Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu Chapter 12

Defense Specialization and Event Results


【NWO】 First Event Spectator Seats 3



241 Name: Unnamed Spectator

So, is Payne the winner?

I mean, he’s got the highest level in the game and he’s just unmatched.



242 Name: Unnamed Spectator

The guy’s insane.

His movements are inhuman lol.



243 Name: Unnamed Spectator

Well, it’s no surprise that the names we’ve heard so much about are the ones piling up wins.



244 Name: Unnamed Spectator

It’s only natural for the top players to be strong.



245 Name: Unnamed Spectator

Huh? Whoa, she’s… insane, eh?



246 Name: Unnamed Spectator

Oh, these guys on camera are strong!



247 Name: Unnamed Spectator

Tentative Ranking Results

The great shielder called Maple.

Crushed 120 people with 0 damage!



248 Name: Unnamed Spectator




249 Name: Unnamed Spectator

Cheats? No… no way.



250 Name: Unnamed Spectator

I mean, if she’s on such a rampage, maybe it’s about time she gets shown on screen.



251 Name: Unnamed Spectator

Is this her? Yeah. She’s on the screen right now.



251 Name: Unnamed Spectator

That shield lol… it’s eating that sword haha.

lol wat?



252 Name: Unnamed Spectator

She’s got a cute face, but she’s doing terrific stuff!

She’s crushing them almost without a fight with her status effects and that great shield.



253 Name: Unnamed Spectator

Hm, but aren’t her movements too slow?

She’s always doing counters.



254 Name: Unnamed Spectator

Yeah, I’d expect she’d take damage moving like that…

Look, just as I’m saying… huh?



255 Name: Unnamed Spectator




256 Name: Unnamed Spectator




257 Name: Unnamed Spectator

That great sword was swung down right at her head and it just bounced off, what?



258 Name: Unnamed Spectator

What? Seriously, that is possible?



259 Name: Unnamed Spectator

If it was, everyone would do it.



260 Name: Unnamed Spectator

Her build is just so much more mysterious than the great shield or the status effects.







Meanwhile in the event area, Kaede naturally got tired of sitting around, so she went trudging down a straight path.

A large group of players was in front of her. There were about fifty of them.

She had already seen some people forming parties a few times, but she had never seen a fifty person one.

Most of them seemed to be wizards, and as soon as they saw Kaede, they raised their wands and unleashed their magic.

Perhaps this was how they repeatedly hunted players on this straight path.

Their movements were unhesitating, and you could sense they were practiced.


「Great magic will blow you away!」

There were so many magic crystals piling up that the black great shield had turned into a red great shield. Kaede was thinking of using them soon.

Since she didn’t need any more magic crystals, she took the magic from nearly forty wizards with nothing but her bare hands.

When the magic of the opponents was exhausted, Kaede pulled out the short sword at her waist.

The most powerful attack of hers needed to be performed with the entire blade exposed.

A purple magic circle unfolded from the blade.



A poison dragon with three heads and a whole body made of deadly poison turned everything in front of its heads into a sea of poison in exchange for all the magic crystals in the great shield.

Including those who were caught in the crossfire, almost 500 players were blown away.







295 Name: Unnamed Spectator

She’s too much of a monster.



296 Name: Unnamed Spectator

The fun part is

Without activating any defense skills, she can take all magic with no damage with just her base VIT.

Stupidly powerful magic even.

What is going on with her stats?



297 Name: Unnamed Spectator

With how she just took it, maybe her armor has some kind of insane skill?



298 Name: Unnamed Spectator

Almost all the large-scale skills have effects, and since her armor didn’t glow, maybe there’s nothing in it.

I think.

Not that I’m sure, though.



299 Name: Unnamed Spectator


I also don’t think there is anything special in that armor for now… I. Think.



300 Name: Unnamed Spectator

For real tho, that’s some walking fortress lol



301 Name: Unnamed Spectator

Really, a walking fortress haha





The time remaining was only one hour. Only one hour to go and all the standings would be decided.

In such a tense situation.

An announcement rang out loudly.


「The current #1 is Payne-san, #2 is Dread-san, and #3 is Maple-san! If you beat the top three players in the next hour, 30% of their score will be transferred to you! Their locations will be shown on the map! Please keep up the good work until the end!」


「Looks like they’re not going to make it easy for us to finish.」

Payne didn’t seem to feel a sense of crisis.


「Oh… that’s annoying… for real?」

Dread was clearly bothered.


「Yay! I’m in third place!」

Maple was delighted.



The three of them reacted in different ways; the event was moving toward its culmination.

Players were running to them, striving to be the first to take their heads.




「There she is! That’s the one!」

The players were coming out of the forest in a flurry.

Naturally, some of them had high AGI.

There was no way she could keep up with that speed, and a knife was swung down to the nape of her neck.


「Huh? W-what!?」

But that wouldn’t do anything to Kaede.

The enemy player, who thought he had done it for sure, was eaten by the great shield before he could perform his next move. After that, several people jumped at her and were eaten while complaining about the blade not doing anything for some reason.

Having seen such a scene repeatedly, the players started being more cautious and were gradually closing the distance. There were many who were particularly concerned about the great shield that could one-hit kill.

However, the players had failed to realize that Kaede’s primary offensive weapon was the short sword, not the great shield.


「【Lethal Poison Breath】」

When Kaede pulled out New Moon about halfway through, a thick purple mist oozed from the sheath.


「【Paralyze Shout】!」

There was no way the players, who were collapsing one after another, could escape the deadly poison. They turned into particles starting from the front row.

In the end. The players only became Kaede’s points.




「The end! The result is: no change in positions from #1 to #3. We will now move on to the awards ceremony!」

Kaede’s vision turned white, and she appeared at the starting square.

The #1 to #3 players were asked to climb on the stage, and Kaede went up there. Kaede was standing facing straight ahead, but because of so many people looking at her, she felt somewhat embarrassed and blushed.

And then the microphone was handed to her, just when her mind was blank from nervousness.


「Next up, Maple-san! Give us a few words, please!」

She was the next one to speak, which probably meant the other two had already finished speaking, but she was too nervous to hear.


「Eh, ah, oh? Well, um, it was good, enduring this much, I shuppoze.」

Kaede tripped over her tongue.

Oh how big of a trip that was.

What’s more, she didn’t know what to say, so what she said was totally ridiculous.



Kaede was too embarrassed to look forward, so she didn’t know that many players had her recorded on video.



After receiving the commemorative item, Kaede quickly returned to the inn.

That night. The forums were abuzz with the “Maple too cute” and “Maple too strong” threads.

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