Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 114

Defense Specialization and Futile Resistance



With a bang, all of her weapons pointed at Mi and the others.


“‘Commence Attack’!”


“‘Explosive Flames’!”

Maple fired off volleys of lasers and bullets.

Mi immediately defended. She took Marx and Misery with her and moved behind a tree where Maple’s attacks couldn’t reach them.

However, if Maple’s attacks couldn’t reach them, then their attacks wouldn’t reach her either.

Even Marx’s traps were nearly useless now, as there were no follow up attacks when Maple was bound.


“Marx, what should we do?”


“It’s impossible…that’s impossible…”


“I agree…But I think that this is her trump card, so we should be thankful that we were able to see it.”

Mi heard them say this, and started to talk in a frustrated voice.


“…It can’t be helped. We lost. Still, we won’t lose for nothing.”

Mi brought up the blue panel and quickly sent a message out to the other guild members.


“Let’s go then.”



Mi was about to take Misery and Marx with her and leave.

However, a sound that was much louder than any of Mi’s explosions caused her to stop and look behind her.



“Found you!”

Maple was right in front of her, her broken weapons scattered around.

And before Mi could unleash ‘Explosive Flames,’ Maple’s left arm, which was now a sword, stabbed through her.




“‘Deploy Swords.’”

More and more swords came out of Maple’s left arm, and they all stabbed into Misery.

Before Misery had time to think about what was happening, Maple turned her into a burst of light.


“‘Explosive Flames’!”

Mi knocked Maple back, she grabbed Marx’s hand and tried to escape with ‘Flare Accel.’

However, Maple was faster, and quickly caught up with them.

She used the momentum from the explosions to thrust her sword into Marx’s back.

And just like she had done with Misery, multiple swords followed and pierced through his arms and legs.



Marx looked down at the large blade that pushed out of his chest. His eyes looked down in defeat as his body dissipated.


“Tsk… My MP…!”

Mi was just as inefficient as Maple was.

She had used ‘Flare Accel’ for so long on top of using several big skills, that she no longer had any potions in her ‘Item Pouch.’

She could only use magic one more time.



Instead of running away, Mi turned around to approach Maple, then moved around her to stick to her back.

And Mi was now covered in flames.


“Huh…! Are you trying to take me with you…!?”

Just as Maple said this, Mi’s body unleashed a pillar of fire that stretched up into the sky. It burned Maple with her.

This was the last magic attack that she had that might be effective.


But Mi heard something just before she disappeared into light.


“The force of self-destruction…I can deal with that!”


It was Maple’s merciless declaration.








When the flames subsided, Maple was the only one there.


“My VIT is almost 5-digits now with the skills…so it was alright after all!”

Maple deactivated all of her weapons, then had Syrup come down slowly to pick her up.


“I wouldn’t have gone down there if I knew there were going to be so many traps.”


“We need to get the orb and move on to the next one.”


“Yes. I wasn’t planning on using it… Oh, this is annoying.”

When Maple, Yui, and Mai arrived at the base, not only was there no orb, but there was not a single player in sight.




“Wh-what does this mean?”


“…They took the orb and ran?”

If Maple had been able to take the orb from them, they would never be able to get it back as long as Maple did not take it back to their base.

Mi’s futile resistance had been an attempt to make Maple’s actions a waste of time, and also avoid that terrible situation.


“Wh-what should we do!? We were only supposed to get this orb if we could…oh…”


“Uh…well, I have an idea.”



Maple listened to Yui.


“There just happens to be a lot of guilds around here, so we can destroy them as we search for the person with the orb…”


“…Hmmm, let’s do that!”

The number of guilds that would be suddenly attacked because of Mi, was 6.

They would be dragged into the fight.


“Alright, let’s go then!”

What Maple and the others did at the guilds they attacked, was to simply walk in a straight line towards the orbs.

The number of players who died in their path was too many to count, including the number of players who blocked Yui and Mai’s attacks with their shields and still died.


Through this, Maple and the others were able to gain more orbs, but whoever was carrying the one from Ifrit’s Kingdom had had a head start, and they succeeded in escaping.



“We just need to hide for a while, then Maple will have to return to her base to ensure that it is safe.”

The now revived Mi said to the other guild members.

They would allow Maple to take care of the clamoring players, and in exchange for safety, they had only lost the point for their own orb and the points for the surrounding orbs.


“It hurts…but there are some merits. We also know now that Maple should not be touched…”

Mi and the others would travel far away and focus on gathering orbs until Maple left the area. This meant that one of the strongest guilds would be out attacking at full force.


On the night of the second day, things began to move again.


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