Lian Hua also smiled, and he instantly felt a tremendous pain in his chest, and he immediately stopped.


“Cook the radish and eat it!” Lian Hua commanded.


“Yeah, big brother, my name is He Yu, my brother is He Xu, you can call me Xiao Yuu.”


“Xiao Yuu, where is this place?” Lian Hua finally asked.


“Here is He Family Village, but it was taken over by a group of people with ultra-capabilities, and we can only live on the periphery.” He Yu seemed depressed.


“What about your brother?” Lian Hua saw the mood of the little girl, and he changed the topic.


“Brother and a lot of people went to farm together. We are just ordinary people. We can only do some manual work to survive.” When He Yu mentioned about her brother, she was with a full smile. It’s apparent that she was close to her brother.


Lian Hua stopped asking, even if he knew where he was, he couldn’t find his way back! He’s not good at directions anyway!


It had been several months since the apocalypse. Humans supposed to evolve have gone through their evolutions, systems which were supposed to be developed have already been established, and there has already a prototype of the future generation base. This He Family Village was exactly a micro base for this model, the people with ultra-capabilities had occupied the center of it, and pushed the ordinary human beings to the periphery. This was done because they wanted to have a shield for future attacks from outside, or to drive ordinary people to serve them.


He Yu started to cut the radish and began to boil the soup. After Lian Hua and Lian Yu talked some more, he started the treatment for himself.



“Boss! I have been looking for him for three days! Old Bai, perhaps…” Xia Xingwen hesitated, “perhaps, he’s no longer alive.”


Xia Zhi stood by the river, and he didn’t have any expressions on his face.


“Boss, it has been delayed for too long, our itinerary has been affected, Kyoto needs us…” Xia Xingwen simply couldn’t continue anymore. He thought that his boss was like a bomb on the verge of explosion. It made him talk on eggshells.


“Has the reason been found?” Xia Zhi finally spat out a few cold words.


“Something seemed to have triggered the zombie riot. It was too confusing at that time. No one has an idea how the mutant python suddenly became mad, and how it hurt Old Bai…” Xia Xingwen stopped again.


“Do you know who it is? I don’t believe you can’t even find this.”


“It is Jiang Siyu of the operations team. She is the most suspected, but I just don’t know how she did it. At that time, she also persuaded the players who were present not to save Old Bai.” Xia Xingwen bowed his head and tried to defend himself. “At that time. Awu surrounded me, and I didn’t know what happened. Later, I had to appease the survivors, and to take care of you, who were unconscious at that time. When I noticed that Old Bai was gone, half a day had gone too. I immediately send someone to find him, but he’s nowhere to be found.”


“Jiang Siyu, huh?” Xia Zhi clenched his fist. “He’s a hopeless fool! How could he be stupid enough to be set up by a woman? Utterly useless.”


Xia Xingwen tried to narrow his sense of existence, and the awful Xia Xingwu actually let him face the boss’s anger alone, he would never show a friendly face to Xia Xingwu again!


Xia Zhi closed his eyes and took a sigh of relief. “We will go to Kyoto first. It will not be so easy for that idiot to die. We will do the serious business first. And we’ll send a few people to look for him downstream. If there’s no news after one month, they can retrieve.”


Xia Zhi rubbed his eyebrows and sighed with exhaustion. Da Bai ran from a distance and snorted a few times against Xia Zhi.


Xia Xingwen looked at Da Bai as if he’d seen the savior. Da Bai finally returned after three days!


After listening to Da Bai, Xia Zhi actually laughed a few times, Xia Xingwen suddenly felt that spring is here! It proved that Old Bai was alright!


“Boss…” Xia Xingwen sounded weak, “what did Da Bai say?”


“It was said that he’d smelled Lian Yu, and they’re right, it’s just that they are nowhere to be found. There’s no need to send people downstream to look for him.” Xia Zhi waved his hand, Da Bai became smaller and jumped on his shoulder.


“Lian Yu?” Xia Xingwen did not know who Lian Yu was. Lian Yu only showed himself in front of Xia Zhi and Da Bai.


“It’s just an idiotic pet.” Xia Zhi felt much better, and was much more willing to answer the stupid question of Xia Xingwen.


Xia Xingwen, “…”


Wasn’t it true that Lao Bai only had a mutant pitcher plant called cage? When did this Lian Yu appear? However, he dared not ask any further.


“Boss, then do we have to look for Old Bai elsewhere?”


“Let him be. He’ll come back himself.” Xia Zhi seemed to be full of confidence that Lian Hua would soon catch up. Unfortunately, Xia Zhi could foresee the thought of Lian Hua. He didn’t understand the pattern of his actions. Xia Zhi even overestimated the ability of Lian Hua to find his way back. That’s why he’d been waiting for so long, and Lian Hua still hadn’t returned.  He even bothered Mr. Pig’s foot to catch him.


“Yes, boss, and what should we do with Jiang Siyu? Are you going to…” Xia Xingwen made a gesture of wiping the neck.


“There’s no need to.” Xia Zhi sneered. “Wait for that idiot to come back, and he’ll do it himself. We leave her for now.”




“Get ready, and we’ll go.”




“Secretary Xia Zhi,” Jiang Siyu chased him from behind. “Are we leaving? Aren’t you going to keep looking?” Jiang Siyu’s eyes were red. It looked like she was sad because of someone.


Xia Xingwen tried to show no facial expressions. He only answered “um” to Jiang Siyu.


Jiang Siyu was so anxious that she almost crushed her teeth. “Secretary Xia Zhi, I didn’t let people get into the water to look for him, as I saw that everybody was heavily injured. I really didn’t do it on purpose.” Jiang Siyu looked pitiful, but Xia Xingwen didn’t accept it. Moreover, he already knew about the truth. Since his boss wanted Old Bai to “solve the issue” of this woman, he just had to pretend to not know about anything.


“Okay.” Afterward, Xia Xingwen walked away, leaving Jiang Siyu who’s still anxious, and with her face twisted.

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