Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 112

Defense Specialization and Invasion



As Maple was walking straight towards them, she stepped on one trap after another.

However, none of them were the least bit effective.

They did trigger, but they were nullified by her overwhelming defense power.


“They really…don’t work…”

Marx had wasted enough traps to kill dozens of people. He was at a loss for words.

However, Marx did have some traps prepared that were specially chosen for Maple.


“Got you…!”

As Maple stepped on that trap, plants started to grow all around her.

The plants wrapped around her arms and legs and prevented her from walking.

Traps like this that hindered your movement were more effective on someone like Maple, whose mobility was already lacking.


It would require quite a bit of damage to destroy them, but Marx had judged by looking at his own skills, that Maple too must have some kind of limitation.

He didn’t think she could so easily use heavy skills over and over again. And if she happened to use them here, it would be easier for Mi to fight her later on.


Marx had already accepted the fact that he would likely die here. And so he didn’t care if Maple used her skills on him.



However, he had not expected that Yui and Mai would obliterate the powerful plants in just one hit.


“Huh…? Are you serious?”

More and more traps activated, Maple took the damage, Yui and Mai destroyed her bindings and they continued, little by little, without getting hurt.





Under Misery’s command, a volley of magic with piercing effects shot at Maple and the others.

But magic attacks from that distance would not easily deal a lethal blow.

Still, it forced them to try and evade the attacks. And that would buy them more time.





Maple and the others could not move forward like they wanted to.

She would step into a trap every time she tried to dodge the magic attacks, and with Maple, the damage she took when the piercing attacks coincided with her being bound by the plants, was tremendous.

Their invasion would have been much easier if Maple was able to escape the plants by herself.


“Sally’s advice…yes.”

Maple took in a deep breath and called out the name of a skill so that Marx could hear it. And then she continued in a quieter voice that he couldn’t hear.


“‘Weapon Growth’!…”

The arm that was holding a shortsword became covered in metal, and then it turned into the shape of a sword that was as long as Maple was tall.


Sally’s advice.

If she ever became desperate, she should disguise ‘Machine God’ and hide the main gunfire ability.


She swung her sword arm around and shredded the plants that held her.

Maple always managed to get out of any predicament, which made her the most dangerous enemy.


“Here we go!”




With every step, a trap was triggered. Walls shot out of the ground, the floor crumbled, magic rained from the sky.

And yet the three did not stop.

Yui and Mai’s power blew those obstacles away with a single hit. And even the traps that Marx had believed would be the most effective on Maple, ended up being useless.


“It can’t be helped…everyone, go back.”

Marx told all of the other players except for Misery to return to their base.


“You know the risk, don’t you?”



Even if the enemy had gotten through the traps, the biggest defensive battle started from here on.

The two of them.

They were the last defense that could do anything about the current situation.


Both Marx and Misery specialized in magic attacks.

And as they had noticed the protective field around Maple’s angel wings, they shot out their piercing attacks outside of that range.

The lightly glowing ground from Maple’s skill was also the boundary of Yui and Mai’s attacks. It would be very dangerous to enter it.


As for Yui and Mai, they could not go anywhere with traps where Maple’s power would fall short. Maple was now using ‘Meditation’ in order to heal, and she left the attacking to the other two.


“‘Flying Attack’!”

“‘Flying Attack’!”

Yui and Mai had a ranged attack.

And this one dealt incredible damage.

However, this too did not hit their targets because of the distance.

If this continued, both sides would just be hitting each other back and forth without having much effect.


However, this stalemate would only last until Maple was finished with her meditation.


And it had just finished now.



The Hydra was unleashed so suddenly, that it blocked Marx from escaping.

It had the power to take everything with a single hit.

Between Maple and Marx, it was Maple who was able to show her true power.

Traps were Marx’s main area of expertise, and Maple’s victory had already been decided the moment she got through them.


“! ‘Resurrect’!”

Misery sent out a white light that surrounded Marx just as his body began to dissipate.

This was because Misery was a ‘Saintess.’

You had to match it with the exact moment after death in order for the skill to activate right, but it was a skill that let you resurrect someone completely.


“‘Remote Location. Rock Wall’! ‘Remote Location. Wind Blade’!”

The resurrected Marx quickly scattered traps everywhere to stop Maple and the others’ movements.

But they had changed their target to Misery, as it had been obvious that he had set those traps in anticipation of them striking him again.



He could not use ‘Resurrect.’

And too much of him would get depleted in trying to keep Misery alive.

It would be better to just die.

Healing magic was not going to be much use with Yui and Mai, who tended to kill everything with one shot.

Misery covered her eyes as a shock wave erupted after another magic wall was destroyed.


“It looks like I’ll die first…”

Misery had given up now as she approached Yui and Mai.

She would get as close as she could, to ensure that she would hit them.


“Why are you giving up?”


However, someone had come to stop her.

The person was covered in explosive flames that scattered around her. It was Mi.








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