Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu Chapter 7

Defense Specialization and First Interaction


「I guess I’m here again today…」

This was the third day in a row that she logged in. She did say she just wanted to keep Risa company, but while waiting for her, she got hooked to the hilt.

The sense of accomplishment she got when getting new skills or raising her defense evermore got her completely addicted, and before she knew it, she was already turning on her hardware.

As for Risa, her parents told her she couldn’t play because she had to study.


「Tee-hee… I’m here having fun by myself, you know.」

Kaede was about to walk out again today when she looked around and suddenly thought of something.


「I… I’m still in my starting gear!」

A flimsy short sword and an undecorated shield.

That was it. Looking at the people around, there were a few who looked like high-level players, and those people were wearing stylish and decorated equipment.

After throwing glances around for a while, she spotted a man a short distance away equipped with a nice looking great shield.

Kaede trotted up to the man and called out to him.


「Um, excuse me, where can I get a cool shield like yours?」


「Hmm? What? Oh, like mine?」

The man seemed surprised to be called out to so suddenly.


「Yup! This great shield of yours looks so cool!」


「Yeah, well. Thanks… this one was made to order. I had a crafter make it for me for money.」


「Mm-hmm… I see…」


「Let’s see… do you want me to introduce you to one? Just because we’re both great shielders.」


「Yup! Please do!」


「Well, follow me then.」

There was a possibility that this could just be a scam, but since Kaede was already only thinking about the great shield, she hadn’t thought about such a thing at all.

It was probably fortunate for Kaede that this guy was really just a kind man because—


「No way… To think she’d just come up and talk to me… I’ll write about that on the forum later.」

Yes, this man was the Unnamed Great Shield User from a certain forum.





After walking for a while, they entered one of the shops.

Inside, a woman was working behind the counter.


「Oh my, welcome, Chrome. What’s going on? Isn’t it a little early for shield maintenance?」


「It is. I just found a newbie with a great shield and brought her in… couldn’t resist the urge.」

When Chrome said that, Kaede stepped out from behind him.


「Oh my, what a cute girl… Chrome, so you brought this girl in because you couldn’t resist the urge? Should I report you then?」

Saying that, the shopkeeper woman brought up a blue panel.


「W-wait a minute! That was just a figure of speech!」


「Tee-hee… I know. It was just a joke, a joke.」


Sigh… it’s bad for my heart, so please don’t joke like that.」

Chrome said and let out a sigh of relief.


「And you should know better than to follow suspicious people so easily, you know?」


「Ah… all right.」


「I’m not suspicious, you know!?」


「Tee-hee, well, enough with the chatting, what brings you here?」


「This girl was saying how she wants a cool great shield, so I thought I’d at least introduce her to you.」


「I see. My name is Iz. As you can see, I’m a crafter, and I mostly specialize in smithing. I can do stuff like compounding, too, though.」


「Ahh… that’s great! Eh, um, I’m Maple!」

Although it was the first interaction she’d had in the game and she was nervous, Kaede was able to tell her name without tripping over her tongue.


「Maple-chan, then. Why is it that you picked the great shield?」


「Well… I don’t like pain, so I thought I’d raise my defense.」


「Hmm… I see, I see. Then, VIT-focused gear sounds right up your alley… but… you don’t have the budget, do you?」

Kaede checked her budget. Since she hadn’t bought anything yet, she had the starting 3000G.


「Er, will 3000 gold be fine?」

Kaede asked, just to make sure.


「Tee-hee… that wouldn’t be quite enough. I need 1000000 gold at the least.」

At that moment, that was a dizzying amount of money for Kaede.


「Ugh… I’ll have to forget about fashion for a while, I guess.」


「You know, you can always dive into a dungeon if you want to. There are many treasures in those. Why don’t you go into one of those to earn some money? Though, I don’t know if there are any powerful great shields there.」

After that, she added Chrome and Iz as friends so that she could keep in touch with them.

She bowed her head to the friendly two and left the shop.

For the moment, Kaede decided that she had two goals: to earn money and to go to a dungeon.


「I want some cool gear, alright!」






241 Name: Unnamed Great Shield User

I ran into the girl with the great shield, or more specifically, I added her as a friend lol


242 Name: Unnamed Spear User



243 Name: Unnamed Bow User



244 Name: Unnamed Great Shield User

When I logged in, she was throwing glances around so much, and when our eyes met for a second, she ran over and talked to me lol


245 Name: Unnamed Great Sword User

Great shield girl can really communicate.


246 Name: Unnamed Magic User


And then what?


247 Name: Unnamed Great Shield User

She said I had a cool great shield.

I said I’d introduce her to a crafter, and she followed me.

Her AGI was so low that she had a hard time keeping up with me, and I had to stop for her a lot along the way.


248 Name: Unnamed Spear User


What’s your AGI?


249 Name: Unnamed Great Shield User

Hold on, I’m putting it all together now.



Her name is Maple

She has not entered any party

The reason she chose the great shield was that she didn’t want to be hurt by attacks, so she wanted to increase her defense.

A very frank and lively girl.



She’s a very nice girl.


Ah, we oughta look out for her.

And since I’d like to exchange information with you guys about Maple, I’ll deanon myself.

For starters, I go by the name of Chrome.

My AGI is 20.

I’d like to register you guys as friends, so I’d be happy if you could come tomorrow around 22:00 to the fountain at the square.


250 Name: Unnamed Spear User

Thanks for the info. No way in hell you are Chrome!

We’ve got a top player here!


251 Name: Unnamed Magic User

You’re too famous. I’m freaking out lol.


252 Name: Unnamed Bow User

Alright, I’ll be there on time lol.

I mean, Maple-chan got outrun by an AGI 20 player, maybe she really is minmaxing VIT.


253 Name: Unnamed Great Sword User

Then, do you think we should keep watching over Maple-chan from now on?


254 Name: Unnamed Spear User

Sure thing!


255 Name: Unnamed Bow User

Sure thing!


256 Name: Unnamed Magic User

Sure thing!


257 Name: Unnamed Great Shield User

Sure thing!




Of course, there was no way Kaede would know about this forum.

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