Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu Chapter 13

Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu. – Chapter 13 Chapter 13: Defense Specialized and A Friend


「Well then…I’m going!」


She wore her uniform and went to school.

In these few days, the sunlight had gone stronger, and the warm sunshine feels good. It can be said that spring has finally come.

Kaede’s seat was by the window so if she let her guard down she might fall asleep. If it goes like this, Risa who was two seats apart will be on a sleeping course in the afternoon class.

And, while thinking of that, she was walking on the road to school. Kaede’s house is near the school, so she come to school by walk. That distance, it is only a five minute walk.

Pleasant wind was blowing, and it is not a bother to walk.

Because she didn’t suffer from hay fever, Kaede liked to walk during this season.


「Yosh! Let’s also do our best today〜」


Passing through the school gates, went towards her classroom, and she arrived to her seat. After this, she would have started reading books, but when she started New World Online, it was the time to think about skills. If there was this kind of skill, what are the requirements to get it, just thinking about things like that, she was having fun.


「I wonder what you are grinning at〜!」


*Supakoーn* a tsukkomi to Kaede’s head.

The tsukkomi was mostly Risa.


「I-It’s nothing at all!」

「Really〜? Oh, that’s right. I didn’t come for that today, ehem……fufu…by the way, Kaede-kun. I have a very important announcement today」

Saying that, Riza bended her waist and swiftly approached her face. Clearing her throat, and went on her way of saying it, to Risa who made a mystery character, Kaede also went with that.

「Mumu!…What is it, Risa-kun. Your tension is high today ne」

「Right, that’s right, you wouldn’t believe it! It was because the permission to play the game, I got it today!!」


*PachiPachi* Kaede clapped lightly.

She probably did her best on studying, Kaede knew how happy she was. And only seeing her expression, Kaede also became happy.


「With that, the game that I only pushed on to Kaede, I can finally play if from today〜」

「Then, we can be in a party right!」

「Un, yeah yeah. Party huh……I mean, did Kaede already started playing?!!」


It looks like Risa was surprised, and said that in a loud voice.

By the way, these two goes to school early so there are only the two of them in the classroom. They didn’t need to care about the surroundings.



「That Kaede, that Kaede that reluctantly plays with me on the game that I pushed on her…」

「You knew you were pushing them on me?!」

「Iya〜I’m so happy〜…I thought that playing together was impossible, but to think Kaede was willing to play…」


And then, Risa continued the talk.


「Up to what level did you raise it? Or did you only made an account?」

「E〜to〜…uhmm…t-to level 20」


Risa was astonished in an instant, but as soon as she understood what Kaede said, she started grinning.


「Ohhhh〜…it looks like Kaede was more addicted than I had expected」



Kaede was glaring at Risa while blushing. Risa was still laughing merrily, but it’s not like she had a bad intention, so Kaede didn’t say anything.


「Ahaha, sorry sorry, it’s just a joke, but, if you had levelled it that much, then your character build has been decided right?」

「Un! I’m a full defense build large shield user you know! And then〜…if it’s Risa then I can tell huh〜」


Kaede talked everything about her skills and status to Risa.


「What’s with that monster character! As expected of Kaede, the direction of the play is too different」


「Un, I mean, what you got in that different direction is too OP. Ah〜…it would be hard to catch up to Kaede with this huh…」

「B-But, if you do the same thing…」


When Kaede said that, Risa crossed her arms in front of her chest, making a cross sign, and shook her head.


「Kaede is Kaede. I am me. I don’t mean to brush off the skills that Kaede told me as a friend! Well…I’ll use it as a hint on getting strong skills though. Let’s keep that as it couldn’t be helped」

「Then, what will Risa do?」

「Kaede is a tank defense specialized, so I thought that a magician would be good, but if I paired with Kaede with that on a party, that’s too normal. And, I won’t be needed if I chose that」

Mu〜, groaning like that while thinking, Risa probably had an idea, and she grinned.

「Yosh! I decided! I will…become a 『Dodge Shield』」


「Un! I’ll make the enemy’s attack focus on me, and I’ll nullify their attacks by dodging」

「Ohhhh!! So cool!……but, if it’s shield, I can do it?」


Kaede thought about that question and said it. Right, it cannot be helped if shield classes gathers.


「A party with Kaede, whatever fight it is, no damage! We’re always unscathed! How is that? Isn’t that cool?」


Hearing those words, Kaede imagined that scene, and *BunBun* swung her head vertically. She was so excited even her arms are *BunBun* being swung.


「I want to make a party with that concept so I will aim for the dodge shield!」

「Do your best! I’ll just increase my defense powers right!」


And, with promising to play together tonight, the two’s conversation ended. Risa also went back to her seat.


「Dodge Shield…the difficulty is the highest level? But, that’s why I get fired up…!」


She mumbled that with a small voice, so it didn’t reach Kaede’s ears.

It was probably the nature of a gamer.

Risa tend to prefer selecting achievement requirements that are difficult.

What Risa said earlier, to achieve an undefeatable unscathed party, the first prerequisite is for Risa to continuously dodge enemy attacks.


Magic that are shot tens of times.

High speed combination attack.

Dodging those with a very fine line and defeating the enemy, just imagining doing that.


「I get shivers in my spine…!!」


Risa couldn’t help but pray for today’s class to end very quickly.


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