Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 123

Defense Specialization and a Feast



The large guilds showed themselves one after another as they surrounded ‘Ifrit’s Kingdom.’


“…It’ll be extinction either way. We might as well take as many of them with us as we can!”

Mi decided as she activated ‘Flame Empress.’


“…Yes, let’s do it.”

Marx looked forlorn as he stood up, but he slapped his cheeks to bring back his zeal.



“Now…here we go! ‘Flare Accel’!”

With a deafening sound and an explosion of flames, the battle began. A barrage of magic was fired towards the group at Ifrit’s Kingdom all at once. It was an attack from several of the large guilds. And things would not end there.


“Prayer of the Saintess’!”

Misery’s magic caused light to rain from the sky.

In exchange for all of your MP, and preventing it from recovering for 3 minutes, this skill gave a high-speed auto-heal effect for a limited time in a super wide area.

The damage they all took began to heal, which meant that they would not die unless they were hit by every shot.


Of course, she could not use this in succession even if her MP recovered.

But she still had to use it.


“Do your best!”

Misery was no longer any use here, and so she had to rely on her comrades.



Shin and Marx went in the opposite direction of Mi. Even if it would make things more difficult, they had to split up.




“‘Explosive Flames’!” Mi extravagantly blew away the oncoming magic, then rushed towards one enemy group at a speed no one would have expected from a magic user.

She slammed fireballs into faces and had explosions of fire tearing out of the ground as she trampled through them.

However, her MP was also dropping at a ridiculous rate. Even using all of her potions would not be enough to kill all of them.


“But still…!”

She needed to kill as many as she could. It would be to their advantage later on.

After all, the reality was that they could not escape this, and so they had to fight to as close to their limits as possible.


And in that reality, the thing they were most afraid of, showed itself.

In the open plains, a giant monster came running from behind the large guild.

If they weren’t in the middle of a fight, she would have probably been lying on the ground and looking at the sky with her hand on her forehead.


“This is…no use…”

Mi thought, but she was surprised.

When the monster reached the flanks of the large guild, it began to tear up the rear guard and attack the players.

She wouldn’t exactly call it reinforcements, but this action did help her in the current situation.


“We can still do this…!”

Mi’s spirits rose once again as she recommenced her attack on the large guild.








Maple Tree’s aim was to destroy the large guild that surrounded Ifrit’s Kingdom.

And they were careful to keep the strongest players in Ifrit’s Kingdom alive as they went about this.

In other words, Mi, Marx, Misery, and Shin would be kept alive.

This was because those four would deal a lot of damage to the large guilds.


Mi did not even try to hinder Maple as she attacked the enemy.

And Maple did not intervene in Mi’s fight.

But in a way, they were fighting side-by-side.


“Now, go to the next!”



The players on her back dealt damage by throwing bombs. Maple crushed the enemy players under her feet as she rushed through the large guild.


“Maple! Over there! They’re in trouble!”



She was already quite ominous in the dark, but Maple in a brightly lit area was also fearsome to see.

She had such a strong presence that all of the eyes of the large guilds were directed towards her.

The result of this was that the large guilds did not even stop to talk to one another. They obeyed their instincts and attacked Maple at once.

This was something that they had to kill now, even if it meant postponing the attack on Ifrit’s Kingdom.


“Woah…they’re all coming!”


“Really…!? Maple! Protect!”

Sally’s nervous voice reached Maple.

Maple activated ‘Dedicated Affection’ just as a light surrounded them and the large guild they were next to.


“They got ‘Savagery’!”


“But everyone is safe! …But…”

What Sally had just seen a moment ago was Pain, as he unsheathed his sword in the shadow of a tree.

In other words, he had heard of this uproar from the large guilds and was watching to see if they could deal a heavy attack.

He had aimed for a time when many players were focused on Maple and had been momentarily shocked.


“Maple! They’re coming! So…”


“Yes! ‘Savagery’!”

Even if yesterday’s Savagery was broken, she still had today’s.

It was the second coming of despair.

And furthermore.


“‘Phantom World!’”

“‘Phantom World!’”

Kanade and Sally shouted.

It was a magic that created three clones for 3 minutes.

This magic was sucked into Maple.


And there were now 7 monster Maples in all.


Aside from Pain, Drag and Frederica and Dread had also started to approach them.

They had stepped out thinking that this was their chance, now that Maple had returned to her normal form.


“Things get crazier every time I look! ‘Earth Breaker’!”

Drag was more resigned than surprised at this point, as he shattered the ground.

Regardless of the form she was in, Maple was dangerous at close-range, and so they had to stop her.



The holy sword lit up the sky, the earth was broken, fire blew, and the monster ran.


Plants and vines stretched out, and magic covered the sky. Swords danced, illusions confused the people.


The destruction was repeated, and the dying lights of the players looked somehow beautiful on the battlefield.

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