Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu Chapter 3

Defense Specialization and First Login


Kaede finished the initial setup of NewWorld Online with a memo in her hands. Thanks to the memo, the process went smoothly.


「Phew… I guess this works…」

And finally, it was time to dive into the cyberworld. It’s been a while since she felt that. She closed her eyes, and the next time she opened them, she was already in the game world. However, there was still a bit of setup left to do, so it wasn’t like she would suddenly find herself in a town.


「First is… a name, huh? Nuh-uh, Kaede is the same as my real name, and that’d be a bit strange… What should I do?…」

After agonizing over it for a while, Kaede entered “Maple” as her name and pressed the button to confirm her decision. The panel floating in the air changed. Next, it seemed that she needed to decide on the starting equipment.
TL note: Kaede (楓) is Japanese for maple (the tree). What she entered is the Japanese transcription of the English word “Maple” (メイプル, Meipuru)


「A great sword… a one-handed sword… a mace… a staff… um… I’m not very good at moving around… and I don’t want to get attacked or anything… so I guess I’ll just use the staff and be a mage then.」

Just like that, Kaede was looking at some equipment when she noticed something that caught her eye.


「Great shield and short sword? Lowest offensive power… but number one defense… eh! If you increase defense, damage will be nullified!?」

Kaede, after reading the description, decided to choose a great shield and short sword as her starting equipment.

By the way, it was only at the beginning of the game that you could increase your defense and nullify attacks, so it was rated poorly in the game as it would be better to increase your attack power. The short sword was rated poorly as well because it was difficult to use.

In short, it was unpopular equipment.


To begin with, there were not many people who would bother to use equipment that was designed to be attacked in the game. Furthermore, players who chose one-handed swords or maces could also equip shields, though they could not use great shields.

There were a lot more people who chose those because of their ease of use.


「Next is status points, then… oh, all into defense.」

This was what you call a min-maxed build. If you did this as a great shielder, your already low attack would become absolute bottom-of-the-barrel, and since there was nothing added to your speed value, your speed would be the same as it was in real life.

Really makes you wonder how many high school girls in the real world would be able to beat an animal charging at them.

The person in question, however, wasn’t thinking about such things.


「Ah… you can’t mess with your height… I wanted to be taller…」

Kaede’s height was about 145 centimeters or so.

With her slender, pretty figure and physique, she was secretly liked at school, but that was something Kaede had no way of knowing about. Height was her complex, but she had no choice because changing your height and weight from your real body would make it impossible to play well.


「Well, I guess that’s OK. Alright!」

Kaede’s body was enveloped in light.

And the next time she opened her eyes, she found herself in a bustling castle town square.
TL note: Castle town (Jōkamachi)

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