Chapter 250 Farewell Part 2


“Even under arrest, Edward was still a member of royalty. Harming royalty is quite a heavy crime. I hope you don’t think you can just escape like that?”


Lady Letticia’s smile was oddly warm.


All the color drained from the three men’s faces.


“I, I was just invited here…!”


“Me too!”


The two knights fought to escape, but were stopped by Ludy.


“Get out of my way!”


They unsheathed their swords, and Ludy did the same quietly.


“Lady Letticia,” he said. A question without theme.


And yet Lady Letticia seemed to understand what he meant and nodded with a smile.


“Yes, milady.”


Ludy took a step toward them.


Dealing them each a blow, he felled the two knights in two swoops.


It was a staggering win, more than enough to show the difference in power.


Lady Letticia’s expression didn’t even change. She just watched the whole thing happen in silence.


Yuri didn’t seem to care at all.


The one who reacted most strongly was the middle-aged man who had been standing behind Edward.


Finally realizing the gravity of the situation, he curled up, shuddering.


“W-why, would you, milady…?”


“Ah, I didn’t come onto the scene until after you were imprisoned at home. And yet you know who I am?”


The expression on her face was that of a child playing a prank.


“Just kidding. But why? I know why you came here today.”


“W-wha…!” The man wore a complete look of shock.


“I’ve had an eye on your movements for a while now. I just chose to let it slip for the time being.”


“So then, you knew things would turn out like this…?”


“Not at all. I didn’t realize this brother of mine would protect Yuri. On the other hand, it does make thing easier. Ludy, arrest him and take him away.”




“Don’t worry about my protection. We’re the only ones here. Just come back for me when he’s in jail.”


“Yes, milady.”


Ludy calmly grabbed the man, mid-breakdown, and took him away from the tower.


The only ones left there were the dead Prince Edward and Yuri, who sat by him.


And Lady Letticia, who was confused but could only watch from the side.


“Just now.”


Yuri spoke quietly.


“Just now, you said it was easier this way. Were you already planning to put Edward to death?”


“Hm. I thought you already treated this brother as nothing more than a utility?”




Yuri’s face contorted.


“Please give me a real answer!”


“Don’t you think that even if I did nothing, you’d still be gotten rid of? But yes, I admit I did want those people to take on the blame so we could get rid of him.”


Lady Letticia’s cold words left Yuri in shock.


“Why? Isn’t he your brother?”


“Even though we’ve only met once and never spoken…you are right.”


“Then why…?!”


“Because it was necessary.”


Lady Letticia’s words were like a cold splash of water to Yuri as she grew more agitated.


“If I let him live, he would only become the root of more trouble. More people like the man just now would appear, looking to push him to the throne. Right now, our country doesn’t have the capacity for more internal chaos. Yuri, didn’t you want this country to be destroyed? You never cared how much bloodshed had to happen for your goals anyways.”


“I’m nothing like you! You sacrificed your own family!”


“Yes. But I’m a royal. If it’s necessary to protect this country, I will become a vengeful demon.”




“Sorry for the wait, Lady Letticia.”


Ludy had returned with several knights in tow.


“Ah, seems like we’ve still got time to spare.”


“I handed him off to the guards and came back”


“Is that so. Take Yuri back to her prison, and take care of Brother.”


“Yes, milady.”


“Bern, Ludy, I’ll be going back. Best to you, Yuri.”


Yuri seemed to be saying something.


But Lady Letticia turned around before she could hear anything.


Ludy and I followed suit.


Clack clack clack. Our footsteps rang through the tower while we descended down the stairs.


Unlike when we arrived, no one spoke now.


“Lady Letticia.” I made up my mind to initiate conversation.


“What is it, Bern?”


“Prince Alfred knew this would happen. Is that why he handed things off to you?”


“Yes and no.”


Her response left me scratching my head.


“Brother only wanted them to show themselves so he could handle them when he came back. He only wanted them to be placed under arrest. It was my own idea to get rid of this brother of mine. After all, with him on the battlefield we need to lower our risk of chaos in the palace.”




She laughed, although she sounded troubled.


“Why do you ask? Are you afraid of me?”


Walking down the stairs, we exited the tower.


In stark contrast with the gloomy atmosphere inside, it was bright and beautiful outside.


But the atmosphere among us was no different from that inside the tower.


“I just wanted to know. Why you made a decision that would make you clamp down and bleed”


She raised her hand in surprise.


Seemed like she hadn’t even realized.


From the palm of her hand, blood was dripping down.


Surprised, Ludy grabbed cloth to wrap her hands up and stop the bleeding.


“Why must you put yourself in such pain?”


She didn’t respond to my question at first.


Eventually, as if mocking herself, she opened her trembling lips.


“I can’t let myself feel pain.”


Her soft words rang out clearer than ever.


“It was my decision to act, my responsibility, my burden. Feeling pain feels like escaping a burden I should carry for myself.”


“Since you’ve chosen this path. Does that mean you’ll continue to choose the same way?”


“Yes. With how far we’ve come, I can’t stop here. The road ahead will be thorny, but…”


Her lips pressed shut.


“If only this could be the end. Of situations where my hand is forced. I’m not regretting anything though.”


A sad smile flickered onto her face.


“Ludy. Please bury that brother of mine with great honors.”


“Is that the right course?”


“We don’t need to draw attention. That man’s testimony will be enough to notify others of his death. It’s just a moment of self-satisfaction for me.”


“No. If you’d punished him even further, everyone would fear you. This, I think, is a better choice. Although it may look naive, I’m happy to receive such an order from you.”


“Is that the case. Then thank you.”


“Yes, milady.”


After Lady Letticia returned to her own room, Ludy left immediately to carry out her orders.


She looked exhausted as she sunk into a nearby chair.


“Need me to get anything for you?”


I asked, concerned.


“No, not now.”


After refusing my request, she sighed heavily.


“To you this must be a difficult question. Let me know if you don’t want to answer. How do you feel about his death?”


“I thought a lot. It was a long time…and yet now it seems short. The time we spent together.”


I spoke my thoughts as clearly as I could.


“Just as you said. If possible, I’d rather not suffer through circumstances like that again. At that time…if there was something different, if there was something I could change, perhaps things would’ve been different.”


Saying this, I couldn’t help but laugh mockingly at myself.


“We ended up taking a different path, although not according to my own choice. No, it was only because I was lucky. The people in my family were forgiving enough to show me the true breadth of this world. If they hadn’t, I would have ended up like that too.”




“I’m filled with compassion and regret. But I won’t let myself stop either. Just enjoying my fortune feels like escaping from my own sins. My existence is only in serving the country.”


She said this with her eyes closed.


“Well then, I will ask again. Are you walking the same path as I am?


“Well then, I will answer again. As long as you walk the path of serving the country from the bottom of your heart.”


She smiled gently at my response.


“I see. All in all, let’s get back to work.”

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