Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu Chapter 62


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Defense specialization and skill acquisition.

After choosing the extra quest route, Maple went out of the temple to look for the lady but the lady was nowhere to be found.

「they seem to have go home first …?」
After exploring around the temple for a while, Maple also head back to town with Syrup. Upon arriving, Maple headed for the lady’s house immediately.
「… … How is it going?」 Maple opens the door of the lady’s house quietly.

The girl was asleep.
The hurt expression that she had so far disappeared, it was a calm sleeping face.

「Knight(Kishi-sama) … … My daughter …… My daughter won’t wake up ……」
Maple approached the girl to check the situation, but it showed that the girl was not breathing.

「Er, … No way? Huh?」

「I … I’m buying an apple for my daughter … Because my daughter likes apples ……」
The lady went out as she said so, with a gauntly footsteps.
she did not seem to be in a normal state as she won’t accept the current situation.

「E… e!?,  the quest has advanced!」
Maple has confirmed the current quest that she had, but noticed that the girl’s body began to shine lightly.
Maple stands right next to the girl.
Maple checks the girl and was observing as to what was going on.

「Letters …… of light?」
Yellow light overflowing from the girl formed letters in the air.

「Three days later … 【A corrupted church】?」
After Maple took a little look at the letters, the light overflowing from the girl faded away and disappeared.

「I wonder if I should go there …? But where is that place ….. There was a library in this town … Shall I look it up in there?」
Maple went out outside, and as if to replace her the lady came back.   Maple came to the library as intended.

「Well … There is a map, right?」
Maple looks for books with maps on the second layer.
Although she found some map, there was nothing written in detail.
At most it is enough to learn the terrain.

「U ̄ n … it was different from what I thought … …」
As there is still much time left for the quest, Maple decided to stop the game here and cut out the investigation for today.
Next day.
Maple came out of the library after investigating.

「Was it on the history shelf?… I must have missed it……」
Maple discovered some note written about the church in the corner of the book about the history in this game.

「Three days later … I do not know what’s in there, I guess I should buy some potion」 Maple was getting ready for anything that gonna happen three day later.

「It is comfortable thanks to Syrup!」
Maple praise Syrup while heading south.
She get off from syrup at the entrance of the forest which spread to the south, and goes into the forest.

「I can afford it if there is no one to protect」
Occasionally appearing monsters hit her armor and make a Gashan Gashan noise.
But, they cannot damage Maple.
It was nothing new for Maple

However, Maple did not use Syrup and she was incredibly slow so it took about two hours to get to the church.


「Ha~a … I have not walked lately …」
Maple was tired and thought that she should walk to explore occasionally. In front of Maple there was a ruffled church at last.

「Yoshi, Let’s enter it!」
The door has already gone away, and the interior has been eroded by ivy and vegetation.
Maple walks in the center of the room where the chair is lining up.
On the front wall there is a large cross which is tilted, and even if it is old it still exists.
Maple noticed something shining sparkling on the floor beneath it.

The identity of the light was a small bottle of glowing gas.
Maple looks at the information of the vial.

【Archangels’ fragments】

「It is somewhat amazing … … (Na, nandaka sugo-sō)」
Maple took it as an important item and headed for the girl as soon as possible.

Maple gently opens the door of the lady’s house and enters inside.

「Knight(Kishi-sama) … What’s happen?」

「There is something I want to try for a bit」
Maple standing right next to the sleeping girl, took out the small bottle from the inventory and opened the lid.
At that moment, the girl’s body starts to shine dazzlingly.

「Uwa! ?」

「Knight(Kishi-sama)! What’s happening!」

「E, i, I can’t see it! ?」
The glow that overflowed from the girl formed a beautiful woman shape this time the same manner as when the light shaped the letters before.
While staring at the lady where Maple is standing she began to speak.

「Thank you. I was about to take away this child’s life」

「Wa, ha~a…so, that was happening?」

「To you, a part of my strength … with this I can finally return home…」
In the end the light rushed to heaven and disappeared.

At the same time the girl wake up.

「What … Mother(Okā-san) …?」

「A, a…… āaa!」
The lady hugs the girl.
The girl seemed have no idea on what is happening.

「I wonder if it is a onetime occasion…?」
Although the way it ended was not understood by Maple, she was convinced because the display of Quest Clear was out.

Maple gently got out and confirmed the skills she got.

「【Dedicated charity(Mi sasagu jiai)】 … uwa …… What is this」
Maple murmurs while checking the details of the skill.
And she thought of something and started running toward the guild home. 「Izu-san!」

「…What’s wrong? Why are you in such a hurry」

「I want you to make a set of equipment, but … can you do it?」

「Well … I can do it but I want to know what kind of equipment it is … is there something wrong?」

「…… Because I do not understand it well, will you come with me for a while?」

「Seriously … What happened …?」
Maple headed for the field with Izu.
And Maple used the new skills.

Five days from that day.
When Izu logged in she thought about the equipment at the workshop and kept making prototypes until she was satisfied.

「Not like this … Equipment suitable for 【Ale】 is not like this …!」
such voice was echoing in the workshop.  (TN: Don’t ask me what Ale mean i don’t know myself it just the raw only give アレ this (Are) in katakana)

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