Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu Chapter 56


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Defense specialization and major failure

next morning.
Kaede wake up from the bed.

“I am getting excited and could not sleep well … ”
Kaede was unable to get a good sleep for the first time.

Kaede started walking towards school when she finished dressing up.

“It’s pretty hot today,”
Kaede advanced the way to school in a hurry to avoid the heat.

As she enters the classroom, Risa is already there.
Since they are going to school early as usual, there are only two people in the classroom.

“Good morning Kaede”

“Good Morning Risa!”
Kaede approached Liza after putting her luggage in her seat.

“I manage to come to school somehow, it don’t feel like seven day has passed!”

” Indeed. well, that will happen if you stay inside for seven days … Oh yeah, Kaede should be careful to.”

“Huh? What?”
Even if she has been told to be careful, Kaede did not know what to watch out for.

“In game you always guarded against monster and player all the time, right? That might become a habit in real world”
Risa says that in case if a habit of maple or sally come out when they are out of control.

“But, I have played quite long already, but i still haven’t ever done that?”

“Well, just in case, Kaede had never logged in for seven days in a row.”

“That’s true … un, got it! I am gonna be careful for it.”
While talking about that, Chirahora and other students come into the classroom.
Kaede cut back the story and returned to his seat five minutes before the class started.

The way home on that day.
Kaede arrived at his room with unsteady step and fill his face with a pillow.

“…… I’d like to say that I did not have today Good”

Kaede looks back on the day today.

First Period

“…… Su~u… su~u”
Kaede who was unable to sleep well yesterday was falling asleep unusually.
As her seat close to the window, the moderately sunny environment also increased the drowsiness.
And those who rarely fall asleep are still acting as usual.
Risa is a human being of that type.
A girl in the seat next to Kaede is told by the teacher and wake Maple form her drowsiness.

” N … n?… Fu ~a… is it time to change lookout? … Are? ”
While stretching out and saying it in a loud voice.
The classroom laughed at Kaede’s remarks.
Then, Kaede remembered where he is now, but it was already late.

“That’s way I told you to be careful.”
Risa murmured with a low voice as she saw Kaede.

” concentrate on the lesson”

“Ye… Ye…s, sorry”
This is one of them.

Next was a break time after the third Period.
A corridor on the way home from the toilet to the classroom.
There were many people going out from the class,So the corridor full of student.
At that time, it happened that the girls walking behind Kaede collided when passing with other students, dropping the textbooks and pencil case that they had in their hands.
Of course, when it falls to the ground, there is a sound.

“… !”
Kaede decides to turn neatly and thrusts his left hand and brings his right hand to his waist.
It was a move that has been repeatedly practiced repeatedly by Risa.

If this was the right place it would have been a perfect reaction.
But neither big shield nor dagger is here.

“E…? e..?”
The girls studded hard by looking at Kaede who suddenly posed in front of her.
When Kaede slowly pulled his arm, he fell awkwardly with an awkward smile and quickly left the spot.
At this point Kaede’s mental is already drenched.
If anyone makes a big mistake in front of people , anyone will tension down.

Kaede will pay attention to his actions not to fail anymore.
However, if something happen twice it will happen again.
It is common to fail as much as you think if you try not to fail.

After lunch, physical education.

It’s Dodgeball at the gym.
Kaede and Risa are on the same team.
At this point the annihilation of Kaede’s team has ceased.
Whatever you do your best does not match Risa.
Although the opposing team is obsessively targeting Risa, it does not hit.
Unlike in the game, there is no need to avoid it in a moment, so she can evade it.

“As amazing as ever …”
If she stopped watching Lisa at this point, the biggest failure this time could have never occurred.

“… … Kaede!”
If the opponent team who aimed at Risa suddenly changed the aim, the probability of being caught will rise.
It was Kaede who was aimed this time.
Because Kaede was watching Risa, Her responds was delayed.

When Kaede saw the ball in response to Risa’s voice, the ball was already flying straight towards Her.

If it was a former Kaede, it would be crouchingly squatting and jumping sideways.

However, the way Kaede avoiding something that flew at her way recently was not the case.

“【Cover mo … … ah!”
Although she noticed it at the moment, and closed her mouth with both hands, but in that state she could not avoiding the ball.

Face-safe was not applied.

“Kaede! Are you alright?”

“I am okay…”
For Kaede, there was no problem except for suddenly shouting something.
Because the girls here were not playing NewWorld Online except Risa, it was happiness in unfortunate event that no one understand what Kaede said.

“I need to take a break for a while …”

“It’s fine”
Kaede was able to drop in with his back on the wall.

This is all today’s mistake.

“… … I should stop playing the game for a while”
For three days straight, Kaede never logged in just in case.

Did the result come out or did the matter has been decided?
Three days later, Kaede will not fail at all.

This “Three Days” Kaede has not got any information about NewWorld Online.
Risa also took a lot of attention.

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