Chapter 224 Scheming Part 2


“Speaking of which, the mysterious Prince Alfred has appeared.”


“Yes. Originally I thought that the other prince beneath him would be able to mess around a while longer…it’s quite a hard-to-watch conclusion. We even sent guards and spies to look after him and ensure he didn’t lose his life right away.”


“It just goes to show how outstanding the first prince’s subordinates are.”


“After all this ends, it wouldn’t be so bad to meet with the opposition.”


The old man poured coffee into a cup on the stand. The aroma spread through the room.


“Still, I can’t understand. I remember back when we left Duke Armenia’s territory you mentioned not knowing which side will be the one to fall in the end.”


“If the Tasmeria Kingdom loses to the Towair Kingdom, even they won’t be able to win. A duke’s family can’t stand against two countries at the same time. Even so, listen up, old man. No matter what the outcome of this war is, it doesn’t matter to me. If we want to achieve my goals, those people are nothing but an obstacle. Other than them, even the undesirables in this nation will be allowed to move forward with me.”


Like I couldn’t help myself, I smiled.


“The longer they’re out of this country, the more smoothly our plan to bring this country into my hands will work.”


“But if we do lose, won’t we lose out in terms of wealth and politics in the future?”


“No, just let those who carried out the invasion shoulder the responsibility. Those greedy ones seem to have significant wealth backing them up.”


“I see.”


“But if it’s just those guys they’ll probably lose very quickly. If there’s a decisive conclusion to the battle too soon, those who survive will come home quickly. That’s why I need to act out, in a few small ways.”


“Heh…Prince Majid acting out, huh? That’s quite something…”


Before I could explain, the old man smiled in exasperation.


Although it wasn’t quite dissatisfaction, his reaction was almost akin to scolding me silently. It made me uncomfortable.


“What’s wrong, old man…”


“No, I was just thinking that in the future Miss Iris will have to work quite hard.”


“What are you talking about? My future beloved wife isn’t weak enough to be defeated by something like this.”


The old man looked shocked.


From my perspective, his reaction was more surprising.


“Are you fond of Miss Iris?”


“If not I wouldn’t have asked for her hand. What, old man, did you think I was kidding?”


“No, no. I thought you were doing so from a political standpoint. Forcing a lady you favor to the point of desperation isn’t really something that most would do.”


“As I just said, she’s not nearly weak enough to be defeated by something like this. Politically…hm, perhaps that’s a consideration too. But if it were only for that, there would be other better choices, and no reason for me to specifically pursue a woman who’s an ocean away.”


“Indeed. Please excuse me for my insubordination, my prince. What is it about Miss Iris that drew you in?”


I had only met her in person once. The time when I had secretly visited her territory.


Other than that, there were a few times when I pretended to be part of our national inspection team and managed to catch a glimpse of her.


“When Duke Armenia’s territory was becoming increasingly wealthy, I took it upon myself to research the land, and learned about her existence. In the beginning I thought the whole thing might be a joke…it was quite an exaggerated incident. But when I reached the scene, I learned the truth. She was indeed an important presence: wise, kind, the kind of woman to stand by a king. Other than that, she is quite beautiful as well. Is it so strange to want such a woman?”


“I see…”


As if he had trouble accepting this, the old man made an odd expression.


“Speaking of which, old man. Duke Armenia’s territory is currently independently carrying out the production of silk.”


When hearing what I had to say next, the old man’s expression changed quite a bit.




The words I’d said had such an impact on him.


“Our production method is a highly guarded secret. How…”


“Who knows? I don’t. She figured it out herself, or perhaps found out the information from somewhere else, or one of her talented subordinates dug out the truth. No matter where she learned it from, it means that she has quite an intelligent team. In other words, she’s a force to be reckoned with, one who is admired as leader by so many talented individuals.”


“Indeed. I must change my preconceptions as well.”


Satisfied by the old man’s words, I sipped on my coffee again.


“Although the meeting was short, it was more than enough for me to know that her path thus far is not a lie or exaggeration.”


“…I see. But if that’s the case, doesn’t that mean we have even more reason to push her to the ends of her means?”


“Old man, have you forgotten? Everything has been set into motion already. When answering to the Towair Kingdom’s proposal, no matter how much I opposed everything, my father has no intention to stop. We already have no power and no time left. And just as I said…she’s been walking a rocky path this whole time, and will not be defeated at this. My greatest regret is that I won’t be able to see the moment those determined, soulful eyes are finally shrouded in darkness.”


When I spoke that last line, for some reason the old man’s expression was stiff for a moment. Then, as if nothing had happened, he smiled gently.


“Well then, the Tasmeria Kingdom will have to work harder. No matter how much Duke Armenia’s daughter works on her own, if the whole country loses the war then as a noble of a losing country, she will have difficulty playing the part of a queen.”




“So Prince Majid, what did you mean by ‘acting out’?”



“Hm? Just reusing what we’ve already used.”






“Think about it. In the past didn’t that vixen from the Towair Kingdom lash out against Duke Armenia’s territory? I just think it’s a bit of a waste, so I intend to use what we’ve left behind with that whole ordeal—so we can force those messy, brainless idiots into conflict once again.”



Just saying the words was enough to make me excited for the future. I smiled.


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