Counterattack of a White Lotus that was Reborn into an Apocalypse

Chapter 35 (Part 1) – Strange power and catching flesh


Lian Hua and his friends were running away, and at this moment, Lian Yu was already been liberated from Lian Hua’s body, it was now staying in the arms of He Yuu quietly and enjoying a teenage girl’s gentle touch. Even though Lian Hua couldn’t see the little mushroom’s face, he could almost imagine how “seductive” it’s trying to look now, and he wanted to slap it even more.


There’s someone who got pissed off even more easily than Lian Hua, and that’s Zhao Xiaolong who’d restored his spirit to fight. “I’ve gotta beat down the damn mistress who seduced my father!” And this happened to be the boldest slogan of Zhao Xiaolong. Even when Lian Hua wanted to ask, “are you sure that it’s not your dad who seduced the girl?”, when considering that Zhao Xiaolong wasn’t feeling very stable, he ushered this question back to his stomach.


Zhao Xiaolong, with his fierce-looking eyes, stared at the mushroom twisting in the arms of He Yuu. Lian Hua thought that if it’s possible, Zhao Xiaolong might as well roast Lian Yu and eat it.


“Okay, let’s find a safe place to rest first. It’s better to find a car, if there’s no car, then a bicycle would do. Look around and see if you find any.” Lian Hua saw that the three people had already used up all their energy, and he decided to take a break.


Lian Hua made several human-shaped haystacks in the shack of the He Village. If one didn’t go in, he couldn’t tell whether it was a real person or not. Anyway, he just had to wait for some more time. When they went a bit far away, big brother Jin wouldn’t look for them. After that, they secretly climbed out of the wall outside He Village before dawn, and started their trip to the Huayang Base.


The plants on the roadside have grown wildly, and the highway was almost messed up. There were quite a lot of abandoned cars on the road. It’s actually a pity, they were either broken or running out of petrol. Even if there’s petrol, the road wasn’t ideal for driving either. When Lian Hua said that he was looking for a car to cheer himself up, he might as well say that he’s looking for a bicycle.


“Brother Lian,” Zhao Xiaolong couldn’t help but start talking, “pay attention to your mushroom!” After that, he picked up Lian Yu, who “thanked” Zhao Xiaolong with a blow, giving him a black eye. Lian Hua suddenly remembered that when he saw Lian Yu the first time, he was given a pair of black eyes as well.


“Ohhh…I’m going to kill you!” Zhao Xiaolong went chasing Lian Yu madly.


“Come, come! Get me, you idiot! Moron, you can’t catch me, you can’t catch me!” While Liao Yu was twisting and turning like a slut, it was spitting offensive words, making Zhao Xiaolong want to hit it even more. Unfortunately, only Lian Hua could hear what it’s saying, but anyone seeing Lian Yu twisting like that could easily figure out what it’s trying to do.


“Don’t run. Stay there.” Zhao Xiaolong was still chasing it, and Lian Yu was still seducing it in the front, making him run in circles like a fool, even Lian Hua started to have a headache now.


“Brother Xiao Long, don’t bully Xiao Yu’er, see, it’s so cute.” He Yuu tried to speak for Lian Yu.


“Cute, cute my a**!” Zhao Xiaolong shouted, “this evil and disgusting mushroom is rolling on your breasts, and you’re saying that it’s cute?” He even roared the last sentence.


Lian Hua, “…” how could a 12-year-old girl have breasts?


A vine suddenly scooped out from Zhao Xiaolong’s feet and tied it around Zhao Xiaolong’s ankle, dragging Zhao Xiaolong away.


“Brother Xiaolong!” He Yuu shouted, and when she was going to chase along, Lian Hua caught He Yuu.


“It’s okay, it’s a plant that has just mutated, and Zhao Xiaolong can solve this issue.” Lianhua calmly explained, “see, even your brother isn’t anxious.” Lian Hua pointed at He Xu.


The old God He Xu was playing with a small insect on his finger, which was crawling around on his hands, and it’s being very obedient. Of course, if you don’t take the insect’s kind into consideration, then it’s just a mutant, highly toxic wasp. It’s incredibly cruel and it could kill people even before its mutation. After the mutation, one single bite could make a person rot all over and die. When Lian Hua saw He Xu playing with the mutant bee for the first time, he almost spat out blood…damn, how could kids nowadays play with such cruel creatures?


“Alright!” He Yuu was a little down, and Lian Hua was a bit upset as well. Lian Hua quickly shook his head and got rid of this feeling.


On the other hand, Zhao Xiaolong was wrapped in a bunch of vines, and there were no gaps for him to get rid of it at all. After a while, the green spheres wrapped by vines were surrounded by some black smoke, and the vines looked as if they had lost all the moisture and gradually died. Then, the vines became like powder. Zhao Xiaolong stood up calmly and patted the dust off his body.  Then, he picked up a small green crystal and put it immediately into his pocket.


“It’s a first-grade plant crystal, better than nothing.” After calmy saying this to show off, he slowly walked toward Lian Hua and the others.


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