Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Defense Specialized and Event Results


【MWO】First Event Spectator Seat 3


241 Name: Nameless Spectator

Is Pain the champion after all?

He’s has game’s highest level, probably matchless


242 Name: Nameless Spectator

That’s the worst

his movements are too inhuman lol


243 Name: Nameless Spectator

But, the ones that are continuously winning are famous names after all


244 Name: Nameless Spectator

well, that’s natural for top players to be strong


245 Name: Nameless Spectator

Ha? what’s with this…isn’t it bad?


246 Name: Nameless Spectator

Uwaa the ones that are showed too op


247 Name: Nameless Spectator

Interim Results Ranking

a large shield user named Maple

crushing 120 people with no damage received


248 Name: Nameless Spectator



249 Name: Nameless Spectator

cheat? no…impossible huh


250 Name: Nameless Spectator

I mean, rampaging like that, it’s about time that it’s shown on the screen


251 Name: Nameless Spectator

is this it? the one shown right now


251 Name: Nameless Spectator

the shield’s eating the sword lol

wtf lol


252 Name: Nameless Spectator

too splatter, although she’s cute

with stat debuff and with that shield they’re crushed with no resist


253 Name: Nameless Spectator

but, isn’t her movement too slow?

only countering ever since


254 Name: Nameless Spectator

yeah, with the way she move, it’s normal to be dealt damage

look, just when I said i…ha?


255 Name: Nameless Spectator



256 Name: Nameless Spectator



257 Name: Nameless Spectator

that, didn’t the large sword that swung on her head repelled?


258 Name: Nameless Spectator

eh? can you really do that?


259 Name: Nameless Spectator

if it is, everyone’s doing it


260 Name: Nameless Spectator

about rather than the large shield, or the stat debuff, the player itself was the most strange thing


Changing places to the event area, being tired out of sitting around, *TekuTeku* Kaede was walking in a one way street.

In front of her was were a lot of players. Their numbers, about 50.

She saw a lot of players that made a party, but she hadn’t seen a 50 person one.

It looks like most of them were magicians, and as soon as they saw Kaede, they released their magic to her.

Probably, they had hunted players on a one way street like this a lot.

Their movements had no hesitation on it, and felt they were used to it.


「With a big magic, I’ll blow you away!」


The magic crystals were accumulated too much that the black large shield became a red large shield. Kaede was also thinking that she should consume it soon.

Because she didn’t need magic crystals anymore, she received the magic shot by around 40 magicians without doing anything.

At the time their magic has ended. Kaede drew the short sword from her waist.

Her most powerful attack needs the blade to be completely shown.

From the blade, a violet colored magic circle was created.


「【Hydra (Dokuryuu】!!」


The Poison Dragon with three heads that has its body made with lethal poison, in exchange for all the magic crystals on the large shield, it changed the three direction in front of it into a sea of poison.

Including the players that were caught up, around 500 players were blown away.


295 Name: Nameless Spectator

that’s too much of a monster


296 Name: Nameless Spectator

strange places

without activating defense skills, she received all the magic with only her base VIT stat

a ridiculous powered magic

her stats, wtf has happened with it?


297 Name: Nameless Spectator

the reason she received magic was maybe because of the armor or some OP skill?


298 Name: Nameless Spectator

almost all large scaled skills had effects with them, so because the armor wasn’t shining there’s nothing on it

i think

i’m not sure tho


299 Name: Nameless Spectator


I also think there’s nothing wrong with the armor right now…I think


300 Name: Nameless Spectator

seriously, wtf was that walking fortress lol


301 Name: Nameless Spectator

that’s really a freaking walking fortress


The time remaining was only one hour left. After one hour, all ranking will be decided.

Within that nervous situation.

An announcement with large volume echoes.


「Current #1 is Pain-san, #2 is Dread-san, #3 is Maple-san desu! In an hour starting now, when the top three is defeated, 30% of the point gained by them will be transferred!! The position of the three will be shown in the map! Please do your best until the end!」


「Looks like they’re not going to end it simply」


Pain who didn’t seem to feel a sense of crisis.


「Ue〜 that’s too much of a pain〜 really?」


Dread who was really showing dullness.


「I did it! I’m number 3!」


Maple who was glad.


While the three of them showed different reaction on their places, the event was moving towards its climax.

Players that were aiming for their head was running towards them striving to be first.


「There she is! That’s her!」


*WaraWara* the players came out from the forest.

Within them, there were of course players that had increased their AGI a lot.

Without being able to keep up with that, the knife was swung towards the nape of the neck.


「Ha? W-Why?!」


But, that wouldn’t get through Kaede.

Before the player that was sure she was defeated moves, it was eaten by the large shield. And even after that, a lot of players jumped towards her and got eaten while saying complains to the blade that wouldn’t go through.

Having seen that scene a lot of times, the movements of the players had become cautious, and they slowly lessened their distance. There were a lot of them who was especially being cautious of the killing technique of the large shield.

But, the players had forgotten that Kaede didn’t only have the large shield as an attack but she also had a short sword.


「【Lethal Poison Breath】」


Kaede drew out half of the blade of Shingetsu, and a deep violet mist poured out from the sheath.


「【Paralyze Shout】!」


*PataPata* the players that were collapsing one next to the other, had no ways of escaping the lethal poison. From the front line, they became particles in order.

In the end. The players only became Kaede’s points.


「The End! The result, there was no change of rank from #1 to #3. Well then, we will now proceed to the awarding ceremony!」


When Kaede thought that the front of her whitened, she was at the same plaza at the start.

The #1 to #3 was told to climb the stage so Kaede also got on the stage. Kaede was standing while looking straight forward, but with the amounts of sight, she somehow got shy, and her face blushed.

And, she was passed the microphone when her head had whitened with nervous.


「Next is, Maple-san! Please say something!」


She was saying next, so the two should have already talked, but Maple was too nervous that she wasn’t listening.


「eh! ah! eh! e〜to, uhmm, I endured a lot sho it wash okay deshu」


Kaede bit her tongue.

She bit her tongue grandly.

And she also didn’t know what to talk about so what she was saying were also ridiculous.


Kaede, had been so embarrassed she couldn’t look forward, so she didn’t notice that a lot of players were recording and had that on video.


When she got the event prize, Kaede had returned to the inn’s room swiftly.

That night. The bulletin board’s Maple is too cute thread, and Maple too OP thread was on fire.


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Chapter end


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