Defense Specialization and Something Unexpected.



1 AM midnight.

Sally was so focused on taking orbs that she did not return to the base even once.

She gained a lot from this. Sally had 10 orbs in her inventory. That was astonishing in itself, but collecting orbs wasn’t Sallys only goal. And so she could not return just yet. However, she was close to achieving her goal.


“Phew…I should go back soon.”


Sally was exhausted but continued to run. Her pursuers would appear as soon as she stopped. It had been like this for a while.



Sally stopped and hid in the shadow of a rock. She concentrated again and sensed the presence of other players.

And it wasn’t just 10 or 20 of them.


Much more.

Yes, over 100.

“I’m surrounded…!”

She was so tired that she hadn’t realized that her scouting abilities were not as sharp now.

It was clear that the numerous players hiding in a wide area around her knew exactly where she was.

“…One of these orbs was connected to a large guild…!”

Sally reached this conclusion.

However, she did not know which one it was, so she could not throw it out and run.

“…They are not going to let me get away with it.”

Sally quickly used the control panel to see the positions of the other Maple Tree members. Then she sent them all a message before taking out 5 doping seeds.


“…I’ll get back no matter what.”

Sally said with determination. Then the area around her turned bright like it was midday.

Someone had used magic to create a small sun in the sky. Now she would not be able to escape in the shadows. It was clear that they were prepared to defeat her after trapping her.


“…Quite lucky for them to have caught a large prey in their trap.”


Sally swallowed all of the doping seeds and stepped out from behind the rock. One by one, the players that surrounded her came out from their hiding places. They were separated just enough to make it easier to fight, but not enough for her to slip through.


“Good, we have her! Let’s go!”


The players raised their voices and tried to charge, but they suddenly stopped in their tracks.


“Have her? Are you sure?”


It was because Sally suddenly appeared differently. It wasn’t just a look of intense concentration. Sally was emitting a clear murderous will.

Take one step and you are dead. Her glare said this and more as her mouth twisted into a smile.

Sally had such a strong presence that they began to feel that they had a large disadvantage.

As for Sally herself, she was exhausted to the bone.

But there was a source of strength that she had access to when she had exceeded her limit.

Her senses were sharper than ever now, her body became lighter.

“I…will survive this.”

With renewed inspiration, Sally readied her daggers.





As no one would attack them, Maple had nothing to do when the message arrived.

“From Sally? What could it be?”

The message was a single line.

I might die. Sorry.

That was all that was written.

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