Chapter 249 Farewell


What a fool…


I couldn’t help but laugh.


Why was he so absolutely pure. He was nothing like a member of royalty.


Of course, that’s why I chose him as a target when infiltrating the royal family.


If he’d thought even a little harder he would’ve understood. He no longer has a position in this palace.


Any possibility of him becoming king has been shot through.


The only people approaching him right now had also lost their own positions. All they were doing now was staring at him as he bled out.


The first prince’s status was solid as rock.


That he could gain a complete understanding of the palace was shocking.


Trying to seize the throne back under these circumstances…although it wasn’t completely impossible, it was near impossible.


He was an idiot for ever believing them, but the people who rescued him were too.


No, I was a big idiot too.


Divan was never going to come back to help me.


The first prince’s people were scattered throughout the palace. There was no chance for Towair Kingdom spies to remain hidden.


Several people had already been discovered and arrested.


Under these circumstances, he would never send anyone to save me. He wouldn’t do something so useless.


And yet I still trusted in that possibility, even as it approached zero.


I was nothing but an idiot too.


If swords were pointed at me here, I had no other option but death.


But dying here wasn’t bad either.


I had no regrets. Perhaps I was still dissatisfied, but there was nothing I could do about that at this juncture. I was tired.


Tired of living.


And yet he…Edward, protected me.


Over himself, he chose me.


His intentions were enough to move me.


No one had helped me like that before.


Nobody wanted to protect me.


My mother was consumed by her lost love, hatred of her own position. She had no time for my existence.


Father had easily cast aside my mother and her love for him, and returned when he saw my usefulness.


Divan…even though he taught me skills to survive, he only approached me to use me.


But only Edward…only he hadn’t abandoned me in these final moments. Only he protected me.


Why in the world? This was a stupid question.


He had said the words, over and over. “I love you.”


He wanted to “spend the rest of our lives together”, so he needed to protect me.


Everytime I heard this, I’d always shake my head at it.


It was no use, he’d end up abandoning me anyways when I had lost my utility.


But I was wrong.


He really had given up his life for me.


The moment I realized that, something warm entered my heart.


“Idiot…you really are an idiot.” I said with a laugh.


All the same, tears streamed freely from my eyes.


Bending over, I grabbed his hands tightly.




These were the last breaths that escaped him. He smiled one last time as his breath gave out.


“What an idiot.”


His hands suddenly became heavy. I could do nothing but hold them still.


And then in that moment, a woman who didn’t fit into this place at all appeared.


Seeing her materialize from the wall, the two middle-aged knights were absolutely shocked.


“Good to see you again, Yuri Noir.”


Ignoring them, she greeted me.


But I ignored her, holding his hands tightly, refusing to look toward her.


Finally she seemed to give up. After a long breath, she moved away.



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