Chapter 211 Romance


…Why was I like this. I reproached myself.


Had I learned nothing from the whole incident with Prince Edward?


Seemed like love turned people stupid after all.


Not only that, it only encouraged you to fall further, until you became embroiled within and couldn’t escape.


…At the same time, you hoped that the other party would become just like this, just like you…no, hopefully even worse.


Hoping that your whole being would soak into their every fiber of existence, so that they were so fascinated with you that they felt like they were suffocating.


Yes, pray. Pray like that. A selfish prayer that had no regard for the other person’s thoughts or anything else.


Even now, things were still like that. I couldn’t help but hope for my own behalf that this might happen, while also growing frustrated when things didn’t go my own way.


…I was like a child throwing a temper tantrum because I couldn’t have a beloved toy.


Turning around, I suddenly realized that Tanya had been trailing behind me quietly for a while now.


Probably from when I left on my own accord, she had been following me the whole time.


She had said nothing, simply tracing my steps.


When we had walked from the depths of the garden closer to the exit, I suddenly stopped in my steps.


Even though my heart had been shrouded in a heavy atmosphere the whole time, my chest felt unusually light.


I couldn’t help but reach toward my own chest.


…It was gone!


The pocket watch that I wore almost every single moment aside from occasional dinner parties where I wore low-cut evening dresses had somehow disappeared.


Realizing this, I felt all the blood in my body run backwards, everything spinning around me.




Seeing that I had suddenly stopped and my expression contorting, Tanya couldn’t help but speak up to ask after me.


“Tanya, I’m sorry, but I seem to have forgotten something. Could you please help me retrieve it?”




“Please. It’s something that I don’t want to lose, no matter what. But I really can’t go back…I’ll wait for you here, please.”


It was rare that I made myself so vulnerable in front of someone else. I was aware of that too.


But to me, this was just that important. Especially now.


“…I understand. Please wait here, I’ll go fetch it.”


Although she still looked unwilling to leave me…in the end she couldn’t argue with me and had to say yes.




That’s how I sent her off, watching her leave while I waited here for her to come back.


On the other hand, I let my hands wander to my throat again, like it was an old habit I couldn’t hope to break.


…Dammit. Even now, I was still hanging on.


Even if I got the pocket watch back, so what…? Trying to cling to the memory of those happy days would only make me feel even worse at this point.


While my thoughts roamed, I let my gaze wander about the walkway before me.


That’s when I sensed someone approaching me.


Originally my first thought was that Tanya had returned quite quickly. But the person who appeared in front of me, was Dean.


Why…before I could open my mouth to ask, he had grabbed my hand and started to walk.


I was so shocked by his unusually strong demeanor that I couldn’t even think straight.


Only when he pulled me into an empty room nearby did he let my hand go.



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