Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu Chapter 54

Defense Specialization and Skill Selection


The event ended, and they returned to their original location.

The accelerated flow of time was back to normal.

The devs announced that in 30 minutes from now, the exchange of medals for skills would take place, so if anyone had medals to hand over, they should do so.

Maple had already handed over the medals to Sally, so there was no problem.


「What skills are there, I wonder?」


「Who knows? Without seeing it, it’s hard to say…」

And then, 30 minutes later.

The devs again announced everyone would be transported individually to a dedicated room. They said no one could consult with anyone, so everyone would have to choose the skills they felt they needed on their own.

Then, everyone with more than ten medals was enveloped in light and disappeared.








Maple’s vision was filled with the same blue as the status plate.

A single panel was floating in the center of the exitless room Maple was currently in.

Maple approached it to look at it and found skill names arranged there.

She could go from each skill to a page with its detailed description.


「Let’s see… there are what, a hundred of them?」


Combat-type skills, production-type skills, status-enhancing skills, and skills that fit into none of those categories.

Those were arranged in order.


「There doesn’t seem to be a time limit so… let’s not rush it!」


Maple had two skills she could pick. She didn’t need any of the purely attack-oriented skills, so she ignored them.

There were skills such as 【Holy Sword Arts】 and 【Dragon Spear】, where she could tell from the name that they would be pointless to acquire.

Production-related skills would be a waste of medals as well, since her DEX was too low to begin with.

Maple’s choice of skills was therefore limited.

Among medal holders, Maple had the fewest number of skills that were worthwhile to acquire.

That meant less time spent mulling over them.


「【Resist All】… no, 【Fortress】 would be nice too… dare I say 【Magic Boost】, even…」


Maple was searching for skills to pick.


「Hmm? …hmmm?」


A certain skill caught Maple’s attention.

She stared at that skill’s description so intently, she almost drilled a hole through it.


「T-this one! I’ll pick this one!」

A flash of inspiration ran through Maple’s mind.

She let it take over and chose the skill.


「Which one do I pick as the other one…」


Maple looked through the skills again. If she had a flash of inspiration like she did just now, she was going to decide on that skill immediately.


「What to do, I wonder? Hmmm…」


Maple was unable to find a skill that really hit the spot, so after much deliberation, she picked 【Fortress】.

【Fortress】 was a skill that increased VIT by a factor of 1.5.

There were no activation conditions or drawbacks; it was truly one of the skills that was worth the valuable medals.

Maple had a comparable skill, but that was just because Maple was a bit, no, very much out of the ordinary.


Anyway, having taken her picks, Maple was once again enveloped in light and disappeared.

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