Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu Chapter 53


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Defense specialization and sighting information

One day after the event is over.
The usual people gather at the BB. [TN : BB means Bulletin Board for anyone that don’t know]

542 Name: Anonymous shield user
Finally The event has ended.
It’s packed with speaking, too (TN: not sure about this line anyone have a sugestion 話すことも満載だぞ)

543 Name: Anonymous Largesword user
At last It finished.
That was long

544 Name: Anonymous Spear user
It was only two hours In RW. [TN : RW means Real World if this strange should i change it back]
It’s a strange feeling.
545 Name: Anonymous shield user
Da yo na– (TN : I leave this line to your imagination, but i want to know using the romaji japan or english better)

546 Name: Anonymous Largesword user
Does anyone have ten medals?
I can’t get it.

547 Name: Anonymous wizard
Dungeon is pretty cool
how should I put it seven days of exploring are pretty tiresome

548 Name: Anonymous Spear user

549 Name: Anonymous Largesword user
I climbed the highest mountain but when I got there. There was nothing

550 Name: Anonymous Shield user
Say If the top of that mountain a circular mountain?
Was there a shrine?

551 Name: Anonymous Largesword user
It indeed circural
Do you know something?

552 Name: Anonymous Spear user
I Don’t mind hearing about it
553 Name: Anonymous wizard
I want to hear about it

554 Name: Anonymous Shield user

It will be a bit longer but I will explain
I also climbed that mountain
So there was a magic circle in front of the shrine at the summit

Then I using the magic circle and getting transferred to a place with big bird-shaped monster and get a beating
As Tank I was knock out last merely to be defeat crushingly​ (TN : not sure about this one so i make it as logic as possible but i apreciating a help so here the raw それに乗って転移した先ででかい鳥型モンスターにボコボコにされた
The other party members died just by hitting one of the ice gravels that filled the field of vision
Seriously the firepower is absurd

So when you arrive at the summit there is nothing, that mean someone has defeated it

555 Name: Anonymous Largesword user
That unreasonable ​.
If the enemy’s HP is 1 or so, then maybe… you know
556 Name: Anonymous Spear user
Who can endure if it is impossible for chrome …
No, There is .

557 Name: Anonymous wizard
Am I the only one who think about it

558 Name: Anonymous Shield user
The story has not ended yet
At that time there was another party at the summit

It was Maple and her friends, if i am not wrong the player name should be Sally

Sally-chan is a cute girl with the whole body of blue equipment

So, if the magic circle were gone
There a high Posibility the two captured it
I guess they are going after us

559 Name: Anonymous Largesword user
Oh it may have been the two of them knocked down
Maple pushing
Or that Sally? Is it a mimicry?
Which is it? (TN : Same again not sure about this too あーそれは二人が倒したかもしれんな
どっちかな? I stil hoping a helping hand here)

560 Name: Anonymous Archer
A bit late
Instead I brought two interesting information

561 Name: Anonymous Shield user
What kind of information is it?

562 Name: Anonymous wizard

563 Name: Anonymous Archer
The first one
It seems there was a place where a tragedy occurred on the sixth day of the event
A wandering monster of a human type who wrapped herself in blue clothing?
Or a player?

In any case it seems that it does not seem to be using skills and everyone gets killed as it approaches avoiding all attacks
Suddenly disappearing It is said that the sword avoids it
There is so many victim

He seems to have been a middle boss in a nearby cave thereafter
Incidentally there were also writes saying poison dragons jumped out of the cave

564 Name: Anonymous Shield user
I see
Well blue clothes
a poisonous dragon.
I think i have heard of it.

565 Name: Anonymous Largesword user
It is definite whether the poisonous dragon is like Maple-chan.
I wonder if there are two of us like that
So what is that?
Is the blue clothes Sally?

567 Name: Anonymous wizard
The possibility of Sally is likely to be high
Sally is also going to be bad
It is not like people trying to break off the sword being swung down

568 Name: Anonymous Spear user
It is not a medal skill in the event
Either an unknown acquisition skills
Or there is a possibility of pure PS
If the latter is true

569 Name: Anonymous Shield user
I remembered with a medal skill choice
Skills that seems to be based on Maple’s super high defense were in it

Skill that VIT becomes 1.5 times

There is a high possibility that I have more than one of these
I think that defense power is not one
It’s about 1.5 times faster to do it from my VIT value

570 Name: Anonymous wizard
Maybe Maple-chan might have taken it
Or rather Maple-chan would take it
I do not have a medal.
soo,It will still be hard?

580 Name: Anonymous Archer
Back to the information the second.

I saw Maple and Sally after the event in a popular desert

Maple-chan who show herself after a long absence

Flew around on the back of the flying turtle around the sky, and creating rain of poison

581 Name: Anonymous wizard
Wait my brain can’t handle it

582 Name: Anonymous Shield user
There shouldn’t have such a skill
In the first place skill like that never existed.
Wonder if it was not there.
Mouwakakekaran (TN : This line writed in katakana so im not so sure what the meaning)

583 Name: Anonymous Largesword user
Seriously, How many medal did he get?
What is the phenomenon like?

584 Name: Anonymous Archer
I don’t know
but the problem is?
The turtle
and, the Poison rain
These three thing

well,The poison rain is [The usual] but the remaining two are the problem
What the hell happened during the event

585 Name: Anonymous Spear user
there’s nothing like Taming, Right?
is those an items somewhere during the event?

586 Name: Anonymous Shield user
Maple-chan has been called by two names
The First one are【Fortress (Yōsai) 】That pretty much true
the second name is.
【Floating fortress (Fuyū yōsai) 】

587 Name: Anonymous Wizard
she will fly upward obliquely if I take my eyes off a bit.
I would like to see his skill column and equipment column
Seriously, he became  a【Floating Fortress】
Maybe there’s a time limit or something

588 Name: Anonymous Largesword user
Sally is also important watching over
People and things gathered around Maple have a tendency to change in general

589 Name: Anonymous Archer
I already think Sally is not an ordinary player
I want to fight him once
It may be an AGI skill that avoiding attack
I won’t know unless I try it

590 Name: Anonymous Shield user
Let’s try it soon
I already friends registered with Maple chan
At that time I will see Sally’s ability too

591 Name: Anonymous Spear user
I’m expecting a good report

592 Name: Anonymous Largesword user
I’m expecting you.

Random Room (Espau00f1ol)
Spirit Sword Sovereign
Player Reborn (2019)
Dragon Ball Multiverse

Chapter end


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