Chapter 203 Conference 6


“If anyone is worried about the current state of the people, I’m sure they’ll agree with our proposed solution.”


Bern said this as if it were something he’d kept bottled up inside for a long time.


The strength in his eyes only seemed to grow.


“Well, then, Bern will be the one who introduces our future direction. Everyone, please listen carefully!”


Bern stepped forward in response to Prince Alfred’s words and started to speak.


He stated the family names of nobles, one after another.


Everyone who was called and everyone who wasn’t, all of them tilted their heads to the side in confusion as to what was going to happen.


“All of the above families will have their territories and status revoked.”


To everyone, this last line was a complete shock to the system.


It was the first time since the nation’s founding that so many nobles were punished in a single breath.


As expected, the room filled with cries and insults.


Bern lowered his head, almost as if he were afraid of their voices.


Seeing this, the voices accusing him only grew louder.


How were they planning on ending this…? I glanced at Prince Alfred, my mind spinning with questions. All he did was smile.


Finally, Bern raised his head.


The moment they saw his face, everyone who was shouting at him fell silent.


No…more accurately speaking, they hadn’t seen his face, but his eyes.


He glanced around the conference room, expressionless.


The intensity in his eyes was similar to hatred.


All the shouting from just a moment earlier seemed to become insignificant in comparison.


Although he didn’t say anything, he seemed to be questioning them. “Is that all you’ve got?”


“…Just like your father.”


My uncle’s amused murmur lingered in my ears.


“All the people I named just now…took even the legally mandated minimum amount of grain out from storage to sell. A leader who does not work for their people must give up their territory.”


He said this quietly.


But the only thing quiet about it was his expression. His voice was filled with the same rage as his gaze.


“I…is that really enough, for us to hand over the land that our ancestors left for us?!”


“Is that really enough, huh…How many hundreds, how many thousands of people’s deaths are really enough for your selfish greed?”


Finally, his voice rose in a shout. It was far more powerful than all of the voices from before combined.


“T-there’s nothing we could do about that. Our family has been poor from quite a long time ago…”


“We never expected this disaster! Didn’t Prince Alfred just say that he didn’t expect it to happen either?”


“As for the question of preparing for an unpredictable disaster. Well, taking a hundred steps back, even if no disaster had happened, all of you would still suffer the same punishment.”


Bern responded calmly.




“Just like we said before, you committed a crime. You didn’t realize that the golden coins were false and exchanged them for goods, and didn’t bother to keep them in closed quarters, instead enabling them to flow through the market and endangering the national market with potential chaos.”


“Something like that…!”


“Even worse than anything else, though, is the fact that we’re in a truce…yet you still committed treason with an enemy country.”


The last sentence he said was rather quiet.


…But it resounded through everyone’s hearts.




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