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Counterattack – Chapter 32 – Treatment And Revival





Lian Hua worked hard for a long time, and finally regained a few abilities in the body. He had to ensure that his injuries would not worsen, so he began to call Lian Yu.


“Master, don’t shout anymore. I am tired!” Lian Yu finally replied weakly after Lian Hua shouted for God-knows-how-long.


“Yu’Er, are you okay? Where are you now?” Lian Hua hurriedly showed care to his little companion.


“I’m inside your body now.” Lian Yu suddenly said something shocking.


“In my body? How did you get in? In my stomach or my head?”


“Master! You have no common sense! I am in your Dan Tian (in English, it’s more precisely the tummy area where the Qi is concentrated), and I control your life!” Lian Yu was a bit pissed off.


Lian Hua, “…” He never really cultivated, how would he know?


In order not to stimulate the feelings of Yu’Er, Lian Hua decided to change the topic, “how did you save me that day?”


“Hey!” Lian Yu’s voice suddenly raised. “Master, how could you not know? The woman who always looks for trouble is really awful! After the big snake photographed you, she even stopped anyone from saving you. She said that it’s too dangerous in the water; their team can no longer afford any accidents. She’d gone too far! If I had not got into your body in time, and I hadn’t grown a lot of mushrooms to wrap you, you would have eaten alive by the monsters in the water already!”


“About the Pig’s foot…no, what about Xia Zhi?” Lian Hua was getting nervous, “did he send someone to save me then?”


“The Pig’s foot…” Lian Yu paused. “He was exhausted at that time!”


Lian Hua finally breathed a sigh of relief. He didn’t want to hear about how nonchalant Xia Zhi was, or about him not willing to save him, as that would prove that all his recent efforts had gone into vain.


“Where are we now?” Lian Hua then asked.


“We were rushed downstream to the water. I don’t know where we are now; anyway, it is far from Kyoto.”


“I see!” Lian Hua said thoughtfully.


“Lian Yu! I want to be stronger! I want to become stronger than Xia Zhi! And stronger than everyone! As long as I am stronger than them, who dares to set me up?  Jiang Siyu dares to set me up, and that’s because I’m not strong enough, isn’t it?” Lian Hua clenched his fist.


“Master, is that really what you intend to do?”


“Of course! This powerless feeling is really terrible! Lian Yu, can you help me? You must have a solution!” Lian Hua was very nervous.


“Of course!” Lian Yu was very proud. “I am a mushroom that has lived for a long time. There must be a way. But, prepare for the worst.”


“I am not afraid of hard work. The water-wood system’s ability is biased to assistance. As long as there is a strong attack, it can’t go wrong!”


“Okay! Let’s start after Master recovers! Hey! I really miss Da Bai! I’m not sure if he worries about me? Or is he missing me? Aww, I haven’t seen him in one day, but it feels like a few months already! Da Bai, Da Bai, you have to wait for me!”


Lian Hua, “…”


They were just discussing over something serious, and Lian Yu suddenly broke the serious atmosphere. Lian Hua burst into tears. If only Lian Yu were outside, he might as well squeeze and flatten it!


“Wait!” Lian Hua suddenly thought of a critical matter, “Lian Yu, I want to practice cultivation!”


“Cultivation?” Lian Yu felt a bit strange, “why do you need to do that?”


“Someone with ultra-capabilities can at most live for a few decades more than an ordinary human being. Think about it, when you and Xia Zhi are still happily living, I’ll grow to be an old man, or even dead. Isn’t that ridiculous?”


Lian Yu, “…”


After half a minute…


“Hey! Master! I feel sorry for you! I’ve forgotten about such important stuff! Oh…Master, are you going to die? Please don’t…” Lian Yu started crying while yelling. And Lian Hua could feel that something in his forehead was jumping up and down.


“Shut up! Lao Zi is still alive, wait for his death to cry!” Lian Hua wanted to boil Lian Yu to the soup at this point.


“Yes… oh… oh… oh…you’re alive!” Lian Yu started to burp.


Lian Hua, “…”


Why did he think his cute pet was too unreliable? The future was worrying! Lian Hua always felt that he’d have bad luck in the future.


“Big brother! Are you okay? You look awful.” The little girl looked worried.


Lian Hua suddenly remembered that there was still a little girl taking care of him! He probably looked too worried and scared the little girl.

“Nothing, nothing.” Lian Hua tried to pull an ugly smile at the little girl.


“Big brother, are you hungry? But my brother hasn’t come back yet. I don’t have food now.” The little girl was embarrassed.


“No, I am not hungry.” Afterward, Lian Hua’s stomach started making a sound.


Lian Hua, “…” what a shame!


Little girl, “…”


“Big brother, I am still going out to find something to eat for you!”


The little girl got up and wanted to go.


“Wait!” Lian Hua hurriedly stopped her. How could he let such a little girl find food for himself?


Lian Hua moved his fingers, luckily his fingers were fine, he touched his clothes’ pocket, and the things in his small pocket were still there. The brother and sister who saved him did not take away his belongings.


Lianhua took out a few white radish seeds, which gave birth to a few trees, and he put a few water balls in a small pot on the ground. As he was still in a state of serious injury, he could only do so much.


“Big brother, you are so powerful! You are really ultra-capable!” The little girl saw the water and the radish, and she was excited. “Great, I don’t need to starve today! My brother must be thrilled.”


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