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Chapter 223 Scheming


“Old man, cheer up. War has begun.”


“Ah, so the Towair Kingdom has finally acted. We’ve been looking forward to this for so long. They’re quite slow, aren’t they.”


With a calm expression, the old man made his complaints.


“The situation isn’t a monolith on their side either. Some of them are trying to reverse the failure of the past and have their revenge, some are stubbornly fighting for wealth through invasion, and others think that compared to raising taxes for military use, it’s better to follow the tactics that will enrich their own country. Either way, their goals are all the same in the end, and there will no doubt be sacrifice. The only difference is what’s sacrificed.”


“Heh…the war has already begun and there’s still so much internal dissent. They really are laid back.”


“Indeed. But even knowing that the Towair Kingdom has acted is valuable to me. In two or three more days, Father will hear the news too. From then on, my diligent elder brother and the general’s faction will start to react.”


I took the goblet that the old man–Hafis–was offering me. Hafis Bante Marsed–the name I had given to Duke Armenia’s family was actually the old man’s name.


“Those obfuscating idiots have finally disappeared. How refreshing.”


“But Sir, even though I can’t predict the future…they will no doubt be successful. I can’t imagine what the scene will be at the frontlines.”


“I’m sure they took the format of volunteer military. The bait was none other than the Duke Armenia’s territory. Long ago rumors spread–Father has always been obsessed with that territory, and was willing to grant anyone who managed to capture it incredible rewards. In fact, my father is always on the hunt for new territories, and he’s quite fond of the exports from that land. Isn’t it quite a realistic bit of intel?”




“That, and the fact that everyone has information on Duke Armenia’s territory…Those greedy ones are all after a land with incredible wealth.”


“…So who was it that let out that intel?”


I laughed at the old man’s amusing question.


He seemed already to have an educated guess on the matter. Seeing me burst into laughter, he responded in kind.


“Indeed, plenty of people fantasize about being the ones to capture such a rich land. Perhaps they would be the ones to rule the territory in the future!”


“Even so, they’d still be stepping into a trap. It’s for the best. In the time that they disappear, I’ll have the best opportunity…to eliminate Father and take the throne for myself.”


“Sir, please be careful. Although I’m the only one here at the moment, I can’t say what kind of spies hide within the palace. It’s best to be cautious as possible..”


“You’re quite right. But if you’ve confirmed that there’s no one else present, there can’t be anything wrong.”


The old man smiled softly.


“Father is greedy to the extreme. My brother wants nothing more than to follow and mimic him. The greedy generals all demonstrate their martial power, showing off at the top level of this nation. Everywhere I look, desire, desire, desire. It’s no wonder that smoke signals are going off everywhere in the country. In our current state, we can’t laugh at Tasmeria or the Towair Kingdom for their follies.”


The Acacia Kingdom has always claimed pride in its sprawling territories and rich natural resources.


It runs on a different system than Tasmeria. Each territory isn’t managed by a separate leader, but directly by the royals.


In other words, the king had far greater power.


If a wise king took the throne, the nation would be incredibly powerful. But on the other hand, a tyrant on the throne could easily become a tragedy.


“Father used to be a king of the people too. The records prove that much. But as time went on, the burden ruined him…and now he only listens to the words of flatterers. That’s why this country is split.”


“Perhaps it’s not so different between the different kingdoms. Just like an overly large fruit hanging from the tree will eventually rot from the inside and fall to the ground.”




“That’s why you are everyone’s hope, Prince Marsed. Please, I wish for nothing but your health and prosperity.”


“We still come back to the same topic after all, huh.”


“Yes. In my opinion, we need to be wary of small details ruining our larger plan in a crucial moment.


“…I really am no match for you, old man.”


Fear and trepidation possessed the old man as he lowered his head.


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