Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 102

Defense Specialization and Towards Tomorrow



While Kanade was stealing the orb, Sally continued to attack other guilds under the cover of night.


“Oboro, let’s go.”

Sally said as she quietly snuck closer to the small guild.

Most of the guilds that were located outdoors used items such as torches to maintain some light, and so they were easy to spot from afar.

And while the light made them an easier target, it was because of players like Sally that made it necessary for them to keep the lights on.


Even Sally felt that there were more players roaming around now that it was night time.


“There are…15 of them.”

It was possible for her to kill all of them, but Sally wanted to avoid fighting.


Sally had decided on this because it would draw less attention, but deep down inside, she also felt the weight of fatigue, which made her less enthusiastic to fight.


Sally waited for the moment the guard turned around, then she dashed forward.


“Super Acceleration!”

Her tired legs moved as she made a beeline towards the orb.

She cut everything that came in her way and obstructed them with magic.

The movements which she had repeated in numerous ambushes in one day, were now refined, without a single wasted move. Sally was already powerful to begin with, and players that were merely strong could no longer stop her.



She kicked the dirt as her hand stretched out to the orb.

As soon as she saw that it had appeared in her inventory, she lept right off of the pedestal and ran.

Sally could not stop.

Because currently, she had 3 orbs in her inventory including the one she just stole.

There was a constant danger that someone would be chasing after her.


“Ahh…! Next!”

She needed to get as many as possible.

Sally would not stop, and no one could make her.


“Oboro, ‘Fox Fire’!”

Sally used Oboro’s flames to stop her pursuers, and increase the distance between them.

The players who defended the guilds were typically slow on their feet.

That was also why Maple was part of the defense team in Maple Tree.

This meant that it was ultimately easy for players like Sally to escape, once they had taken the orb.


You just had to stop your pursuers in their tracks, vanish into the shadows, and escape their attack range as they fumble to find your position again on their maps.

And if they continue to chase you after that, you just had to lead them to some other random guild.


“Next…the next one…hmm?”

An area that was brightly lit with torches appeared in the corner of Sally’s vision.

There wasn’t even a single player defending it from what she could see, meaning it must be a smaller guild.


“I can do this…!”

Sally changed direction and moved to take their orb.

She was cautious of the possibility of it being a trap but still approached it with great speed. However, not a single player appeared.


“…Maybe their stolen orb had just regenerated? Judging by the terrain, this is likely a medium-sized guild.”

Things would get difficult if the players returned, so Sally quickly left the area.



During this time, Maple was defending the orb that Kanade had brought back with him.


“‘Crystal Wall’!”

Before, she had only used it to help her jump onto Syrup’s back, but ‘Crystal Wall’ was being put to wonderful use during this event.

They would hit the enemy as they stopped in front of the obstacle that suddenly appeared in front of them. She would do this repeatedly in order to decrease the enemies number. After that, Maple would push forward at the surviving advance guard.


Maple’s support was stronger than anything. Yui and Mai had been hit repeatedly, and Chrome was always surrounded.

And yet, their defenses could not be breached. The enemy started to attack without bothering to dodge, and so they died.


As for Maple and the others, they rarely dodged attacks either. But the enemy side would die if they didn’t dodge.

That was the main difference between them.

Maple Tree had much more time to spend on attacking.


As the enemy could not kill Maple, they were obviously defeated.


“Phew…it’s done.”


“Yes…it is…”


“I’m so tired…”


“The first day is almost over. Should we take turns sleeping?”

Everyone agreed to Chrome’s proposition.

As Sally, Izu and Kasumi were currently outside, they could not be part of the rotation. And so they decided that it would be best to allow 2 people to rest at a time for a short while.


“Should we start with Yui and Mai? I think that generally, I should be here, right?”


“Hmm…I’ll be guarding when you aren’t here, Maple. I can do area support as well. Also, I don’t mind resting after those two.”

Yui and Mai were at peak exhaustion.

It was necessary for them to rest soon.


“Alright, you two should get some rest.”

They decided on the time and sent the two of them away.


“Izu and Kasumi should be coming back soon as well.”

It would be even easier to defend when they returned, so it shouldn’t be a problem if Yui and Mai were resting.


“It’s from here on out that things will get tough.”

It was the time where the number of defenders decreased.

Whether you would use this opportunity to go on the attack, or decide to secure your base, it depended on how many members you had and your current points.

Maple Tree had acquired lots of points, but they also had to succeed in protecting their base, which could be troublesome.

And they were only 8 members.


“We’ll do our best. We must protect everyone in order to survive until the 5th day. Yes, yes.”

Maple had a renewed conviction as the night fell upon them.

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