Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu Chapter 57


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Defense specialization and new elements.

Maple logs in after three days and waits for Sally at the open space.
After waiting for a while Sally comes.

[Sorry, did you wait?]

[No, I have not waited so long, what are we going to do today?]

[U ̄ n … Thats right, how much maple know about these three days?]

[E? … I don’t know anything at all, I made it so that I could freed from the game influnce.]
Maple does not know what happened in this game in the last three days.
Not only not log in to the game, she even shut down the game information.

[Then, I will explain it one by one]

[Un, please.]

[First of all, the big shield has a newly added skill, it was a skill to resist penetration attacks] (TN: Game Management has Dug their own Graveyard)

Maple was very happy hearing it.
According to Sally, the method to obtain it was informed by the operation.
Maple decide to look at the skill later, and Sally speaks the continuation.

[That’s why this is important, but before that maple after the event done … a new element was added]

[New element?]

[A golden insect called【light insects (Pikachū)】came out somewhere in the field]
According to Sally, various kinds of insects appear in the field, and when it’s defeated it will definitely drop 【proof of light insects (pikachū no akashi)】. (TN: A Pikachu has appeared. no its not my doing i just write the romaji that goggle-sensei show)

[What do you use that for?]

[It is necessary to buy the new element【guild home】]

[Guild … home?]

[There are lots of buildings that you can’t enter in this town right?]

Just looking around the map they are many building.
But, You can’t enter most of this building .
Except for the NPC shops and blacksmiths that players borrow by paying money to NPC.

[You can buy one for one proof, the rank of the guild home that you can buy depending on the type of insect you have]

[Fumufumu, Now I understand]
Sally talks about the benefits of status improvement as a good thing of [guild home], then begins to talk about the number of ‘insects’.

[There are limits to the number of the【light insects (Pikachū)】… there are only a same number of buildings available]

[E e!?]

[The operation seems to gradually increase the number of buildings little by little]
But that does not lead to an increase in the number of current 【light insects (Pikachū)】.
in other words, it won’t compesate for any insect that maple missed.

[the… Then, We must hurry up and search for it!]
For Maple who want to experience 【guild home】.
If she can’t acquire the certificate this time, she don’t know when the next will be.
And, she could not waited it forever.


Sally manipulates the blue screen and take out something from her inventory.

[I already have it, I think that Maple want it.]

[Oh … Oh! Thank you!]

[But … this can only get the right to buy 【guild home】and you need money to buy it.]

[That … how much?]

[5 million gold]

[5 … !?]
Maple confirms his money.
Maple did not need money, so she did not save for it.
Therefore, the possession money of Maple had only a little as 50,000 gold.

[Well … let’s make money today, I want 【guild home】as soon as possible]
Then Maple tries to walk out of town


Sally approaches maple while showing her status screen.
Point a part of it partly and show it to Maple.
In Sally’s possession money column there are five, one zero with six zeros.

[I have already prepared this]

[that’s amazing! Sally is amazing!]

[Hehe … … more praise me more]
There was nothing outrageous to earned this amount of money, it just collecting and selling drop items with full power for three days repeatedly.

After being praised for Maple for a while, Sally speaks.
Sally says to head towards the house that can be bought by Maple and Maple agrees with it.
Maple also began walking along following Sally who knew the place.

[Money, can i return it this time?]

[Well … well you don’t need to return it so much. If you really want to return something, just find something suitable to me?]

[I understood, I gonna search it!]

[Anytime it’s okay]

Sally stops his foot when walking near the edge of the town.
It would be inconvenient to use central plaza and NPC shops.

[It should be around here?]

[You walked a lot,]

[The proof that I got is low in rank … you can buy a guild home in the center of the town if the proof of a better rank is available]

[Just getting it is enough!]
Maple did not care about the size of 【guild home】 etc.
According to Maple’s personality, thought, it was normal to think so.

While walking for a while Maple found a 【guild home】.

[Here … Should be fine]
The back of a road with no traffic.
A quietly existing [guild home] had a hideout atmosphere.

[Surely, I hear that they like maple.]

[Is it OK here?]

[Yeah, it’s okay,]
Then Sally took out the【proof of light insects (pikachū no akashi)】and pressed it against the door.

The white glow filled the alley and the door slowly opened.
The two go inside.

[Oh … quite wide]

When inside they confirmed the interiors at once, wooden furniture of calm color at the center.
In the back of the room, a blue panel was fitted in the wall, and so they could register the guild member by entering the information there.
Because Sally gave the guild master position to Maple Maple is a guild master.
Sally declined the guild master to say that she will stop this time.

[This is still the lowest class guild but … you can still register up to 50 people,]

[Its two stories, but … how much can fit?]

[Well, it may not be comfortable because it has a limit value … who shall we invite? If we not hurry everyone will enter another guild?]

[… … Shall I ask Kasumi and Kanade!]

[I thought about it too, I think it’s good.]
Maple sends a message to them.
Reply comes from two people in a few minutes.
Fortunately neither of them belonged to the guild.
And they are happy for Maple invitation.

[Yatta! Sally! I am gonna going to the square for a while!]

[Take care]
Maple opened the door swiftly and ran away. (TN: with 0 Agility)

Maple arrives at the square.
They were sitting on the edge of the fountain in the center, but when they noticed Maple they came closer.
Maple talks about Kanade and Kasumi introduced them.

[Thank you for both of you! I’m glad you accepted it]

[I am glad you invited me, too]

[Oh, thanks]
while thanking both of them and walking together.
At that time.

[Wha …]
When Maple was staring at the person in peace, the other side came near and noticed it.

[Oh, it’s been a while after the event]

[Chrome-san! It’s been a long time.]
That person was chrome.
The person that Maple meet at the top of a snowy mountain.

[How was the event for Maple? You also entered the snowy mountain after us, right?]
That is, of course, the dwelling place of the monster.

[It was strong, but, I managed to win]
He was expecting that Maple has been defeated it, but he was more surprised by actually hearing it from the person’s mouth.
Well, I guess she defeated 【that】.

[Well, with that strength you can join any guild you want … Well … There are places that have some conditions too …]

[Guild … … That’s right! Would you like to join my guild too, if you don’t have any plan yet?]
Chrome had a party at the 2nd event, so Maple thought it was impossible.
Therefore, she didn’t send a message, but she thought that she would talk to him if she meet him.

[Is it okay? If Maple is good, I am willing to enter …]
Chrome said that the last party for the event was only once at that time.
In other words, chrome is free now.

With that, Maple took Chrome and four people headed to [Guild Home].

[I’m home!]

[Welcome back, are you brought Chrome too?]

[I meet him by chance and ask him to join!]

[Well, let’s register all of them]
Three newly people finish inputting their name to the blue panel at the back of the room.

[By the way … Have you decide the Guild name?.]

[Maple decides, because she is the Guild Master]

[I think that is good as well]

[Yes, I agree.]
Maple tries to think from four people.
After a while Maple entered the Guild name in the panel.

【Maple Tree】

This guild named by Maple acts as a small guild.

And later it will be called 【Outer Devil’s】 or 【Makai】, but that is still ahead.

Author note
The guild system.
Real money seems to be moving.
please Don’t mind it.
Please. Please.

Player Reborn (2019)
Dragon Ball Multiverse
Spirit Sword Sovereign
Random Room (Espau00f1ol)

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