with Marquis Anderson’s help. Thank you once more.”


My uncle lowered his head in response.


“But Prince Alfred, how are we going to solve the issue of crops?”


“I’ve already crossed the ocean and finished trade with other nations. In the beginning I only planned on making back the amount in storage, but I didn’t plan for the possibility of a natural disaster. My deepest apologies for all that everyone has suffered through. By the time I came back to this country, everything was in place. All we have to do is distribute the resources. I must thank Church Daryl’s representative, Priest Ralph. The church has been very concerned with the current national crisis, and provided us quite a lot of financial support.”


“…The fact that you forgave us for our previous grievances is enough reason for us to support you. We are honored to have used our resources for the good of this nation’s people.”


Priest Ralph lowered his head after he said this.


So it seemed that recovering the Church of Daryl’s position here was Dean’s true intent. It was quite awe-inspiring to watch.


It not only showed his closeness to the church, but also his position of power over them.


Priest Ralph lowered his head because he sensed his intentions. It was a good public display of what the church has come to represent.


The same Church of Daryl that had once asked nobles for donations and insisted on a flashy party.


It was out with the old, in with the new.


They’d probably also used up all the funds that the previous pope had guzzled up.


“…If you become the king of this nation, the country will be filled with peace. Duke Armenia’s family will support you with all our strength.”


I lowered my head as well.


So Dean was the first prince…my head was still spinning from everything that had happened.


But as the leader of Duke Armenia at the moment, I lowered my head to him.


The core of my alliance, Marquis Anderson’s family, were cooperating with Dean. The next successor of that family was also close with him.


Although I hadn’t discussed this beforehand with any of the other members of our alliance, the closeness of Marquis Anderson’s family with Dean was no secret. Many of the members of our faction were supporters of the first prince anyways.


…So there should be no issue for me to say this to the first prince.


This alliance was formed to resist the second prince’s faction. The moment when Prince Edward lost was the moment our alliance lost meaning as well.


And the next thing to do was…display that Duke Armenia’s family shared a supportive stance with Marquis Anderson’s family.


The usage of these two families was just as he had said.


At the same time, he was also proving himself with his accomplishments.


He was the person who calmed this incident and constructed a path forward.


Opposing him here was like shaking our heads at the path to survival and prosperity.


Queen Ellia and Marquis Maelia had lost their rights, and been arrested.


“The birth…of a great king.”


“Y-yes. We stand here in an awesome moment.”


All the nobles who had been in support of Prince Edward started to praise Dean.


One wave after the other, applause erupted in the conference room.


“Don’t be deceived!”


Prince Edward, who had been silent up to this point, suddenly began to shout.


“Although I was interrupted, there’s no proof that this man is my brother! That guard is someone from Marquis Anderson’s family! They must be scheming to steal the throne away!”


“S-someone! Anyone!”


Yuri shouted toward the outside of the conference room.


“Has something happened?”


Knights walked into the room.


Seeing them, Prince Edward and Yuri seemed to relax with a sigh of relief.


“Arrest that man! He’s an insolent imposter trying to seize the throne!”


The knights didn’t respond at all to his cries.


“Why aren’t you attacking?”


“Prince Edward. In a word, we who serve the royal family would never point our swords toward the royal family.”


“What are you saying? Where’s the proof that this man is my brother?”


“Even if you ask me…it’s because I’ve been privileged enough to see him in the king’s royal residence.”


Yuri just stared while Prince Edward spoke with the knight.


“No…” she muttered. “No…I don’t know where…where is the knight’s order captain?”


“He’s been placed under house arrest. Count Melzel was only a man placed in that position without any practical work experience. There’s no reason to call a man like that captain of the knight’s order.”


Dean delivered these lines this cheerfully to a panicking Yuri.


“All the other unqualified individuals in the knight’s order have also been fired…Well then, everything we just discussed will be dealt with by my party, so there’s not much more to say about that. It’s time for us to start discussing the next topic.”


What would that be? Everyone couldn’t help but crane their necks in curiosity. I did the same as well.


“Before that, though, could the guards please arrest Edward and Yuri?”




Before the two could even protest, they were already surrounded by guards.




That’s what Prince Edward shouted as he was arrested.



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