Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 104

Defense Specialization and Breaking Barriers



Sally could feel that her senses were sharper than usual.

And those senses became even sharper as she became absorbed in combat.

It was then that Sally heard the voice of someone who must have been a commander.



The familiar voice was from Frederica, she had no doubt about it.

In other words, these players were from the Assembly of Holy Blades.

Sally started to think of ways to come out of this situation alive.


“‘Attack Guidance’!”

Sally dodged the first magic attack.

Then the players in the front suddenly changed their movements and began to advance.

It seemed like they all had information about her.


In order to survive, it was necessary for Sally to continue to take the initiative.

She had to be able to control their actions, or she would die in an instant.


“Thank you, Frederica.”

She said quietly, though she still couldn’t see her. Sally continued to dodge the attacks of the oncoming players.


“‘Attack Guidance’!”

Hearing those words caused the players to become slower.

It was so unexpected that it caused them to hesitate and panic, making their movements sluggish.

And they had not realized that her power was not finished after two attacks.

However, because she had no support skills, Sally had to dodge all of the oncoming attacks by herself.


“Amazing…everything looks different.”

Sally was surprised at the change in her awareness.

It was as if the world she was seeing through heavy concentration was now sped up, and the swords that attacked her were slow.

And she could now use the fear sensor, which she had not been able to before, no matter how much she trained.

And she could use it much better than Dread.


She was able to understand all of the danger that approached her as if they were things that happened in the past.


This awakening that occurred when she passed her limits had temporarily pushed Sally to new heights.


“I can’t hit her!! Damn it!”


“I won’t lose. I won’t lose…!”

All of Sally’s attacks landed, on all of the attacks towards her missed their mark.

By the time that Frederica started to feel suspicious over the fact that she had used ‘Attack Guidance’ so repeatedly, Sally had already killed 20 players.

And then Frederica found the answer.


“It’s not…a skill?”

But even if that were the case, the only thing that would remain was the fact that there was nothing that she could do about it.

It just meant that she would not be able to deal with it.

Gradually, the rest of the players came to this horrifying realization as well.


However, there was nothing that they could do.


Sally saw that angrily swung sword come down, and she dodged it.

And it wasn’t just a dodge.

She dodged it at the last possible moment and connected it to a deadly counter attack.



Magic attacks assaulted Sally, but she already had an idea of the timing that they would come.


“‘Shoulder Throw.’”

She put away her weapons and grabbed a player before hurling him into the air.

The magic attacks that were raining from the sky were blocked by the thrown player, leaving the area where Sally stood completely safe.

As there was no friendly fire, the player did not take any damage, but that didn’t mean that Sally didn’t have daggers pointed up for when the player fell back down.


“What kind of monster…!?”

There were still nearly 70 players left, which meant that nearly 30 had been killed.

The fact that was the most certain, was that Sally had done this all by herself, which caused many of the other players to lose heart.


“Oboro, ‘Shadow Clone.’”

Sally could not be stingy when it came to using what was in her arsenal.

She had to constantly think of new, unexpected ways to stop her enemies from being able to think.


“I will survive…and crush you!!”

Sally’s clones ran through the field, but unlike the original, they were quickly killed. But still, for every clone that went down, they dragged an enemy down with them.

And in the meantime, Sally was trying to break through their walls in order to survive.


Just then.


“I got you!!”

A single sword stabbed into Sally’s back.

Cheers rose from the players at the first blow that had actually landed.


“Nope. Not yet.”

The illusion that had been made with ‘Mirage’ disappeared into thin air.

Everything she did was unexpected.

She was a big enough threat, that even Frederica, who had only been calling out orders at first, had to enter the fight.


In fact, had Sally not been awakened through breaking through her limits, this fight would have been long over.

It was necessary for Sally to exceed her limits in order for her to break through their trap, and there was a need for the enemy to prevent Sally from exceeding her limits.


“‘Multi-Fire Bullets!’”

Frederica looked at Sally as if she could not believe what she was seeing.

Not even one hit could land on her.

If only she would be off by a few millimeters, she could hit her, but even those few millimeters seemed so far away.


“This is crazy…!”

Even Sally could not risk dealing any reckless attacks, which meant that the rate that players died was slow, but they were still being killed all the same.


Frederica had chosen this spot as there were many obstacles to hide behind, but now it was all to Sally’s advantage in her bid to survive.


“Tsk…my pursuers have caught up with me.”

The players that had been chasing Sally joined the fray as a third party.

Sally was aware of this as she dodged Frederica’s magic attacks.


“Fine. I can still…?”

It happened suddenly.

Her legs stopped moving, and suddenly, her knees buckled and fell to the ground.


“‘Water Wall’!!”

Sally had somehow dodged all of the falling fire bullets but then collapsed right after them. The enemy surrounded her cautiously, but securely.


The only reason that they did not attack her immediately, was because they were afraid that she would do something unexpected again.

Especially as she had already killed so many of them.


Sally was moving past what should have been possible.

It was not something that could last for long.

Sally saw Frederica and the others make a tight circle around her, and she muttered quietly.


“I won’t lose the next time.”


“‘Multi-Fire Bullets.’”


Frederica chanted, and an explosive sound erupted.

But it wasn’t from Frederica’s magic.

The sky filled with flames, and something fell at a tremendous speed, a tail of smoke streaked behind it like a comet.


It fell between Frederica and Sally.

In the next instant, the light of the fire bullets blinded everyone who was watching.


When the light faded, the person who slowly stood up was a girl with white wings and black armor.


“I won’t let you. Never.”


It was Maple.


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