Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu Chapter 56

Defense Specialization and Skill Substance


「What skill did Sally choose?」

After finishing choosing the medal skills, the two were sitting on a bench in the second layer town.


「Hmm… I had quite a hard time deciding, but I picked 【Following Blade】.」


「【Following Blade】?」

Maple hadn’t even looked at the contents of the attack-type skills, so she didn’t know what kind of skill it was.


「Errr… it’s a skill that, when an attack with a weapon succeeds, triggers a follow-up attack with a third of the power of that attack… I guess.」




「My moves are doubled. Because I use a two-sword style, 【Double Slash】 becomes eight consecutive attacks.」




「Well, there is also 【Jack of All Trades and Master of None】, and the two-sword style reduces the damage per hit, so I can’t really make proper use of it yet, though.」

Sally tended to prefer attack methods with many hits and with high speed.

Maple tended to try to increase her endurance.


「What kind of skills did you choose, Maple?」


「I also got a skill I’m not sure I’ll be able to make use of.」



Sally didn’t quite understand what Maple had said.

What reason could she have for choosing a skill she didn’t really understand?


「Well then, let’s go to a desert, I guess? I’d like to try it out somewhere out of sight.」


「Y-yep. Got it.」

Sally had not the slightest idea what skill Maple had chosen.










「Alright. Syrup, come on out.」

Maple summoned Syrup.


「Syrup! 【Gigantification】!」

In response to Maple’s voice, Syrup’s body was enveloped in light and grew larger.

Three meters in height.

About five and a half meters in length.

This was a skill that Syrup had obtained by leveling up on the sixth day of the event.



Doubles HP.


In exchange for becoming huge and having double the HP, it became a larger target and more vulnerable to damage, so, with Syrup’s slow speed, it was impossible to use this skill effectively for now.


「Please work… please work…」

Maple closed her eyes and clasped her hands in a prayer.

After doing so for some time, Maple suddenly opened her eyes widely and shouted.



As her voice rang out, Syrup’s body softly floated up.

Its huge body felt no weight at all, and stopped after lightly floating up about ten meters.




「Woohoo! Woohoo! It worked!」

Maple was bouncing around in delight.

In contrast, Sally, who was calmness personified even at the toughest moments of the monster bird fight, was flabbergasted.

She could tell what happened when she saw it, but this mysterious situation still made her mind stop working.

Maple had followed her intuition in choosing the skill.

That was something Sally couldn’t do.

That’s why 【something she couldn’t quite understand】 arose.


The capabilities of the other skill Maple chose did not seem at first glance to be something she would have ever chosen.




Ability to make a monster float.

The success rate of the skill depends on the resistance probability set for each monster.

In case of failure, the skill cannot be used again on the targeted monster for an hour.

It does not work on anything other than monsters.

The amount of MP consumed when using the skill depends on the resistance probability.


Sally was puzzled when Maple showed her the skill.

From this skill’s description, she had no idea why Maple would take this skill.

From what Sally could see, it was supposed to restrain enemy monsters, but there was no way to ensure that it would restrain the enemy, and the consumption of the skill seemed high.


「What was your reason for taking that skill?」


「I thought I could fly with Syrup!」


「Ah, sure.」

There was no deeper reason for it.

Maple just thought it would be fun. She took the skill for what she wanted to do.


And as mentioned earlier, Maple’s intuition sometimes caused too wicked a phenomenon.


「Hey, Maple? …Syrup, you know? How long will it be flying?」


「Eh? …what? That’s right.」

Maple looked at her MP, but it wasn’t decreasing at all.


「…no way!」


「What? Did you figure something out?」


「Syrup isn’t an ordinary monster. Thanks to 【Bridge of Bonds】, it’s tied to Maple.」


「Yep! That’s right.」

Maple, of course, still had the ring on.


「【Bridge of Bonds】, is it? If a monster is bonded to you… concerning the resistance probability… what percentage is it…?」

What Sally was trying to say was whether Syrup, which was tied to Maple by 【Bridge of Bonds】, would offer 【Resistance】.

If the resistance probability was 0%, how much MP did it consume?


This skill had no explanation in that area, so Sally had to pass it up.

Sally had no need to take a gamble and throw away her medals.


「I mean, it looks like I can fly for a long time with Syrup, huh?」


「Well, yeah.」


「Never mind the details then. Syrup! Come back!」

Maple called Syrup back.


「Put me on your ba-ack.」

Syrup reacted by firmly taking Maple’s head into its mouth and tossing her upwards.



Maple crashed onto the shell. The widened shell felt good to ride.

Maple increased her altitude to about seven meters and looked around.


「Ma-aple! There’s a group of pillbugs coming!」

Maple could hear Sally screaming from directly below.

When she checked, she could see the dust from the pillbugs moving around.


「Sally! Stay awa-ay!」

Realizing that Maple was going to start something, Sally ran off with 【Super Acceleration】.

It was because she had not the slightest idea what she was going to do.


「【Acid Rain】!」

Maple thrust New Moon towards the sky.

From the magic circle that unfolded from there, purple water blobs about fifteen centimeters in diameter shot out and landed randomly at a distance of about five meters from Maple.


「Let it ra-ain! Ra-ain!」

Every time the rain that Maple sent down hit a pillbug, it stopped moving.

Once they were unable to move fast, the only thing left to do was to get rid of them.



Two people were watching such a spectacle from afar.

One was Sally.

The other was a man with a bow.




Those who saw Maple’s mysterious behavior appeared to have a high probability of suffering from poor vocabulary.









Then, a little later.

During the skill selection, the moment the number on the monitor reached zero, they leaned back with their full weight on the backs of their chairs.


This was the devs’ room.

The color of exhaustion was evident on everyone’s faces.

It seemed like they were going to fall asleep any minute now.


「Ush, I guess everyone’s done selecting their skills.」


「Eugh… the second event was tiring… and I’m super glad no bugs happened.」


「Ha-a… that’s right! What about her? What skill did Maple choose?」


「Maple would go for 【Fortress】 or something like that. Right…? Tell me that’s right…」


「Oh, she did take 【Fortress】. No problem. Her defense power and stuff is already ridiculous, so increasing it from here… eh… psycho… kine, sis?」


「I have a bad feeling.」


「Me too.」


「Find Maple! Put her on the monitor!」

Right away, Maple appeared on the monitor.




Was flying around in the air on a giant flying turtle raining down poison.




「「…not good.」」


「I told you to check the skills, remember!? I told you!」


「I-I did! But since there was no way Maple was going to take that skill, I thought that adjustment would be fine…」

One of the skill-checkers spoke up, flustered.


「「That’s called self-conceit!!」」


「Anything is possible if it’s Maple! That is 【normal】!」


「WaAaaaAaaAAAaAAh! WAAAaaAaaaaAAhh!」

The shock of the footage, coupled with fatigue, was too much to bear for some, and a few people fainted and fell asleep.


After that, when they gave up and stopped showing the footage on the monitor, everyone’s energy had already run out.

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