Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 111

Defense Specialization and Raid



By the midway point into the second day, there was a big discrepancy in the number of points that guilds had.

Among them, it was Maple Tree, Ifrit’s Kingdom, and Assembly of Holy Blades that took the lead.

Everyone felt the anomaly that was this single small guild among the others.


Of course, even those in Ifrit’s Kingdom were cautious of Maple Tree.

Marx would even change the kinds of traps he set whenever there was news from the scouts that Maple was in the area.


“Still…Maple…I really hope that she does not come here…”


“Indeed. I agree with you. Shin was already killed. It would be nice if that guild just stayed out of our way…”

Marx and Misery would not do well against Maple.

Neither of them had anything that would help them deal with her, and so it would be almost impossible for them to defeat her alone.

Shin had gone straight out again, and so he was not here.

Mi was also out.


As they talked about this, a player ran up to them with a panicked expression.


“Marx! …A turtle is flying towards us!”


“Huh…? Ah…”


“So…what should we do?”

There was only one flying turtle in this world.

And that meant that the most dangerous person was approaching.


“Misery…call Mi…”


“Yes. I will do that.”


“I’ll try to buy you time…thankfully, the traps have been set.”


“Alright, let’s go then.”

They took a player with piercing skills with them as they hurried in the direction of the turtle.



When they arrived at the place that they would attack, they saw a shadow approaching them from the distant sky.


As they stared upwards, that figure became bigger and bigger.


“Where’s Mi…?”


“She said she would come quickly.”


“Alright…I’ll buy her 10 minutes. But if it takes any longer…”

If Mi’s arrival took any longer than that, the possibility that they would fail to defend their base would increase considerably.


“I will support you.”


“Yes…let’s shoot it out of the sky first. With bows and magic.”

And so the two prepared, but just as the turtle would have entered into their firing range, it disappeared.


And then they saw three figures fall from the sky.

The three players who fell were very slow on their feet. And each of them had an abnormality.

One of them had monsters on either side.

The other two were dual-wielding ridiculously large hammers.


It was very convenient for Marx that they would not be flying in the air, but somehow they had appeared much less intimidating when up there.


“It’s fine…I, I just need to buy some time.”

Marx had no intention of trying to win.

It was just about enduring it.

He knew that that was all he could do now.

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