Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 109

Defense Specialization and Prison



Maple was riding Syrup and flying in the air by herself.


“No one is following me. Sally said that she had so much trouble because people were always after her.”

This was because Sally stole orbs, while Maple crushed the guilds head-on and then took the orb afterward.

And there was no one stupid enough to chase after Maple once that had happened.


Yes, she had crushed 6 guilds already.


“I gathered this many orbs. I have plenty of time left to get the rest!”

Maple lay down on top of Syrup’s shell. Then she started to hear the sounds of clashing swords coming from below.

Maple crawled over to the edge and looked down. A number of guilds were fighting over an orb.

These guilds had lost their orbs from someone strong, and now they were gathered here.


“It looks like they are fighting…ah! That orb. It is the orb that I was supposed to get next!”

Most people would have left it, once they saw that the orb was in a battlefield where magic flew and swords clashed.


Sally would have left it alone.


However, Maple jumped into the center of it without a moment’s hesitation.


The disaster that fell from heaven landed in the middle of the battlefield, and then stood up with her monsters.


“That orb is mine!”

It had not happened yet.

But the possibility of those words becoming reality was incredibly high.



The current of poison that was unleashed bounced off of the ground and rained on top of them.

With Maple in the center, the fountain rained its powerful poison over unlucky players, and they were swallowed up by it.

This poison also prevented the players from getting any closer to Maple.


Being able to take such unpredictable actions so that the other player wouldn’t be able to think, was one of Maple’s strengths.

Who would fight while thinking of the possibility of Maple falling from the sky?


However, when Maple looked to the pedestal, the orb was no longer there.

Someone who was quick to adjust had seen their chance and taken it.

But Maple had no idea who that was.


“Huh? …What should I do… That’s it! Syrup, ‘Mother Nature’!”

Maple was currently in a flat area with a moderate amount of trees growing.

Maple immediately had the area surrounded by vines as she looked around her.


She had guessed that the player who had taken the orb was still close by, and so she created a prison of vines in order to capture them.


“Sally’s memo… ‘If you can’t get the orb, go for extinction.’ Understood!”

If she didn’t know who had the orb, she just needed to kill them all.

It wasn’t an easy thing to do, but Maple could still do it if she used all of her strength.


However, the current Maple had some limitations put on her, and she could not use everything she had.

And so she had no choice but to drown the area with poison and limit the area that players could stand so she could round them up.


But now the players had stopped fighting each other and were working together in order to survive. And Maple was so slow on her feet that she was unable to catch a single player.


“Oh…this is impossible! Syrup!”

Maple made the order, and she was encased inside of the vines.

She was inside of a sphere made of vines that was suspended right over the prison.


“‘Deploy Barrels.’”

Weapons extended from Maple’s body, just like that time when she saved Sally.

But this time she was much more thorough.


“‘Commence Attack.’”

Were there any players here that could dodge the barrage of lasers, while avoiding the poison on the ground that limited their movement? No.


One after another, the players fell by what was at their feet, or what fell on their heads.

The sea of poison had been a failure at first, but now it was showing just how potent it was.


“Maybe…I’ll drop down again.”

Maple returned to the ground and was looking for any survivors when she found the orb floating in the poison.


“Ah! I got it. Yes…”

Maple picked up the orb and deactivated the prison before riding Syrup back into the sky.


“I think it may be time to stop using ‘Hydra’… But it’s too early to show the machine form. But I can’t keep doing the same thing…hmm…”

It was still midday of the second day.

While it was for a different reason, Maple could not stay out for the entire day and invade other bases.


“One more…or maybe two more? Yes, I’ll do that.”

She decided on her next target, and she would return as soon as that was finished.




The members who were defending Maple Tree had absolutely nothing to do.

They currently only had their own orb, so no one came to take theirs back.

Furthermore, hardly anyone would attack them since the first day.


Sally was still sleeping, and Izu was making a sword for Kasumi.

Kasumi seemed anxious about her sword, and she continued to pace back and forth next to Izu.


This would actually be the best time if any guild wanted to attack Maple Tree, but they had made such a strong impact on the first day, that not even scouts were sent to check on them.





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