Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu Chapter 58

Defense Specialization and Massive Blunders


Next morning.

Kaede sat up in bed.


「I was so fidgety I couldn’t sleep much…」

Lying in her bed for the first time in what felt like seven days, Kaede was restless and hadn’t been able to sleep.



Kaede finished getting ready and was walking to school.


「It’s pretty hot today.」

Kaede hurriedly made her way to the school, trying not to break a sweat.





When she entered the classroom, Risa was already there.

These two came to school early as usual, so they were the only ones in the classroom.


「Good morning, Kaede.」


「Good morning, Risa!」

Kaede put her bags on her seat and went up to Risa.


「I feel like it’s been a long time since I’ve been to school!」


「Indeed. Well, with us being in there for seven days… oh yeah, I think you should be careful today, Kaede, ya know.」


「Eh? W-what for?」

Even though she was told to be careful, Kaede didn’t know what to be careful about.


「You were always on guard for monsters and players in the game, weren’t you? The habits from over there might show up accidentally.」

What Risa was saying was that their Maple or Sally side might come out if they didn’t pay attention.


「Still, I’ve been playing for quite a while now, but that hasn’t happened before, has it?」


「Well, just in case, okay? You’ve never done something like being logged in for seven days in a row before, right, Kaede?」


「Sure… yep, I get it! I’ll be careful.」

As they were talking like that, occasionally another student would come into the classroom.

Kaede stopped talking five minutes before class started and returned to her seat.









Upon returning home that day…

Making it to her room with unsteady steps, Kaede buried her face in the pillow and shouted.


「…I want to forget this day ever happeeeeeeeeened!」

Kaede thought back on her day today.





First period.



Kaede, who was so restless yesterday that she couldn’t sleep well, dozed off, which was a rare occurrence for her.

The change of seats meant that she was seated closer to the window, and being in a moderately sunny environment contributed to her drowsiness.

And people for whom dozing off was a rare occurrence would be woken up.

(Risa was already the type to not be woken up.)

The girl seated next to Kaede was told by the teacher to poke her to wake her up.


「Mm… mm? …Yawn… is it time for a change of guard already? …Oh?」

She said that in a rather loud voice while stretching herself.

Kaede’s words caused murmurs around the classroom.

At this point, Kaede remembered where she was, but it was already too late.


「That’s why I told you to be careful.」

Risa quietly muttered, looking at Kaede.


「…pay attention to the lesson.」


「Y-yes… I’m sorry.」

This was the first blunder.






The next one happened during the break after the third period.

The corridor on the way back to the classroom from the restroom.

There were many people walking in the corridor, perhaps because of out-of-classroom lessons.
TL Note: [jp]

It just so happened that a girl walking behind Kaede bumped into another student as she passed him, causing her to drop the textbook and pencil case she was holding in her hands.

Naturally, they made a sound when they fell to the ground.



Kaede had already executed a beautiful turn, thrusting her left hand out and bringing her right hand to her hip.

It was a move she had practiced over and over again after Risa told her to do it.


It would have probably been a perfect reaction in the right place.

It’s just that neither the great shield nor the short sword were available in this one place.


「Eh? Eh—?」

The schoolgirl froze when she saw Kaede suddenly pose in front of her.

Kaede slowly pulled her arm back, gave an awkward smile, and left the place quickly.

At this point, Kaede’s mental state was already in shambles.

Anyone would feel down after two massive blunders in front of people.



Kaede was very careful with her words and actions to avoid any more blunders.

However, what happens twice will happen thrice.

The more you think about trying not to blunder, the more likely you are to blunder, that’s a common scenario.





After lunch, during P.E.


Dodgeball at the gym.

Kaede and Risa were on the same team.

At this point, the elimination of Kaede’s team was no longer possible.

No matter how hard anyone tried, they couldn’t hit Risa.

The other team was relentlessly targeting Risa, but they couldn’t land a hit on her.

Unlike in the game, she had no need to dodge at the last minute, so there was no way she would be hit.


「As amazing as ever…」

Had she stopped looking at Risa at this point, the biggest blunder of the day that followed might not have happened.



If the other team, which was only targeting Risa, suddenly changed their aim, the probability of being taken out would increase.

This time, Kaede was the new target.

Kaede’s response was delayed because she was looking in Risa’s direction.


When Kaede looked at the ball in response to Risa’s voice, the ball was already flying straight at her.


If it was the former Kaede, she would have crouched or jumped to the side right away.


However, Kaede’s current approach to avoiding something flying at her lately was not like that.


「【Cover mo… ah—!」

She realized at the last moment and covered her mouth with both hands as quickly as she could, but this meant she was not able to either dodge or catch the ball.

And headshots counted.


「Kaede! Are you alright?」


「I’m all good…」

For Kaede, there were no problems, except that people immediately started talking about her shouting something.

The silver lining was that none of the girls here, save for Risa, had played NewWorld Online, so they weren’t quite sure what Kaede had said.


「I’m going to take a bit of a break…」


「That’s one good idea.」

Kaede rested her back against the wall and hung her head.








These were all the blunders of the day.


「…Let’s stop playing games for a little while.」

For the next three days, Kaede didn’t log in even once, just to be sure.

Did that work, or did her determination work?

After three days, Kaede didn’t blunder even once.












Author’s note:

For these 「Three Days」 Kaede did not get any information about NewWorld Online.

Risa was also very careful.


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