Chapter 210 Reunion 3


“…There was something more I wished to say. I ask this of you: will you listen to my request?”


His tone suddenly changed.


“Ah…your majesty, no need to be so polite. What is it you have to ask me?”


“Would it be possible for those who guide my nation to attend the high academy within Duke Armenia’s territory, to further their studies?”


So this was his point. I couldn’t help but laugh internally.


“…Your majesty, my lowly opinion is that ruling a nation and ruling a territory are two completely distinct matters. Even if they lowered themselves to attend the academy, whether or not it might actually help them in their duties, I…”


“Precisely because in the future we are promoting an attempt rule from kingdom to territory, it’s of the essence that we learn the ways of ruling a territory…at the same time, I of course hope that we learn much more from your academy than simply ruling over a territory. Concerning those other subjects, I think that it would be quite beneficial to learn them.”


“…I see. Yet at the same time I must report something to you, your majesty…there are not enough instructors in our humble academy, and therefore we might not have enough resources to handle the members of your cabinet.”


“You need not worry. This is not the first time I have sent all my people to your territory. I plan to imitate your exchange rituals, so I think there should be no issue…of course, if I could hazard to send my subordinates in in the form of a study program, that would be even better.”


“I understand. Then, concerning the issue of people who are sent out and what they will study…I would burden your majesty to please discuss the details with the academy itself.”


“…Thank you very much.”


“Again, about that, please also reach out to Bern in the future to discuss such matters. Not long in the future, he will become the leader of this territory.”


“…Are you saying that you really plan to give up the position of territory leader?”


“Precisely so. After all, I am but a woman. In the near future, I will be marrying away.”


Without a second thought, the words slipped from my mouth.


In my mind, all of this was something that had already been decided…it was only that my emotions as the subject of this whole incident still lagged behind reality.


That’s why I said the words so casually.


And that was the line that made his whole body quake.


“…You are saying that you, really plan to accept this?”


His expression was unbelievably serious as he issued the question to me.


I also felt something stir inside of me. As the first prince…no, he was already certain to become king at this point, of course he had to know about this.


Why, then, was I treating the whole thing like my own personal opportunity to wrap things up?


“…Exactly so.”


I thought hard, so hard…but in the end, I couldn’t think of anything I should hide from him. My response to him was words squeezed out of my mouth.


“I see…”


That was all he said to my response.


He didn’t argue, or negotiate…as if he were just purely reacting to the words, passively.


Those same words to me, sounded like affirmation.


At the same time, I felt the dull jolt of shock…being like this felt unbelievably pathetic.


…Why was I so capricious?


I was the one who had caused all of this, yet at the same time I felt such a deep sense of tragedy…I was angry at this version of myself.


Some part of me, deep inside, had hoped that he would open his mouth to ask me to stay.


Perhaps he would…perhaps he needed me.


These shallow thoughts in my own mind made me nauseous.


“Is something the matter?”


It was the second time someone had asked about my wellbeing in this meeting.


I was talking with the first prince over tea. This proved that I was far too relaxed.


“I’m so sorry…your majesty, do you have anything else to discuss with me?”




“I must ask for your forgiveness. Recently, I’ve suffered some physical discomfort…I was hoping that you would please excuse me and perhaps let me exit for now.”


After ending the conversation so suddenly, I stood up.


Bowing once more to him, I fled the scene.



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