Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 107

Defense Specialization and Destructor



It wasn’t until morning that Maple started to move.

This was because she could not leave the guild until they had protected all 10 of the orbs that Sally had collected.


Sally was sleeping in the back as if she was dead, and she was not likely to wake up any time soon.

Kanade had copied the information on Sally’s map to everyone else’s.

Furthermore, they did not have to search for repair items, thanks to Izu.

Which meant that they had very little reason to go outside.


There were only a few guilds that would attack Maple Tree just because Maple was not there, and so the members of Maple Tree quickly started to feel bored.


“What should we do? Maybe we could send just one person outside? You know, to cut down the number of players out there.”

It was Kasumi who reacted to this idea that Chrome had.


“Hmm…I will go. I think that Izu’s bombs and Yui and Mai are more than enough to protect this place.”

So saying, Kasumi started to walk towards the exit.


“Don’t push yourself too hard.”


“Yeah, I won’t do so much that I’ll get killed.”

Kasumi answered Chrome, before disappearing out the exit.





Kasumi had spent much of the first day with Izu.

These two generally needed help from the terrain in order to steal orbs, so they were more fit for eliminating the number of competitors.

You didn’t have to worry about equipment durability if Izu was with you, so she had made several rounds at night where she killed random players.


Even if Maple wasn’t there, Maple Tree would not allow any assailant to walk away safely.

Anyone who had died to them once was sure to avoid their base after that.

Another reason that fewer players were attacking Maple Tree now, was that Kasumi and Izu were increasing the number of deaths for other players in the area.


It was something that slowly but surely had an effect.

And so she decided to focus on killing other players today as well.


“Now…I guess I should go in the opposite direction as Maple.”

It was senseless to look for unharmed players in the direction that Maple went through.


“Alright, this way.”

Kasumi decided to go inside the forest, where there would be many places to hide.

It would be useful not only for hiding but it was also a place where many other players went, so she came here often.


“Yes…there’s one.”

Kasumi found a player and immediately slashed at the player’s back.


“You’re not very cautious.”

The player noticed her and slashed back with his sword.

However, Kasumi parried the attack and countered.

It was a move that she had repeated many times, and it was especially useful for this event.


Kasumi killed three players before continuing her walk.

She exited the forest after walking for some time and ran into another player.


“…Oh, now there’s a familiar face.”


“…I’m leaving.”

Kasumi tried to slip away, but the other player didn’t seem like he wanted her to.


“I was going to invite you into our guild.”


“Sorry about that. But Maple asked first.”

Every guild needed valuable personnel.

It wasn’t just Maple Tree that had had eyes on Kasumi and Chrome.

The man who now stood in front of Kasumi mumbled in regret and stared at her.


“I lost in the first event, you know…so I intend to win this one.”

So saying, he pulled out his sword and shield. He was Shin, also known as Destructor.

Kasumi had fought him directly during the first event, and she had won.


“Hah…I’m going to kill you!”

Kasumi also unsheathed her blade.


With a name like Destructor, it was obvious that he had a unique ability.



With this cry, his sword crumbled into pieces and floated up into the air.

They turned into 10 separate swords that were miniature duplicates of the original.

He had a shield in one hand, and 10 swords in the air.

Fighting while controlling all of those swords was his ‘Destructor’ style.



Shin’s swords shot towards Kasumi one after another.



Kasumi let out a short breath as she did her best to strike the swords out of the air, parry and focus on defending herself.

However, Kasumi didn’t have the same dodging ability as Sally, and she could not avoid taking damage.

But she could bear it.

Another thing that made her different from Sally, was her high HP.

She could continue to fight, as long as she avoided the swords that aimed for the center of her body.


“‘First of the Blades. Kagerou’!”

She teleported in front of Shin and slashed at him.

But her attack was blocked by his shield.


“As always…that is quite the skill. I wouldn’t be able to deal with it without this shield.”


“Hah…there are some people who can dodge it!”

She swung back at him again.

However, this attack was also blocked, and then Sally felt a sword flying at her back, and so she retreated.



As they had fought each other before, they knew a little about each other. And they were currently unable to find an unguarded moment or deal a definitive blow.


But also, quite a lot of time had passed since the first event.

And it was not as if both had been staying in stasis, they had grown in some ways.


Both of them knew, that it was the one who would somehow push through, that would end up surviving this encounter.


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