Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu Chapter 52

Chapter 52 – Defense Specialized and Skill Selection

The event ended and they were returned to their original location.

The accelerated time returned to its original flow as well.

An announcement was broadcasted by the management and exchanging skills and medals would be 30 minutes from now, so they were told to transfer the medals they possess if needed.

Maple had already given Sally her medals so there was no problem.

「I wonder what kind of skill there is?」

「Who knows? We can only wait and look……」

And after 30 minutes.

The management broadcasted an announce once again and told the players that they would be transported individually to a specialized room. It was also said that they cannot consult with others, so the individuals must choose the skill that they think they need.

And, finally, those ones who possess more than ten medals were enveloped by light and disappeared.

Maple’s vision is currently filled by the same blue color as the status plate.

One panel is floating in the middle of the exitless room that Maple is currently in.

Maple approached that and found skill names aligned in it.

It could be operated to show the detailed explanations of each skill.

「E〜to… there’s about, a hundred?」

Combat-type skill, production-type skill, status increasing-type skill, and other skills that do not belong among them.

Those were aligned in order.

「There doesn’t seem to be a time limit, so… I should take my time and decide!」

Maple has to types of skill that she can choose. Maple does not need skills that are blatantly attack-types so she ignored them.

They are the skills like【Divine Swordsmanship】or【Dragonic Spear】whose effects are obvious from their names.

And if you mention production-type skills, Maple’s DEX is too low so it would only be a waste.

With those in mind, the skills that Maple could choose is limited.

It could be said that among those who possess medals, Maple is the player who has the most number of skills that would prove useless even if she learned them.

With that reason, the time that she would be hesitating is reduced accordingly.

「【All Resist】… no,【Fortress】looks good too〜… even choosing【Magic Powers Increment】is quite, as well…」

Maple took her time choosing which one she should choose.

「n? ………nn??」

Maple’s eyes landed on a certain skill.

She took her time staring at that skill’s explanation that a hole was almost opened.

「T-This! This should be the first one!」

A eureka flashed in Maple’s head.

She abided that and chose that skill.

「The last one, I wonder which I should choose…」

Maple started to select a skill once again. She is planning to decide immediately if a eureka like earlier appears.

「Which〜 should〜 I〜 choose〜? n〜…」

Maple did not found a skill that lit a light bulb, so after some deep thoughts, she learned【Fortress】.

【Fortress】is a skill that multiplies VIT by 1.5x.

Its activation requirement does not have a demerit as well, making it a skill that is worth the precious medals.

Maple possesses a skill that is equal to that, but that is because Maple is a little, no, quite far away from the norm.

Anyways, after finishing choosing her skills, Maple was once again enveloped by the light and disappeared.

Spirit Sword Sovereign
Random Room (Espau00f1ol)
Player Reborn (2019)
Dragon Ball Multiverse

Chapter end


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