Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu Chapter 55


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Defense specialization and loot.

Contents fluent.
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「Yo ̄ shi, finally finished! 」

Maple lowers syrup altitude.
She was trying to get off while slowly clinging to syrup feet, but of course it slipped down.
After returning syrup to the ring, maple headed to sally.

「Tadaima ̄ !」

「Sometimes Maple changing to something that I can’t understand 」

「really ? 」


What they got in the second event is a big shield and scroll.
That was acquired in the cave where the snail was.
Because they had forgotten to confirm it, they decided to check the item now.
Depending on the item performance maple can evolve further.

「First is the scrolls」
It the scroll that let you learns skill 【Encouragement】.
Sally and Kasumi possess this.

Raise your party member ‘s [STR] [AGI] who was within 15 meters in radius by 20% for one minute.
There is no effect to the user.

「It’s for parties … is it meaningless if I use it? 」
It is pointless even if Sally raises the status of Maple.
No matter how many percent zero is raised, it is zero.
if [VIT] rised, it will be different, but these skill still not be necessary for the two of them.
even so, Sally still learned the skill.
and, naturally Maple learn the skill to.

「Well then, next is the Great shield」
The Great shield exchanged by handing a staff and a spear to Kasumi, the shield was made of purple crystal.
Maple reminds vividly of the cave full of snails by looking at the shield.

「It was such an obstacle right? 」

「That right … I would like to go again if there is no snail. 」
Maple confirms the capability of the Great shield.

『Mass of the Violet Crystal』(TN:I don’t get a got name for this one the raw say 紫晶塊 and I check the romaji it show me “Murasaki Akira Katamari” so Any suggestion for the name)

【VIT + 30】
【Crystal wall (Suishō kabe)】

Maple checks the skills.
The value of this Great shield depends on this skill because the rise value of 【VIT】 is lower than the【white snow】.

【Crystal wall (Suishō kabe)】
Make the wall with HP the same value as the HP of the player who activated the skill within 5 meters in radius.
After use, it is five minutes to be reusable.

「Oh … I do not seem to be able to use it like that」
If it was the same as the value of [VIT], it would have been horrible.
Every five minutes obstacles with the same defensive power as Maple will spring up to protect Maple.

「If maple’s HP is high it may have been quite usable. 」
By one status point to HP, HP will increase by 20. The same is true for MP.
Therefore, if you acquire the skill of proportion recovery like [meditation] by adding the skill point to HP rather than【VIT】it will make viability higher.
That’s the reason【VIT】 getting outspokenly.
Only after going like Maple the damage reduction of 【VIT】 becomes a thing.

「Should I try it out later? 」
Maple puts the Great shields into her inventory.
Because Maple had【Crystal wall (Suishō kabe)】, I thought that it would not be never used at all.

「Because Maple’s big shield is enough … 」
Sally’s saying that, of course, 【Mirror of the Dark Night (Yamiyo no Utsushi) 】.
There will not be such a Great shield above that.

「That remind me … my level has rised」

「Me,too. I was killing the fish while Maple was playing with the squid」

HP 40/40〈+160〉
MP 12/12 〈+10〉

【STR 0】
【VIT 180〈+141〉】
【AGI 0】
【DEX 0】
【INT 0】

Head 【blank】
Body 【Armor of Black Roses (Kurobara no Yoroi)】
Right hand 【New Moon (Shingetsu): Hydra (Dokuryuu)】
Left hand 【Mirror of the Dark Night (Yamiyo no Utsushi): Bizarre Eater (Akujiki)】
Foot 【black rose nose】
Shoes 【Black rose nose】
Accessories 【Bridge of bonds】
【Toughness ring】
【Ring of life】

【Absolute Defense】 【Giant Killing (OomonoKurai)】 【Hydra Eater (DokuryuuKurai)】 【Bomb Eater (BakudanKurai)】 【Meditation】 【Provoke】 【Abominable (Gokuaku Hidō)】 【Knowledge of Great Shield IV】 【Body handling】 【Attack diversion】 【Shield Attack】
【HP Enhancement (Small)】 【MP Enhancement (Small)】
【Cover Move I】 【Cover】
【The indomitable guardian】
【Fortress】 【Encouragement】

HP 32/32
MP 45/45〈+35〉
【STR 30〈+20〉】
【VIT 0】
【AGI 85〈+68〉】
【DEX 25〈+20〉】
【INT 30〈+20〉】

Head 【Muffler of the Surface Water (Minamo no Mafura): Mirage (Shinkirō)】
Body 【Coat of the Ocean (Taikai no Kōto): Ocean (Taikai)】
Right hand 【Dagger of the Deep Sea (Shinkai no Dagā)】
Left hand 【Dagger of the Bottom of the Water (Minasoko no Dagā)】
Legs 【Leggings of the Ocean】
Shoes 【Black Boots】
Accessories 【Bridge of bonds】

【Status Abnormal Attack Ⅲ】 【Sword Fencing II】
【Gale Slash】 【Muscle strengthening (small)】
【Small Strengthening】 【Down Attack】
【Power Attack】
【Switch Attack】 【Taijutsu V】
【Knowledge of Daggers II】 【Dexterity】 【Defense Break】 【Super Acceleration】 【Ancient Sea】
【Addition blade】 【Encouragement】
【Fire Magic I】 【Water Magic II】 【Wind Magic III】
【Earth Magic I】 【Dark Magic I】 【Light Magic II】
【Fire Ball】 【Water Ball】
【Water Wall】
【Wind Cutter】 【Wind Wall】 【Cyclone Cutter】
【Sand Cutter】
【Dark Ball】
【Refresh】 【Heal】
【MP enhancement (small)】 【MP cut small】
【MP Recovery Speed Enhancement (small)】 【Knowledge of Magic II】
【Fishing】 【Swimming X】 【Diving X】 【Cooking I】
【Speed Enhancement (small)】 【Hiding Presence II】
【Sense Presence II】 【stealthy steps】【Leap III】
【Poison resistance (small)】

「Almost reaching level 30 」

「I tried quite well but I still can’t look the difference」

「How many people are at the highest level now? 」

「I think 61 before the event? Was it? Level 100 is the limit now, but maybe the maximum will be released if someone reaches it」

「61! What? U wa~a… suggoi…! It seems impossible for us right now」

「Because those people are in a different dimension … no … … Maple is another dimension, 」
Sally who say that don’t know that she getting certified outside on the net.
Unlike the previous event, the picture has not publification yet so it has not become famous so far, but it is only a matter of time.
until she joining the existence of another dimension.

「Tomorrow is a school … It feel like a long time ago」

「Sōda ne. We shall Log out earlier today?」

「Un! Let’s do it」
They logged out respectively.
The sight is enveloped by light
Kaede who returned to the real world confirmed the time.

「… … Seriously only two hours has passed … 」
She realize again by looking at the clock in the real world.
In the seventh day during the event, if she close her eyes and think abou it, it floats clearly in the head of Kaede.
There were also a lot of serious fights, but it remained memorable mote than that she had a good time with Risa.

「I wonder if there is an event like that again … I wish I could stay with Kasumi and Kanade this time … 」
Kaede was immersed in his thought for a while, but switching to prepare for tomorrow and move on to study.

「Is Risa studying properly? … I’m about to sleep … 」
Kaede also realized before saying that she should study properly before being banned.

「True … has gotten into trouble」
The idea of playing a game with Risa was similar to Risa before Kaede started the game.
It is likely to interact with my best friend.

“If it is now … maybe I understand a little feeling of Lisa that I invited so much”
When I met again tomorrow, Kaede decided to talk about various things started to concentrate on my studies.

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