Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu Chapter 57

Defense Specialization and Loot


「Alright, I took them down!」

Maple lowered Syrup’s altitude.

She was trying to slowly descend, clinging to its legs, but, of course, she slipped off.

Maple put Syrup back in the ring and headed over to Sally.


「I’m back!」


「You evolve in inscrutable ways sometimes, don’t you, Maple?」





The things they got during the second event were a great shield and scrolls.

They obtained those in the cave where the snails were.

While the two had been thinking of checking them later, they had forgotten about them, so they decided to check them now.

Depending on their performance, Maple might be able to evolve further.


「I guess we’ll start with the scrolls.」

This was the scroll that allowed one to learn the 【Encouragement】 skill.

Sally and Kasumi also had this scroll.



Increases 【STR】 and 【AGI】 of party members within a 15 meter radius by 20% for one minute.

Has no effect on the user.


「It’s for a party… it’s pointless for me to use it, isn’t it?」

Even if Sally raised Maple’s status, it would be meaningless.

No matter by what percentage a 0 is increased, it’ll still be a 0.

On the other hand, if it were a 【VIT】 increase, it would have probably been different, but increasing these two wouldn’t be necessary, it seems.

Even so, Sally learned it, just because she could.

Maple, naturally, learned it as well.


「Well then, I guess the great shield is next.」

The great shield that she gave Kasumi the staff and spear in exchange for was made of purple crystals.

Looking at this great shield, Maple vividly remembered the snail-infested cave.


「The walls were like this, weren’t they?」


「Yes they were… maybe I’d want to go back if it weren’t for the snails.」

Maple checked the abilities of the great shield.


『Violet Crystal Mass』

【VIT +30】

【Crystal Wall】


Maple checked the skills.

The value of this great shield depended on this skill since the 【VIT】 increase value was lower than 【Snow White】.


【Crystal Wall】

Makes a wall with HP equal to the HP of the player who activated the skill appear within a 5 meter radius of that player.

After using it, you can use it again after 5 minutes.


「Hmm… it’s sort of useful, sort of not.」

If it was the same 【VIT】 value, it would have been terrifying.

Every five minutes, an obstacle with the same defense as Maple would spring up to protect her.


「If Maple’s HP was high, it could have been quite useful.」

If you allocated 1 status point to HP, your HP increased by 20. The same applied to MP.

Because of this, rather than min-maxing VIT, it would be better to allocate them to HP and acquire a percentage recovery skill like Meditation, which would certainly increase your survivability.

This was one reason why min-maxing 【VIT】 didn’t become commonplace.

Only when you begin to approach Maple’s level does the damage reduction of 【VIT】 turn you into a monster.


「Maybe I’ll use it once in a while.」

Maple tucked the great shield away in her inventory.

Maple thought that, because of 【Crystal Wall】, it wouldn’t go unused completely.


「So this thing is why Maple’s great shield is enough for her, isn’t it…」

The thing Sally mentioned was, of course, 【Replica of the Dark Night】.

There probably weren’t many great shields that surpassed it.


「Come to think of it… my level’s gone up.」


「Mine went up too. While Maple was playing with the squid, I was killing fish.」





HP 40/40〈+160〉

MP 12/12 〈+10〉


【STR 0】

【VIT 180〈+141〉】

【AGI 0】

【DEX 0】

【INT 0】



Head 【Blank】

Body 【Black Rose Armor】

Right hand 【New Moon: Hydra】

Left hand 【Replica of the Dark Night: Eating Inedibles】

Legs 【Black Rose Armor】

Shoes 【Black Rose Armor】

Accessories 【Bridge of Bonds】

【Toughness Ring】

【Ring of Life】



【Absolute Defense】 【Giant Killing】 【Hydra Eater】 【Bomb Eater】 【Meditation】 【Provocation】 【Inhumane】 【Great Shield Mastery IV】 【Body Management】 【Attack Deflection】 【Shield Attack】

【HP Increase (Low)】 【MP Increase (Low)】

【Cover Move I】 【Cover】

【Indomitable Guardian】


【Fortress】 【Encouragement】






HP 32/32

MP 45/45〈+35〉


【STR 30〈+20〉】

【VIT 0】

【AGI 85〈+68〉】

【DEX 25〈+20〉】

【INT 30〈+20〉】



Head 【Water Surface Muffler: Mirage】

Body 【Oceanic Coat: Ocean】

Right hand 【Dagger of the Ocean Depths】

Left hand 【Dagger of the Sea Floor】

Legs 【Oceanic Leggings】

Shoes 【Black Boots】

Accessories 【Bridge of bonds】





【Status Debuff Attack III】 【Sword Attack Combos II】

【Gale Slash】 【Muscle Strengthening (Low)】

【Consecutive Attack Strengthening (Low)】 【Down Attack】

【Power Attack】

【Switch Attack】 【Body Arts V】

【Short Sword Mastery II】 【Jack of All Trades and Master of None】 【Defense Break】 【Super Acceleration】 【Ancient Sea】

【Following Blade】 【Encouragement】

【Fire Magic I】 【Water Magic II】 【Wind Magic III】

【Earth Magic I】 【Dark Magic I】 【Light Magic II】

【Fire Ball】 【Water Ball】

【Water Wall】

【Wind Cutter】 【Wind Wall】 【Cyclone Cutter】

【Sand Cutter】

【Dark Ball】

【Refresh】 【Heal】

【MP Increase (Low)】 【MP Cut (Low)】

【MP Recovery Speed Increase (Low)】 【Magic Mastery II】

【Fishing】 【Swimming X】 【Diving X】 【Cooking I】

【Mining Speed Increase (Low)】 【Hiding Presence II】

【Sensing Presence II】 【Stealthy Feet II】 【Leap III】

【Poison Resistance (Low)】



「I’m almost level 30!」


「I’ve worked pretty hard, but I still can’t close the gap.」


「How many levels do you think the highest level person has right now?」


「Before the event, I think it was 61? Right now, level 100 is the limit… but when that person reaches it, maybe they’ll release the upper limit or something.」


「61!? Woah… amazing…! I don’t think we’re getting anywhere near there for the time being.」


「That’s why people like that are on a whole other level. No… Maple is on a whole other level too.」

Said Sally, who was also getting the “inhuman” status on the Internet.

Unlike the previous event, no footage had been broadcast, so she was not that famous yet, but it was only a matter of time.

She would soon join the ranks of beings of a whole other level.


「Tomorrow is school… it kind of feels like it’s been a long time.」


「Yeah. Should we log out early today?」


「Yep! Let’s do that.」

The two each logged out.

Their vision was filled with light.





Kaede checked the clock as she returned to the real world.


「…It’s really been only two hours…」

Looking at the clock in the real world once again reminded her of this.

Closing her eyes and thinking back on the intense seven days of the event, Kaede could picture them vividly in her mind.

There were many difficult battles, but more than that, the fact that she and Risa had a good time together was most memorable.


「I wonder if there will be another event like that? …I hope I can get Kasumi and Kanade to be with us next time…」

Kaede was immersed in the aftertaste for a while, but then switched over and moved on to studying to prepare for tomorrow.


「I wonder if Risa is studying properly? …She’s probably in bed already…」

Just when she was about to say that she should study properly before she was banned again, Kaede realized something.


「Really… I guess I am hooked.」

Her thinking of playing together with Risa was similar to Risa’s before Kaede started playing the game.

Best friends tend to influence each other.


「Now… I think I can understand Risa’s feelings a little better after she invited me like that.」

Deciding to talk about all sorts of things when they would meet again tomorrow, Kaede concentrated on her studies.

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