Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu Chapter 55

Defense Specialization and Eyewitness Report


One day after the event ended.

The usual crowd started gathering on the forum.


542 Name: Unnamed Great Shield User

The event is over.

There’s a lot of stuff to talk about.



543 Name: Unnamed Great Sword User

It’s over, yo.

It was long.



544 Name: Unnamed Spear User

And it was just two hours in real life.

Feels strange.



545 Name: Unnamed Great Shield User

I know, right?



546 Name: Unnamed Great Sword User

Has anyone gotten ten medals?

Was impossible for me.



547 Name: Unnamed Magic User

It was impossible.

The dungeons were pretty tough.

I mean, it’s hard to carry on exploring for seven whole days.



548 Name: Unnamed Spear User




549 Name: Unnamed Great Sword User

I climbed the highest mountain and there was nothing there. Was so damn exhausted!



550 Name: Unnamed Great Shield User

That mountain, did it have a circular summit?

Was there a shrine there?



551 Name: Unnamed Great Sword User

Yeah, that’s the one.

You know something?



552 Name: Unnamed Spear User

I’m intrigued.



553 Name: Unnamed Magic User

I want to hear it.



554 Name: Unnamed Great Shield User


It’ll take a little time to explain.

I climbed that mountain myself.

And there was a magic circle in front of the shrine at the top.


I took it, and when I transferred over, a huge bird-type monster beat the crap out of me.

It totally crushed me.


Those icicles covered our vision completely, and just one hit was enough to melt a party member of mine.

For real, that firepower was no joke.


So if you got to the top and there was nothing there, that means someone took the thing down.



555 Name: Unnamed Great Sword User


Seems impossible.

If the enemy’s got 1 HP or something like that, then I can just about understand it.



556 Name: Unnamed Spear User

If Chrome can’t do it, then who can withstand…

No… there is someone.



557 Name: Unnamed Magic User

I have just one person in mind too.



558 Name: Unnamed Great Shield User

I’m not done talking about it.

There was another party at the summit at the time.


Maple-chan and that friend of hers, I guess? Apparently, she is a player named Sally.


Sally was dressed in all blue, and she looked so cool and cute!


So if the magic circle was missing…

There’s a good chance they were the ones who cleared it.

They probably went in after us.



559 Name: Unnamed Great Sword User

Oh, that might have been those two who defeated it.

Was it Maple bulldozing through…

Or was it that Sally-chan? Maybe she’s a monster like her, too.

Which one was it?



560 Name: Unnamed Bow User

I’m a little late.

To make up for it, I’ve got two pieces of interesting information for you.



561 Name: Unnamed Great Shield User

What information?



562 Name: Unnamed Magic User

Come on.

I won’t be shocked now.



563 Name: Unnamed Bow User


Apparently there was a place where a tragedy happened on the sixth day of the event.

I’m told it was a humanoid roaming monster in blue clothes?

Or a player?


Anyway, it seems it didn’t even appear to be using any skills but dodged all the attacks, approaching and killing you.

People say it could suddenly disappear, or that the sword was dodging it.

See, it left plenty of casualties.


Apparently, afterwards, the thing became a mid-boss in a nearby cave.

Incidentally, there were some posts about a poison dragon jumping out of that cave.



564 Name: Unnamed Great Shield User

I see.

Um, blue clothes…

A poison dragon, look…

I’ve heard of that one.


565 Name: Unnamed Great Sword user

The poison dragon is just like Maple-chan, or perhaps I should say it’s definitely her.

There can’t be two people like that.

So is that it?

Is Sally-chan the one in blue clothes?



567 Name: Unnamed Magic User

Sally-chan seems like a good possibility, doesn’t she?

Well, that means Sally-chan is crazy too.

You can’t just read a sword swung down on you like that, this is utterly inhuman.



568 Name: Unnamed Spear User

And if it was during the event, it isn’t a medal skill either.

Then it’s a skill with unknown acquisition conditions.

Or there is the possibility that this is pure player skill.

If it’s the latter, then she really is inhuman.



569 Name: Unnamed Great Shield User

That reminds me, medal skills.

The skill that seems to be the source of Maple-chan’s super high defense was in the medal skills.



Skill that increases VIT by a factor of 1.5


There’s a good chance she has several things of this sort.

I don’t think that defense is because of just one of them.

Based on my VIT value, it’s not anywhere close to a 1.5 times increase.



570 Name: Unnamed Magic User

Maple-chan might have taken it.

Or perhaps I should say, if it’s Maple-chan, she probably took it.

She has to have one medal at least.

I mean, she’s still toughening up, I guess.



580 Name: Unnamed Bow User

Let’s get back to the subject, the second thing.


I saw Maple-chan and Sally-chan after the event in some lonely desert.



I haven’t seen Maple-chan in a while, and she…



Was riding around on the back of a giant flying turtle, raining down poison.



581 Name: Unnamed Magic User

Wait, can’t process this.



582 Name: Unnamed Great Shield User

There wasn’t a skill like that.

I’m sure there wasn’t.

There wasn’t, I think.

I don’t even know anymore.



583 Name: Unnamed Great Sword User

For real, how many medals did she get?

How could something like this happen?



584 Name: Unnamed Bow User

I don’t even know.

You know what’s funny?



Rain of poison.

These three things.


If the rain of poison is 【the usual】, the other two are the issues.

What happened during the event?



585 Name: Unnamed Spear User

You can’t do something like taming, right?


Were there items for that somewhere during the event?



586 Name: Unnamed Great Shield User

You know how Maple-chan has all kinds of nicknames.

People usually call her 【Fortress】, but

I say it’s time for a name change.

To 【Floating Fortress】.



587 Name: Unnamed Magic User

You take your eyes off her for a second, and she’ll fly off to who-knows-where.

I wanna see her skills and equipment columns.

And seriously, she has become a 【Floating Fortress】.

Maybe there’s some sort of time limit on her or something.



588 Name: Unnamed Great Sword User

We’ve gotta keep an eye on Sally-chan, too.

Since anyone and anything gathering around Maple-chan is generally likely to be weird.



589 Name: Unnamed Bow User

I think Sally-chan is already not a normal player.

I wanna have a fight with her.

Maybe it’s some sort of crazy skill to avoid attacks.

If I don’t try, I won’t know how crazy she is.



590 Name: Unnamed Great Shield User

Then I’ll try to get in touch with her in the near future.

(I’ve already added Maple-chan as a friend.)

I’ll see Sally-chan’s true strength then, if possible.



591 Name: Unnamed Spear User

Expecting a good update from you.



592 Name: Unnamed Great Sword User

Really looking forward to it!

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