Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu Chapter 11

Defense Specialization and Event Start


For the last status check, she brought up the blue panel.




HP 40/40

MP 12/12


【STR 0】

【VIT 160〈+66〉】

【AGI 0】

【AGI 0】

【INT 0】



Head 【Blank】

Body 【Black Rose Armor】

Right hand 【New Moon: Hydra】

Left Hand 【Replica of the Dark Night: Eating Inedibles】

Legs 【Black Rose Armor】

Shoes 【Black Rose Armor】

Accessories 【Ring of the Forest Queen Bee】





【Absolute Defense】 【Giant Killing】 【Hydra Eater】 【Bomb Eater】 【Meditation】 【Provocation】 【Inhumane】 【Great Shield Mastery IV】 【Body Management】 【Attack Deflection】 【Shield Attack】


「Alright! I’m all set. I hope I won’t take any damage…」

She hadn’t taken damage too many times, so she wasn’t used to the feeling of taking damage yet.

Besides, it would be her first ever PvP. No wonder she was so nervous.

After she waited some time in the starting square, the participants started to gather one after another.

Additionally, a giant screen was floating in the air. This was where the interesting players would be shown. That would be viewed primarily by those in production jobs and those who weren’t going to participate.


「And now for the first event! Let the battle royale begin!」

Cheering resounded throughout the place. Kaede looked a little embarrassed as she thrust her hands up in the air and shouted.

Then an announcement was played very loudly.


「Now let us explain the rules once again! The duration of the event is three hours. The stage is a newly created event-specific map!

The number of players you have defeated, the number of times you have been defeated, the damage you have taken, and the damage you have done. These four factors will be used to calculate your points and give you a ranking! Plus, the top ten players will receive a special commemorative item! Good luck!」

After that was said, the countdown to the transfer appeared on the screen, and the moment it reached zero, Kaede was enveloped in light and transferred.





「Hmm… where is this place?」

Kaede noticed that the blinding light was gone and slowly opened her eyes.

It looked like she was in the middle of a plaza in crumbling ruins.

A quick glimpse revealed that there was no one around.


「Even if I move, it’s not like I can catch up to anyone… so I’ll just wait here!」

Kaede sat on a somewhat large stone brick and waited for other players to attack.

She was waiting and drawing on the ground with a stick for a while, when she heard a rustling sound from all around her.


「Here they come!」

She thought so, and looked up to see that a sword had already been swung at her, and she was within striking distance.


「Got you!」

Earlier, Kaede would not have been able to block it, but now Kaede had 【Great Shield Mastery IV】. Her body moved smoother than before and she caught the sword with her great shield.



It was devoured and erased.



「Huh? Uwaaaaahh!」

The sword of the man who attacked her did not bounce off the shield, so he plunged straight into it; having the hand that held the sword and then half his body swallowed up, he disappeared into particles. Now that he lost his main weapon, he could no longer return to the battlefield and would be forced to become a spectator.

And so, his life became a beautiful red crystal and emerged as a decoration on the shield.


「Let’s keep on drawing!」

And so Kaede once again began to draw on the ground, displaying a vulnerable appearance.

Yes, Kaede, who was happily drawing pictures, seemed very vulnerable. She didn’t do that on purpose, but as a result, she lured a party of three this time.

Putting together a party wasn’t against the rules. They were probably united in trying to get one of the party members into the top ten.

A male swordsman rushed toward her. It was a straight line dash with no finesse. Even so, it was still quite fast from the point of view of 【AGI 0】 Kaede.

However, there was too much of a difference in speed between closing the ten-meter distance and Kaede making a sound with her New Moon sword.


「【Paralyze Shout】」

With a satisfying shinnk, the three players suddenly collapsed.

And the red crystal on the shield shattered with a crackling sound. Kaede held up her great shield and stood up.


「Hoho… It’s my victory!」

This time, she only pushed her great shield to the head to avoid destroying their main weapon. At that instant, the swordsman player disappeared into light particles.

She finished off the other two collapsed players in the same fashion.

Three new crystals emerged on her great shield.


「Great shields are… stronger than I thought!」

She thought to herself that there was no way she could be unhappy with this, nodded her head and once again returned to her position.


You know, you’re the only great shield user with such monster powers.

There was no one there to say that to her.

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