Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 108

Defense Specialization and Progress



Kasumi was waiting for a chance that would allow her to go out on the attack.

As Shin was using a shield, there was a possibility that he would be able to block ‘Last of the Blades. Oborozuki,’ which she had unleashed during the last event.

Your stats would drop dramatically after this skill was activated, and some skills would become unusable.

But in exchange, she would deal more damage and become faster.


It was a special move that you could only use during one-on-one fights.

In fact, she would have used it right now if Shin had not been carrying a shield.


“Hah…! Ffff..!”

Kasumi twisted her body and escaped the swords that flew at her.


The reason that Kasumi was unable to get close to Shin, was because of this difference in reach. On top of that, he was much better at controlling his swords then he was before.

Kasumi felt that things would slowly get worse for her, and so she decided to act while she could.


“‘Fourth of the Blades. Whirlwind’!”

It was a succession of 4 high-speed attacks. Shin blocked every one with his shield.

He retaliated by sending his swords at her, but she could endure the slight HP loss.

‘Destructor’ was more about numbers than dealing heavier hits.

As long as all of the swords did not get a clean hit at once, she could survive it.


“‘Seventh of the Blades. Crush’!”

It was a downward cut that had a heavy knockback effect.

Shin blocked this too and retreated back.

This skill’s real ability was to deal heavy damage on both parties equipment.

Of course, the damage to your enemy would be greater, but the damage it did to your own weapon was also bad.


And so Kasumi decided that in order to win, her biggest priority would be to destroy Shin’s shield before her HP ran out.


“Your attack power has gone up…more than I thought!!”

Shin called his swords back in order to restrain Kasumi, and stop her from pushing even further.


And then.



The second skill was activated.

It was a new skill that Kasumi didn’t know about.

Shin’s sword became even smaller and separated into 20.

He was going to use this for a wide range surface attack.

Kasumi had not expected a wall of swords to come at her from the front, and she could not help being hit by many of them.


While each individual sword did low damage, she didn’t have time to heal, and her HP was already at its limit.


“…It can’t be helped, I guess.”

Kasumi said as she released the tension from her body.


“Victory will be mine this time!”

Another attack that was the same as the last was coming towards her.


“Blade of Beginning. Hollow.”

Kasumi’s hair turned white, and her eyes unleashed a scarlet glow.

Shin looked at her and immediately became cautious.

It was because she had looked like this the last time they had fought.


As Shin watched her with suspicion, she vanished.


“…! Where are you!?”


“Right here.”


Her voice came from behind him.

And before he could turn to look around, two arms had sprouted from his chest.


More accurately, Kasumi’s arms had pierced through his back.


“…Damn it. I lost.”

Those were Shin’s last words as he turned to light and disappeared.


“…This time it is a tie, no, I lost.”

Kasumi mumbled to herself.

This skill had a price, just like Last of the Blades.

And it wasn’t lowered stats.


Yes, what it did, was to greatly reduce the durability of your equipment.

And as Kasumi’s equipment had already endured so much, they were all destroyed, leaving only her accessories. Of course, she also lost her sword.


“I didn’t realize it would all break like this…I went a little too far…”

It would be dangerous if she encountered other players in this state.

And so Kasumi hurriedly equipped her spare weapon and used Super Acceleration to return to the guild.


“Hahhh…I really liked that sword.”

Kasumi was very discouraged to have lost her beloved blade.




It took five minutes for her spirits to rise rapidly again after she returned to the guild, and it was decided that Izu would make a new sword for her.





While Kasumi had ended her fight with Shin, Maple was walking around and wreaking havoc.



Maple had gotten bored of walking, and so she decided to fly on Syrup’s back.

Of course, this drew a lot of attention.

When she got close to the guild, she could hear voices shouting from the ground.


“‘Acid Rain.’”

Acidic rain that melted players fell to the ground.



After watching it rain for a while and seeing that there were fewer players, Maple dropped down to the ground.



The already damaged players fell with every attack from the monsters.


“Well then, I’ll take your orb.”

Maple checked the location of her next target and left the destroyed guild behind her.


“Hmm… I’d like to run with ‘Savagery,’ but it’s still too early… If only I could borrow Sally’s speed.”

Maple could not do anything so convenient, though.

At best, she could have Sally carry her and run.

But Sally was sleeping, and she had no idea when she would be waking up again.


“I guess riding on Syrup is the fastest way for now.”

Maple didn’t care if she drew attention, for now, all she needed to do was to move forward.


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