Chapter 202 Conference 5


“I said this earlier as well. You could be judged alongside your mother and grandfather for scheming to seize the throne. Then of course I’d have to punish you.”


“But none of that has anything to do with Yuri!”


“Indeed. But this person used the royal entrance despite not being a member of the royal family, and has used royal funds for her own purposes. That’s no different than running a scam under the royal family’s name. Unless she’s already married to a member of the royal family? Priest Ralph?”


“No, not at all. We don’t have records of that in the church.”


“In that case, she should be arrested as well.”


“But, I…!”


Prince Edward was still trying to defend Yuri.


He was already being captured himself…but he still really loved her.


“Although the fact that you can’t discipline yourself is the biggest issue, she’s also partially responsible. You might try to protect her, but she’s committed her own crimes. Before we gather all the relevant evidence, she’ll be kept in a separate cell from you…Take them away.”


“Please wait! Prince Alfred! Is it really appropriate for a brother to treat his sibling like this? Please reconsider!”


Yuri shouted at Prince Alfred, trying to resist the soldiers around her.


“If it were just a regular brother, perhaps…”


Her eyes filled with a glimmer of hope at his murmured words.


“But we are royals. Every single drop of blood in our bodies exists for the kingdom. Something that’s more harmful than beneficial to the kingdom can only be tossed aside.”


His eyes were dead serious, and his voice so cold that it seemed like it could cut through the air.




The helpless look she displayed with tears streaming down her face seemed purposefully to evoke one’s urge to protect her.


Several people seemed to be moved by her appearance, as if they pitied her despite the possibility of being arrested while trying to help her.


Prince Alfred approached her.


As if seeking support, she looked at him.


Standing where I was, I wanted to shout at her not to look at him like that. It felt quite inappropriate.


“Although your friend seemed to have brought many friends into this city…they’ve all left together. Don’t hold out hope that you’ll be rescued once you’re captured.”




He moved close to her, whispering into her ear. There was no way to know what he was saying to her.


It must be something important…the moment he stepped away, she began to shriek.


Everyone was shocked into silence by this sudden change.




Only Prince Edward was able to struggle free from his restraints and run toward her.


“Yuri, are you okay? Yuri…”


Yuri didn’t respond to his cries.


She only kept muttering the same thing over and over with empty eyes. “It can’t be real, can’t be real.”


To protect her, he stood between her and the guards.


“Something’s wrong with her! Please allow her medical care!”


“She can have that after she’s arrested…Guards.”


The guards moved forward once again.


“Stop! Yuri!”


Tears streamed down Yuri’s face.


To take her hand, Prince Edward extended his own.


Prince Alfred only watched, issuing the order that the two be dragged away.


The soldiers obeyed his order.


“Well, then, back to the topic on hand. Let’s come back, eh? Bern.”


I was perhaps more shocked at that name than anyone else there.


Bern, who appeared from where we had entered, ignored the confused atmosphere in the room and walked right up to Prince Alfred’s side.


The way he strode up made me doubt whether it was actually the Bern that I knew.


His hair was shorter, and he was far skinnier. The dark circles under his eyes were so deep that they couldn’t be hidden.


The sharpness of his gaze and aura, was nothing like the clumsy Bern I’d gotten to know.


He lowered his head before Prince Alfred.


“You’ve heard it too, right? All those fools agreeing with Edward that the Anderson and Armenia territories should be confiscated?”


Prince Alfred chuckled lightly.


Bern was expressionless. He surveyed the room with a sharp gaze.




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