Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 116

Defense Specialization and the Rear Guard



Izu threw the bombs over the heads of the oncoming advance guards, and the bombs multiplied by 10x as they came raining down.

The explosion of flames and shock obscured their vision, and some of them tried to hide behind their shields until it died down.

However, the multiplying bombs had been nothing more than an illusion by Kanade.

They had not multiplied, and the extra bombs did no damage.


So why had they used such magic? The first reason was because of ‘Akashic Records,’ which he could only use today.

He didn’t need to save it, because he could turn it into a Magic Record after this.

The other reason, was to buy some time.


Once they were able to see again, Kanade had white balls that were emitting sparks floating in front of him.



They became compressed and grew smaller and smaller. The players sensed the danger once again, and took a defensive stance, just as it exploded with a blinding light.


The skill that Kanade used was ‘Destruction Canon.’

It used a white light to burn everything that was in front of Kanade.

When the light died down, the frozen players had been cut into two groups. And there was a clear path between them where there had once been players.


“Izu, I don’t want to use the Magic Records too much…”


“Alright, if that’s what you want.”

Hearing this, Izu pulled out a bottle of black liquid from her pouch and handed it to Kanade.


The item that Izu had given to Kanade was something she was able to make with ‘New Frontier.’ It raised your MP recovery for a short time to a ridiculous degree.

Kanade drank the liquid, and just as the enemy players were collecting themselves, burned them with countless circles of magic light.


These attacks said one thing.

Leave us, if you don’t want to die.


“Tsk…Halt! Retreat!”

They held their shields in front of them, not letting their guard down as they walked backwards out of the base. But not before Kanade sent a few of them to their graves with shots of magic.


The only reason that they were able to retreat, is because they had still been alive when realizing what kind of guild they had attacked.

It would not have happened if Yui and Mai were there.

Maple as well.


“I only have a limited number of strong Magic Records, so I’m glad they retreated quickly.”

Kanade turned all of the magic that he got through ‘Akashic Records’ into Magic Records for saving, but he wouldn’t always get the magic that he wanted. And so there was also some magic that was useless to him.

Of course, he had some magic like ‘Destruction Canon,’ but they were few.


“There is a good chance that ‘Assembly of Holy Blades’ will come, and so I have to save the important ones for later.”

This time, the enemy had quickly retreated, but that might not be the case in the future.

However, it was now the second day, and there were more guilds who could not afford to have their players killed. And so they were more cautious now, which meant that it was perhaps more likely that the would retreat.








Maple was riding Syrup and flying in the air. This was the best way to travel when Maple, Kasumi, and Chrome were acting together.


“Recently, people immediately start to use their piercing skills as soon as they see me…”


“Well, that’s no surprise.”


“I would do the same.”

Maple had become known far and wide. It had become common knowledge that you were supposed to use piercing skills if you saw Maple.

For Maple, there was no question that things had become much more difficult for her compared to the first event.


“‘Pierce Guard’ is not enough if I get surrounded…what can I do…”


“I think that you just need to scatter poison everywhere to keep them away from you. Though, more people are starting to have resistance to that these day…”

They talked about this until they reached the guild that was their destination.


“I’m jumping down!”





Chrome and Kasumi both held Maple’s hands as they got ready to jump down.

They wouldn’t take any damage, thanks to Maple’s skills, but it was a frightening height.


“You aren’t scared, Maple?”

Kasumi asked her.


“I wouldn’t do this in real life…but it doesn’t hurt at all here!”

Chrome heard this and thought.

Would it be possible for him to copy Maple’s pattern of movement that led her to acquiring strange skills?

Perhaps what a person needed in order to acquire skills that were off the beaten path, was to be partially, but naturally ‘off.’


Yes, that was what he was thinking.

The three of them jumped from a height of 10 meters down to the ground.







“I’m taking the orb!”

With the monsters that grew from the ground, and Chrome and Kasumi protecting her, it was difficult to land a piercing attack on Maple.

However, the angel wings would not take damage from anything else.


“Hah… It was a waste of time worrying about it.”

Chrome muttered as he blocked an attack and slashed back.

He was talking about Maple trying to figure out what to do about the piercing attacks.

It wasn’t a big enough issue to care about.

After all, Chrome couldn’t even imagine Maple in such a desperate situation where she was surrounded like that.

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