Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu Chapter 58

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Defense specialization and production materials

Maple flies past the fields on the back of syrup.
We are going to faraway place and it much faster than walking,so it can be helped.

「Kanade! Best regards for today」

「Leave it to me!」
The reason why she riding with Kanade today is for gathering materials.

The next day, after cofirming the guild formation the new guild finally started.
Today, they are going to the mine to stock up material for the workshop inside 【Guild Home】.
The other three people, Sally, Chrome, and Kasumi are heading to different places to collect wood and drop items.

Because Kanade poured all her ability for production, Battle was cleared by Maple.
Originally,Kanade not good at exercising, so she can’t fight properly.

Instead, the level of production skills is high.
Weapons, cloth products, accessories, furniture.
Everything is possible.

「Because I can have an escort,can I go 【Mining】! 」
Since Kanade had 【Mining V】, she decided to head to the mine.
to excavate an ore.

Because the golem also comes out on the mine, golem material collection is Maple job.

「This time 【 God Archive (Akashic Records )】was helpful」
Kanade explains this skill to all guild members.

【 God Archive (Akashic Records )】
Acquire a total of nine skills, randomly from production skills, combat skills, and other skills, three each at a time.
Skill level is medium or fixed.
Acquisition skill disappears after one day of use.
Skills already acquired are not chosen.

「Weapons skills other than canes are useless, so it will be up to you whether you will be able to fight or not.」
When Kanade level up, she got enough strength to fight even without this skill, But, this skill has a secret value.
It is the key to creating a new strategy.

Kanade can use different skills every day.
Sometimes, It exerts a terrible effect.

「I can see it!」

「yōshi! ikō!(Let’s go!)」
Even though magic and arrow flew several time on their way, every time it happen Maple took care of it by jumped in to the front of the player.

The reason why the attack stopped was not because Maple’s attention was working but it was because they surprised at maple that suddenly appeared, but such thing was unknown to Maple.

「Because we are going to the mine interior,please stay close with me」

「ryōkai! (Roger!) 」
They advance in the cave which continues into the mine.
Although there are no beautiful crystals like in the snail cave, but you can find the ore exposed in many places, so Kanade will use 【Mining】as soon as she finds it.

「Let’s keep going!( dondon ikō!)」

「Un, let’s do that」
As syrup is put back in the ring, Maple only protecting Kanade.
Since golem did not use big shields and 【poison dragon (hydra)】, she was able to beat them with a weak poison attack.

While collect the golem’s drop items as well.

There are various types of ores in this mine, but high-quality ores don’t come out so often.

「Iron ore, ash crystal, stones …」
The sound of Kanade Pickaxe echoes.
Every time an ore is obtained, nothing noteworthy to mention.
The two advanced steadily down the division road and finished mining from the mining point at the far end.

「Well… let’s just focus on quantity than quality!」
Says Maple.

「No … if it like this …」
It seemed that Kanade could not approve of drift.
Ore is better than quantity.

「A, how about the way back? ….. Will we able to come out properly?.」

「I remember everything if it’s a way back so it’s okay?」

「o !not bad, then … please give me a guide」
Kanade went on without any hesitation in the cave with many divisions, and she was able to go outside without mistaking the way.

Sally were in the forest.
Here is the main battle, collecting drop items.

「Aren’t Sally-chan really amazing?」
Chrome mocks.
Before Chrome’s eyes there is a sally that attacking enemy while avoiding.
Although it seems like some attack will hit her, it does not hit even once.

「O … amazing … Aura」
It’s Sally that mutters.
A pale aura overflows from Sally ‘s body.
Sally defeated the monster for Maple and sold the drop item and prepared a large amount of gold.

At that time the level rose.

And she got a skill.

【Sword Dance (ken no mai)】
Every time you attack, STR rise 1%
Up to 100%
Rising value disappears when damaged.

The acquisition condition was no damage until reaching level 25.
A pale aura is due to this skill.

When against Sally.    (TN: not sure サリーを相手にする場合 here the raw)

She have to attack in order to beat it, but it will be disadvantageous if she attack.

「I can’t do maple with this」

「E… how much is maple’s VIT value?」

「Should i ask Maple? I think she will tell me?」
While saying so, Sally glanced at Chrome.

Chrome’s battle would be a steady if it represents in a single word.
Take the attack with a big shield and damage it by cutting with a dagger.
How he use big shields is good,and playing the attack properly.
Furthermore, he stood while checking the state of the game so as not to be surrounded.

「Is that the original way to use shield」

There was no flashy move like Maple, but PS definitely exceeded Maple.
As Maple does not need to take attacks with a shield like Chrome, how she use the big shields is not good.

The body is harder than the big shield.
Rather, there are many people who are pulling big shields to leave bad snacks.

「This guild is a minority 【normally】that is..」
Maple, Sally, Kanade are abnormal frames.
Kasumi, Chrome is a normal frame.
it sticking one foot into an abnormal frame in terms of production.
Chrome also finished the battle safely and three people arrive on the way back.

「Me too….. would I become abnormal in this guild?」

「Am I supposed to be that way?」

「Maybe it will tint into maple colors」
It is a subtle place whether to be obediently pleased.
This time it is the number that is exerting power using the materials that each brought back.

The two pairs meet outside the town, and went in together.

It is a conspicuous five persons.
Maple is quite obvious.
Chrome and Kasumi are the winners of the first event. Equipment is also luxurious and eye-catching.
Several people reflexively withdraw their weapons when looking at Sally.
Kanade collapsed and assembled with Rushikashaba at high speed with Rashikashube repeatedly to kill time.     (TN: i don’t get this line right. cause i don’t know any right word to describe it so Anyone want to check it for me)

It would be unavoidable that there were those who followed the five people heading to the edge of the town.

Dragon Ball Multiverse
Random Room (Espau00f1ol)
Player Reborn (2019)
Spirit Sword Sovereign

Chapter end


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