Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu Chapter 54


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Defense specialization and skill contents.

「What kind of skill did Sally choose? 」

The two who finished selecting the medal skills were sitting on the bench of the second town.

「Hmm … I got lost a lot, but I made it to a 【Addition Blade】(Tsui ha)」

「【Addition blade】(Tsui ha)」 [TN : the skill name come form 追刃. 追(Tsui) : Additional

and 刃(Ha) : blade if anyone have another the please tell me i am open for any opinion]

Maple, who does not even see the content of offensive skill, so she do not know what kind of skill it is.

「Etto … it a Skill that triggers additional attack of one third the weapon power when the attack succeeds」


「It doubles the number of attack. Because I am a dual-sword, [double slash] will become eight consecutive shots」

「Sugo ~tsu!」 [TN : want me to put Thats great or just stay like this]

「Well, they have a [poor dexterity] There are also two swords have less damage per stroke, so I still can not do a full-scale operation yet」 [TN : I am not sure about this line but, so what no one read this anyway]

Sally tends to prefer attack methods with a lot of hands and fast attack methods.
Maple tends to increase durability.

「So, What kind of skills did Maple chose?」

「I don’t know if I can use it properly」


Sally did not quite understand what Maple says.
Why would it be possible to choose a skills that he don’t know well for why?
「Well then let’s go to the desert. I would like to try it out of sight.」

「U,..un. I understood」

I did not have a surprise at what kind of skills Maple chose.

「Yo ̄ shi, Let’s go syrup.」

Maple called syrup

「syrup! 【Huge】!」

In response to Maple’s voice the syrup’s body is enveloped in light and grows.
When his first height was around 3 meters.
Now It’s about 5 meters and a half.
This is the skill that the syrup gained level up on the sixth day of the event.

Doubles the HP.

After become huge and double the HP Syrup become more susceptible to, it was a skill that can’t be effectively used in current slow syrups.

「it’s gonna be fine…. it’s gonna be fine」 [TN: Anyone has any idea what 上手くいけー (Umaku ike ̄) This means]

Maple closes his eyes and prays while holding hands.
Maple who had been doing it for a while shouted and opened his eyes.

「【Nenriki (Psychokinesis)】」

When he say that, Syrup body began to floating.
The giant did not feel any weight and stopped as it floated about 10 meters form ground.

「E ~e…?」

「Yatta! Yatta! It worked.」

Maple who jumped and excited about his success.
On the other hand, Sally, who is silent under the battle stage against the monster birds, is stunned.
He know from what happened, his mind stopped thinking in this mysterious situation.
Maple chose his skills by an intuition.
It was something Sally could not do.
That’s why 【something He do not know well】 is born.

The performance of the other skills chosen by Maple did not look like something that maple will chooses.

【Nenriki (Psychokinesis)】

You can float a monster.
Success rate of skill changes according to resistance probability set for each monster.
Once failed, one hour can not be reused for the target monster.
It does not act on other than monsters.
Consumption of MP at the time of skill use varies with resistance probability.

After,looking at maple skill sally showing his confusion.
From this skill explanation, she could not understand why maple takes this skill at all.
As Sally’s saw, this was to detain enemy monsters, but it was confirmed that the enemies could not be restrained but consumption seemed to be big.

「Why did you take that skill?」

「Because I thought that I could fly with syrup」

「Oh, Hai.」 [TN: I leave this line to your imagination if you already learn japan you know Hai has many meaning]

There is no good reason there.
I think Maple just wants to have fun. He takes the skills for what he wants to do.

And as I mentioned earlier, maple intuition sometimes causes too a heinous phenomenon.

「Ne~e Maple? … Syrup? Until when it stay flying?」

「eh? ……that? Is true」

Maple looks at his MP, but it is not decreasing at all

「……. No way!」

「what? Did you understand something?」

「Syrup is not an ordinary monster. Thank too bond created by【Bridge of bond】syrup has been connected to maple 」 [TN: Beat me I am not sure about this line and i don’t know how to make it merge with the story 「シロップは普通のモンスターじゃないよね。【絆の架け橋】のお陰でメイプルと絆で結ばれている」]

「Yup! that’s right」

Maple naturally still wears the ring.

「【Bridge of bond】It is? If the monster is tied by bond … … How about the resistance probability … how much percent is it?」

What Sally wants to say is that the syrup that is tied to Maple by 【Bridging of the Bond】 [resist].
If the resistance probability is 0%, how much is the MP consumption ?

Sally came through because this skill had no explanation about it.
There was no need to throw away medals and go to bet on Sally [TN: This line too. seriously i really need an editor (このスキルはその辺りの説明が無かったためサリーはスルーしたのだ。

「In other words, it seems like you can fly for a long time with syrup, do not you?」

「Well, that’s right」

「Well fine things are fine. syrup! Come back!」

Maple recalls syrup

「I am gonna ride on your back.」

Responding to that syrup gripped Maple’s head gently and threw it to the top of his shell.


Maple falls over with Gashan sound on the shell. The widened shell is also comfortable to ride.
Maple raises altitude to seventh meter and looks around.

「Maple! A group of Dung beetles is coming!」

Maple who heard sally screaming look around his surrounding
and he see the dust generated when the dung beetle moves around.

「Sally! Get away!」

Sally realized that Maple started something, and escaped with [super acceleration].
It was because she had no idea what to do.

「【Acid Rain】!」

Maple thrust shingetsu at the new moon in the sky.
A mass of purple water of 15 centimeters in diameter jumped out of the magic circle, the water spreads randomly at a position about five meters away from Maple.

「Yay!Rainy Rainy」
The rain that maple gave down stopped the movement of the beetle, every time it hit.
the quick movement of the beetle can’t be undone, as their only fate to be destroyed by the poison rain.

Two people were watching such a spectacle from afar.
One is Sally.
The other person was a man with a bow

Those who saw the mysterious behavior of Maple seemed to be highly punctuated and their vocabulary become poor.

A little later.
At the moment when the number selected during the skill selection displayed on the monitor became zero, they leaned back on the backrest and reclined.

in the room of the management.
The color of fatigue appears outstandingly on the face of everyone.
It seems like everyone gonna pass out right now.

「Ushi,all the skill has been selected.」

「Well … the second event got me … It was good that a bug did not occur」

「Ha~a … that’s right! He is? What did maple choose?」

「If it is Maple,  maybe[Fortress] or somethind aroud it. Right …? I think like that …」

「Oh, taking 【Fortress】. no problem. Defense power and something is already crazy so if going to increase it from here … … … Psycho … kine, cis?」

「I have a bad feeling」

「Me too」

「Find Maple! Make it to the monitor!」
Maple is immediately displayed on the monitor.
Maple …

..Was flying around on a huge turtle and casting a poisonous rain

「「…… Akan」」 [TN: Don’t know what to say guy the raw only give this line (……あかん)]

「I told you to check the skills! right? I told it!」

「I did it! But, as Maple does not take that skill, that adjustment is okay with that adjustment …」

「「Say it in a sense of perseverance! !」」

「Maple will alway come with anything! That is [normal] 」

「Uwa ā ā! Uwa a ā!」 [TN: Rest in Peace the management of the Game team]

Can’t, tolerate with the shock the image showing and together with tiredness several people stunned and getting knocked out.

Then, as soon as the picture of the monitor was erased along with giving up, everyone’s energy has run out.

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