Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 115

Defense Specialization and Changing Formation



When the sun came down on the second day, all of the members of Maple Tree were at the base.


“Maple destroyed almost all of the traps around Ifrit’s Kingdom, and it should take them quite a while to recover…but it sucks that they got away with the orb.”


“I’m sorry, Sally. We searched everywhere, but we couldn’t find it.”


“It would be good if they were attacking surrounding guilds…but I don’t know.”

The reason that Maple had attacked them was so that Ifrit’s Kingdom would demolish some of the guilds that were above Maple Tree.

It was necessary to make some of the large guilds run wild in order for Maple Tree to rise.


This was also because the smaller guilds had been defeated much faster than expected. Most of the fighting was now between medium-sized guilds and larger ones, and using those medium-sized guilds to wreck the field was becoming less effective.


Maple Tree’s goal was to be in the top 10.

The reward was the same regardless if you were number 1 or 10, so that was their current goal.

And Maple Tree was number 6 right now.

But since the rest of the top 10 were large guilds, they stuck out even more than the number 1 guild.


“Well, it’s pretty obvious. The difference in numbers…”


“But we’re still higher than I would have expected. I didn’t honestly think that we would make it this far.”

However, it was clear that even if Sally made a full recovery, it would be very difficult to make their way to the number 1 spot.


“It’s still just the second day, so it’s not like we don’t have a chance. But…I at least don’t want to fall behind any more.”

The members of Maple Tree discussed it, and it was decided that Izu and Kanade would remain while the rest would all go out into the battlefield at night.


The first team would be Sally, Yui, and Mai.

The other would be Maple, Kasumi and Chrome.


“Okay, let’s go!”


“Goodbye. Kanade and I will be waiting here.”

Sally’s map had been copied for everyone else, and so they planned to attack different guilds and then return.




Sally’s team were now hiding in the bushes and waiting for their chance to attack.


While Maple’s team was attacking Ifrit’s Kingdom, Sally had Kasumi slash at her with her sword to test to see how much her dodging ability had dropped.

The result was that she felt like she was ready to go back into the field, and so she decided to participate in the attack.



Sally jumped out of the bushes they were hiding behind, and ran towards the orb.


“Intruder! Get her!”


“Yes…! I can see it!”

Sally dodged the attacks that came at her and cut the players as she targeted the orb.


“Surround her! Don’t let her escape!”

The players were quick to organize, and they moved in to surround her.


“Something more horrible will happen if you only focus on me…”

Just as Sally said this, a player who was focused on Sally was hit by a shock wave that tore him to shreds with one hit.

The other players who turned to look were immediately cut open by Sally, forcing them to choose a point of focus.

Many of the players were worried about what was in the bushes, but continued to face Sally.

But that only meant that they would take longer to react to Yui and Mai when they came out of the bushes.


The iron balls that Yui and Mai were throwing hit the players in the back, and they died without ever understanding what was happening.

This caused the other players to become incredibly restless.

Much like Maple, their unknowable attack power had the ability to stop people’s minds from processing what they were seeing.


“Oboro, ‘Shadow Clone’!”

And then something else happened that caught their eye, and they could no longer think rationally.

Just as they scrambled to do something about Sally’s clones, Yui and Mai came out with their great hammers.


The great hammers let out a dull ring as the launched several players into the air at once, turning them into sparkles of light.




“‘Double Stamp’!”

“‘Double Stamp’!”

Yui and Mai stamped out the enemy one after another.

Of course, if the enemy could only attack Yui and Mai, that would be the end of it. But they were too shocked to do such a thing, and those who weren’t stunned, had their backs towards Sally as they attacked. And Sally was not about to stand and watch, and they died under the painful blows she inflicted.

It was easy for Sally to be able to tell which players were trying to fight Yui and Mai.


Sally was protecting Yui and Mai in a different way than Maple.

All three of them had starting stats when it came to health, and so they would die in one hit.

However, they were controlling the battle in order to prevent such a situation from becoming possible.


“Now, to take the orb… Let’s try using more iron balls next time.”





And so the three of them walked towards their next destination.






Kanade and Izu were bored as they waited for the others to return.


“The guilds around here have given up on attacking us…it’s so boring.”


“Maybe a far away guild that doesn’t know about us might come…Oh.”

Speak of the devil. Players were now rushing in through the entrance.

The players looked at the two from afar and understood that one was a crafter and the other was the rear guard.


“We can do this! They don’t have any advance guard!”

Players with swords and shields walked out into the front.


“Well, let’s do this then.”



Izu had bombs in her hands, Kanade brought out his floating bookshelves.


The reason that Maple Tree decided to leave these two for the defense was not that they had to in order to prioritize going on the offense.



It was because Kanade and Izu were more than enough to defend the base.

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